Pirates V. Knights by Daniel

One day king Bob was in his castle at the edge of Ireland. He was a rich man with a lot of shiny gold. Pirates heard this and sailed to his castle. When they got there they shot cannon balls at the castle. The king’s men shot cannon balls back. Parts of castle and ship flew around. Some pirates came to land and there were knights there too. There was a big sword fight and a lot of people died. The pirates were outnumbered and went back to their ship. The knights won and celebrated with a feast. And the pirates won’t come back.

3 thoughts on “Pirates V. Knights by Daniel”

  1. Hi Daniel. Your ‘King Bob’ name made me laugh. It proves that you don’t have to have a grand title to lead a victorious band of Knights!
    This is a great interpretation of the prompt. I appreciate the action of the parts of castle and ship being tossed about in the explosions and can just visualise the pirates skulking off in defeat.
    Thanks for sharing this week,
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Zealand

  2. Hey I have heard about pirates they’re really cool. You did a great job for entertainment. You could put some exclamation marks how did his castle look on the inside?

  3. Hi Daniel i liked your story because i liked the battle against the pirates and the name”king bob” is a funny name. I wonder were the pirates are now hopefully not trying to steal someone else’s treasure. It remind me of a story i read it was a war against pirates and knights but except the pirates won and sailed off happily with their treasure. Good bye from Dylan
    Mrs Boyce’s class

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