School by Oliver

One day in School the miss Pink desided to teach how to make bubbles with science.

The kid were fired up when Miss Pink slowly started the oven.

Suddenly a child said ” what about the survey?” and miss Pink said” how many childern went to school on a bicycle?”

“Five miss,” said another child in a nice voice.

“Ok let’s do the rest later!” said Miss Pink.

One kid put cold water in the empty pot.

Bubble! bubble!

“Are you ready?” Miss Pink said and she and the others graded circle on a stick and it worked.

“Bye”said miss Pink.

4 thoughts on “School by Oliver”

  1. Hi Oliver
    Your story reminds of a movie that I watched where the teacher did a lot of experiments.
    You had a great idea this week by using the setting as school in your story.
    Well done
    From Matthew D
    Mrs Boyce’s class
    Please comment on my story

  2. Hi Oliver
    Your story was great
    I hope that you keep up the great work
    And keep writing

    From Sean
    Mrs Boyce’s class

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