Professor Crocodile by Benito

Once upon a time there was a professor called Professor Crocodile. He was half human half crocodile. He had a twisted arm and a twisted leg. It was very difficult to obtain his mutant form. He has a purple reflective jacket witch reflects when he turns. One day some people in the community tried to lure him into a net trap with candy because they want to train him as their pet. However, Professor Crocodile was very clever and he knew their plan was to capture him. He escaped the net when they were not looking and he went back home safely.

4 thoughts on “Professor Crocodile by Benito”

  1. Hi Benito. A great story! I’m so glad Professor Crocodile foiled the plan and managed to return home safely. I don’t think he would’ve been to happy to be someone’s pet.

  2. Hi Benito! Great work on your story this week. I think that he really IS clever, especially the way he was able to escape. It wouldn’t have been nice for him to be someone’s pet. Keep up the great writing Benito!

    Mr. Russell
    Team 100
    Waterford, Ireland

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