School Homework by Jessica H

It was that time only a few more days until Halloween break but we still have school sadly. Ava doesn’t mind school it’s just the homework is not enough that they have 6 hours of school work to do. Today their teacher gave them a ton of homework they got Irish, English, Maths and Reading. Ava just finished my homework when she had to go to dancing. The next day Ava was in school and her teacher said take out your irish homework. Her teacher asked for her homework she said “it was right here in my bag”, she Stuttered “but where did it go ?” she shouted in frustration.

2 thoughts on “School Homework by Jessica H”

  1. Hi Jessica
    I liked this story because there were good words like “frustration”
    I wonder where her homework went
    This reminds me of when I lose homework
    Good story
    From Warren Mrs Boyces 5th class

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