Secret Show – by Bartosz

AHH! what is that alligator doing in the back yard?

I will just lock the doors.

Okay! Now, where is my phone? Maybe upstairs, let me check?

Under my bed, oh yes I feel it have.

It’s my stinky socks.

Come on really!?

Oh no, it’s in the back yard where the alligator is.

I’m going to calm down and watch some tv before I get a snack.

Oh yes popcorn and Fanta my favorite things on earth.

Okay where is the remote? Let me change the show.

No no no maybe channel 89 wait…. I seemed to be on the tv.

3 thoughts on “Secret Show – by Bartosz”

  1. It was a very good story,but some things didn’t make senses. Other than that it was good. And if I could hear the emotion with an exclamation mark it would be even better.

    Brydie/hub buddy / US

  2. Hi Bartosz,
    I thought your 100WC was really good. In particulary liked how started of your 100wc, with AHH! what is that alligator doing in the back yard? It sets the scene and instantly makes the reader wonder the same thing, why is the alligator in the back yard. I think its really creative. WELL DONE!

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