Robbers – Bobby

There were robbers that robbed lots of things. They just really wanted to rob the world’s biggest light bulb, but they were little men.  They had to go into the middle of the jungle. Up in the trees there were monkeys, snakes andtigers. The light was in front of them.  They climbed up it.  The higher they went it got more wobbly.  Oops! It fell and smashed, and tiny little balls that were green, pink, red and blue all broke into pieces on the ground.  The robbers heard the plicecars’ noise coming closer and closer.   The police saw the robbers but they ran really quickly away. They climbed up a tree and the police could not find them.

One thought on “Robbers – Bobby”

  1. They sound like they are clever but clumsy robbers, Bobby! They were quick to think of hiding up the tree, but clumsy to knock over the light bulb. Did they escape or did the police eventually find them? Keep up the good writing!

    Mr. Russell
    Team 100
    Waterford, Ireland

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