Soft Feather by Rose

“I’m coming!” I yelled to my mom.

I was getting ready for an annual celebration and I was helping my sister tie up her hair.

We have this celebration every year with family and friends and it was getting everyone excited.

Me and my sister got ready and went downstairs where my parents were waiting. We hurried into my parents’ car and drove off.

When we arrived, It was a very tall building and there were a lot of people exiting taxis and talking loudly. I tried to avoid them to the best of my abilities. I don’t like interacting with people and I try to avoid conversations, unlike my younger sister who loved talking to others.

The noises forcefully crashed into me like a harsh waterfall. I told my mom I was going outside and she gave me permission. I left the room and exhaled heavily once I did. I sat down on one of the benches and watched the little fishes in the pond swim gracefully.

As I closed my eyes and sat there, I felt a feather land on my head. I took it off my head and looked at it closely. It was bright yellow and was soft. I looked up to find where it came from and I saw a kid my age with a feathered hat looking down at me smiling happy they caught my attention.

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