Smokey Towers by Kyle

It is 2029. We are running out of time to stop climate change. We are desperately looking for solutions, but there isn’t much time at all.

1 more year. Maybe just 1 more chance.

Now we travel to the day we found just what we needed….

Dr. Johnson! You seriously won’t believe it. I think I found how to fix the problem!’ shouted Ms. Travers hysterically at the top of voice. In came Dr. Johnson. ‘Do you see them two ginormous chimneys with all the smoke?’ she asked. ‘Yes,’ replied her boss. ‘Well, I have figured out a way to power everything with a certain type of rock and it’s completely renewable. There is enough of this rock to last forever! It’s also really simple.’ ‘Well done. You may have just saved the world!’ congratulated Dr. Johnson.