Robber by Rorí

I open my presents.

‘A phone yes!’ I shouted, but if only it was a bit smaller. I was jealous of Sandy’s small phone. I got a big phone. I know what I have to do. Rob her and swap the phones. And I’ll becool again.

‘At 3 o’clock I’ll take her phone’, I told my friend.

He said, ‘it won’t work, because of the password and email.’

We both agreed to remove her email and password. I woke up at one in the morning and went to her house. She was asleep I took the phone and ran. I got it.

One thought on “Robber by Rorí”

  1. Hi Rori! My class did the “if only it was a bit smaller’’ theme! Why are you going to take her phone while she’s sleeping? Why not while she’s at school because she might wake up while she’s sleeping. You did a good job at adding quotes! Maybe next time you could add whats wrong with the email and password. You did a good job at this!

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