Poison Immune by Luke

I’m going on a walk to get some hot chocolate. “Can I have a hot chocolate with marshmallows please,” he asked. “Yeah here you go,” said the waiter. “Thank you,” I said. I started to walk home with my hot chocolate. When I got home I felt Ill. “Doctor he felt really ill I checked he had no temperature,” my mam said worryingly. The next day we went the hospital. When we got there the doctor said that I had lots of arsenic in my body but then the doctor said I was immune to poison so I’m safe.

3 thoughts on “Poison Immune by Luke”

  1. Hello, Luke! I love hot chocolate with marshmallows. How awful that it was poisoned. I like how the mum did the talking to the doctor. I think this helps to show the seriousness of the situation. It would be good if people could be immune to poisons, wouldn’t it? Well done.

  2. I don’t really understand how you can be immune to poison, but overall this can be a real situation and I like the story and maybe you could add a bit more detail.

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