Pirate Battle by Cillian

In 1537 the two fiercest and most powerful pirates fought a battle that went down in history as the most gruesome battle ever! The two pirates were Blackbeard and Redbeard. Blackbeard hated Redbeard because he had kidnapped and killed both of his parents. Blackbeard challenged Redbeard to a battle in the Atlantic ocean and he accepted. The weather conditions were terrible with thunder and lightning illuminating the sky and waves reaching up to 10 metres high! They both set out with their crews and then they fought. The battle was very tight until one of Blackbeard’s crew members shot Redbeard and killed him.

2 thoughts on “Pirate Battle by Cillian”

  1. I don’t think Blackbeard would be happy about one of his crew members killing Redbeard.
    Cool story
    Maybe add some more detail
    Mrs Horan’s Class

  2. That was a good story, I’ve always took interest in fights, so I enjoyed this. Will you make another one? Great job.

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