Present Seeker by Oliver

It was Chrismas eve there was a man called Mild Pol.

He went to his friend’s party.

The first thing they did was have some fun with the Fortnite game.

His friend and my parents were playing cards and my dad won the match.

The second thing he did was to eat the first meal and then he opened the cracker.

It was not the time to open the presents but Mild Pol opened his present and BOOM! random things started to shoot out like a bright blue eye, a blue decoration and holly with red berries!!

Since that day he never opened a present.

8 thoughts on “Present Seeker by Oliver”

  1. I LOVED how you put Fortnite in there you are a legend and that was soooo funny as well and how you described everything so funny ^^

  2. Hi Oliver,
    I like the way you used the prompt,
    I think it was a strange picture. What do you think?
    Looks like you don’t have to buy a present for him next year,
    Danny Mrs Boyce’s Class

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