Pollution by Ben

Today I woke up in a really good mood, I got dressed and then went outside to go to work. “Should I walk to work or drive to work?” I asked myself. I work at an oil industry so if I drove to work I would just cause more pollution. At first I wanted to drive because it’s much quicker and easier. “But does it make any difference to me?” I said. But then I made my decision, I was going to walk. It only took ten minutes, I even jogged a little bit it was so much fun enjoining the fresh air just before work.

One thought on “Pollution by Ben”

  1. Your short story Ben is a perfect example of the decisions we all need to make to protect the planet. You have clearly and simply shown us everyday choices and how they can make a difference. I love the way you finish by talking about the fun in walking and enjoying the fresh air.

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