Skittle Fame by Jessica H

Last Tuesday we figured out that skittles can actually talk.

A girl called Amy discovered this remarkable finding.

She had just bought a normal bag of skittles.

When she got out of the shop she had opened the bag and they all popped up.

They were having a little conversation between them selves when the orange one spoke first to Amy.

She said she got the biggest fright of her life and was terrified.

But then they got loose and spilled out of the packet. Be aware and careful they’re probably walking around the town.

4 thoughts on “Skittle Fame by Jessica H”

  1. Hi Jessica.
    I like your story because it is really good.
    I wonder if the skittles are harmful and what could they do.
    It reminds me of a fictional story I heard before.
    Bye for now From Adam Mrs Boyces 5th class.

  2. hi Jessica I really like your writing And I especially like the part where the skittles come alive but it needs more information of what was happening . sincerely Olivia

  3. I love the story. I did a story about the talking m &ms. I think that you should be more exiting with it. Other than that it is really good get it girl.

  4. I really liked on how you said that the skittles may be walking around town, I’ll eat them.
    Will you make more like this?

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