Rugby Training – by Emmanuel

It was a normal Thursday afternoon and my friend Jack was at my house. We were getting ready for rugby training. First we did our homework then we played football for hour. After a while we realised that it was 6:30 we put on our boots and got ready to leave. Jack’s dad took us to training.When me and Jack got to training we saw some Sky sport reporters. Me and Jack ran into the house and luckily my mum had recorded the news .We watched it and we seemed to be on the television.

3 thoughts on “Rugby Training – by Emmanuel”

  1. Hi Emmanuel
    I really liked the way you set the scene.
    It reminded me of when my brother got recorded while playing rugby.
    Bye for now Marc
    Mrs Boyces class

  2. Hi Emmanuel,
    I like the way your story was about rugby, I really like watching it but I don’t play it,
    I wonder did you get much homework ?
    I love football as well.
    By for now Danny Mrs Boyce’s Class.

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