Random Book in the Middle of the Road by Dylan S

One morning I woke up and went outside to play. When I got outside I found a book on the road called ‘The Lioness of Fire Desert’. I went back inside and started reading it. There was a boy in it called Will and a lioness. The front of the book looked so creative. I’ll describe it to you…Will holding a torch, shining it at the lion and it looks like they are on another Galaxy, or in Space somewhere. When I got half way through the book, the lion started to eat some enemies. That’s when I knew that this was my kind of book! I spent the rest the day reading it and finished it just before bedtime!

2 thoughts on “Random Book in the Middle of the Road by Dylan S”

  1. Hi Dylan S!
    It sounds like a good book.
    I wonder how the lioness survived?
    I like the name of the book as well.

    Bye from Adam Mrs Boyce’s class.

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