Rocket by Oliver


Dr Crazy’s rocket as failed and oil was all over the garage.

He is going to try again after he cleans up.

It was hard for him but he did it and said,’ next time I will do it out side.’

He went outside and launched the rocket, that was made from his dad’s old pocket watch and some scrap from the scrap yard.

It went up in to the air as far as it could go up but a second later it turned and Dr Crazy shouted,’ but where did it go?’

He started to go in the direction of the rocket.

3 thoughts on “Rocket by Oliver”

  1. Oliver,
    I wish I knew the character, Dr. Crazy, in your piece–in real life. What a fantastic inventor indeed! I especially like that the doctor cleaned up the mess, and did not give up. What great attributes. Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Team 100, Guilderland, NY, USA
    Ask your teacher to reach out to me if you’d like our classes to BUDDY UP for 100 wc reading and commenting!

  2. Hi Oliver
    I really liked your story
    I wonder why he was called Dr. Crazy
    I would love to be an inventor
    Great story
    Bye for now Liam A Mrs Boyces class

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