Rubble by Darragh

Nate woke up. He was stuck under rubble from the old building. He tried calling for help but no one heard him then he saw a violin. He grabbed it and used it to wedge the rubble off him. He got up and ran out off the room. He went into another room he looked around seeing a picture of an elephant and happy faces painted on the walls “this must be the kids room,” he said to himself. Suddenly he heard a car stop outside. He looked outside but the car was empty then he heard a gun being reloaded…

3 thoughts on “Rubble by Darragh”

  1. Hi Darragh.
    I like the part where he got out from under the rubble.

    It reminds me of a book.
    I wonder what happened next.

    Bye for now From Adam Mrs Boyces 5th class.

  2. Hi Darragh
    I liked this story because of great grammar
    I wonder where the boy was
    Good story
    From Warren Mrs Boyces 5th class

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