Shark Attack by Aaron

One day in the massive Castle of Wales King James was working on another painting. James is a very crafty person he loved doing projects when he was in school. He is painting an autumn picture so there are leaves and sticks in the picture. It was a peaceful evening until… a great white shark had entered the castle’s moat. All the paint bottles start rolling on the floor because the shark had hit the castle wall and now everything was vibrating. This caused wreckage to the castle. The long hall had a big hole in it. King James then limped to his room because his leg was bruised from falling off his throne.

5 thoughts on “Shark Attack by Aaron”

  1. Hello Aaron, I like how you started your story with a description and set the scene of a fairly ordinary day for King James. You then shock us out of calmness by having a shark in the moat and hitting the walls and whilst the king wasn’t eaten by the shark he did receive a realistic injury. Well done.

  2. Great story Aaron, thank goodness that king James did not fall into the great white sharks mouth.

    1. I LOVED your story. Very curative. It was funny. But I like the part were you think that king James would fall into the great wight sharks mouth, BUT HE DIDN’T!!!!!! Keep up the GREAT work. Bye.

      Soleil. GES at FMS. (Have a great day!”

  3. I like how you made it a big wreck with a shark! That must’ve took a big cleanup.

    Dominic from GES at FMS

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