Small World by Donnchadh

“What is it ?” asked Commander Russell.

“I don’t know ” said the doctor scratching his head.

“Is it an alien” ?

“No, I think I remember seeing a picture of something like it before”.

” Get some intel on this Doctor Higgins right now!” said the Commander in a gruff voice.

“Hmmm, ok, let’s research it. It says here that it is called a Bumble Bee. Humans wiped out all the bee population many years ago using harmful sprays”.

“This must be the supreme queen and she is back to avenge them all”! shouted the Commander.

“I will raise my population again!” said the Queen.

2 thoughts on “Small World by Donnchadh”

  1. Hello Donnchadh,

    You have made very good use of speech in your story. I could imagine this might be the sort of conversation a military commander might have when faced with such a huge creature. Well done.

    Bringing in the idea of harmful sprays killing bees is also a warning. Considering how much bees are part of the environment, their loss would be a disaster leading to famine with unpollinated plants dying without producing new plants.

    A supreme queen seeking revenge…? That could be the start of future adventures you might share.

    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)

  2. I like the way your words are used. I like the way you moved your senescence around it caught my eye.

    It is very interesting how you made me think that they all said commander it was very clever.

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