Salena and Sarah’s Fight by Amy

I was out on a walk in a Saturday afternoon and all of a sudden I saw 2 girls fighting. I went to stop them but they were just shouting. I heard their names. One was called Sarah and the other was Selena. I was gonna wait until it got bad to stop them. They were having a very extraordinary fight about a guitar. Suddenly they started pushing each other and got violent and I went to stop them but Selena shoved Sarah into the muck. When she got up her bright yellow top looked like mustard, and she had a horrible cut on her knee.

2 thoughts on “Salena and Sarah’s Fight by Amy”

  1. Great use of the prompt words, Amy, but a bit of a sad story. You describe the tension between the two girls very well, and how it escalates from just shouting to something more serious. I like how you describe Sarah’s bright yellow top as looking like mustard after she had been shoved in the muck. I hope it washed out!

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