The Shrinking Machine – Cillian

One day in a science lab two scientists were trying to invent a shrinking maching in the form of a light bulb.  But as tehy were doing this they accidnetally shrunk themselves. Whiely there were getting smaller and smaller they knocked over boxes of beads, sweets and sparkly marbles. As everything, and the scientists, fell to the ground, the shrinking machine exploded into tiny pieces, leaving everything to roll on to the ground. One of the men got knocked over by the beads. They hid under the table until the next morning some one found them and makde them back to normal size.

2 thoughts on “The Shrinking Machine – Cillian”

  1. Wow Cillian, they were lucky to be able to get back to normal size. They could have been stuck at that tiny size forever! Wouldn’t it be cool if a REAL shrinking machine was made? I can think of so many uses for one! Keep up the great writing – I loved your story this week 🙂

    Mr. Russell
    Team 1o0
    Waterford, Ireland

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