Smoke Cloud by Daniel

A group of people showed up at some pollution factory and pulled out some signs. The signs said. “You’re polluting our world, there is no planet b.” About an hour later the workers were taking their break when they saw the people outside. They haven’t left. Suddenly more people showed up and they had signs to. Meanwhile, the workers were telling the manager about the people outside. So he went outside and told them to get lost. They told him he was polluting the world. Later a group that make the world more environmentally friendly came and told them to stop using as much gas.

One thought on “Smoke Cloud by Daniel”

  1. I like the way you have dramatised the challenges of controlling pollution. By telling a story about what happened outside the factory you bring this difficult situation to life. You also clearly show how strongly many people feel about this issue, but also how it affects the livelihood of people too. I can just imagine the manager telling the protesters to ‘get lost!’

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