Red by Holly

Long, long ago there lived a red haired girl named Lucy. Nobody called her by her first name since she was known as “Red”. Red lived with her father ever since her mother passed.  Many years later her father also passed away. She moved to an island where nobody lived. There were rumours saying she died and got eaten alive, but the truth is no one saw her ever again. In my opinion I think she was immortal and her parents were the only thing keeping her safe. That’s why she had to move away so nobody could see who she really was.

4 thoughts on “Red by Holly”

  1. Hi Holly Emma here
    Is this story like a rumor or something anyway your story was very cool and I like how you put your opinion in.

  2. Hi Holly
    What a lovely, spooky 100WC you have written. You have used the prompt in a really natural way and written a wonderful idea around it. Great work!
    Mrs P (Team 100WC)
    Wellington, New Zealand

  3. Hi Holly I love hoe you put detail and it is very creative. I like how red was different and that’s is what made her special. You put really good Information in.

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