Poison by Kayleigh

My brother and I were baking cookies for our grandpa. My brother was putting something in the dough. He said it was flavouring so I told him to add loads. After a while we went to grandpa’s house. We gave him his cookies, he had two and left the rest for later after tea. My brother and I were preparing tea because grandpa told us he felt very ill, he was in the sitting room watching television and he was laughing but he started coughing then all of a sudden it was silent.

All we could hear was boiling…..

One thought on “Poison by Kayleigh”

  1. My goodness what a cliffhanger! I am left wanting more, what happened to poor grandad? Did your brother poison him on purpose? Surely not! What lovely writing Kayleigh, I thoroughly enjoyed your story. Please keep writing!
    Michelle (Team 100) Newry, Northern Ireland

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