Pink Giraffe and Red Bunny Adventure by Lorcan

Once  there lived a pink giraffe and his best friend Red bunny,they love to go to adventures. There names where Olly and Aoife. They loved to go to the Zoo as their favourite part of  the Zoo was when the giraffe’s doing there daily show of cancan dancing. Today  they were running late  “Hurry up” said Olly, “I am going as fast as i can let me on your back you go faster” quietly said  Aoife. They made it just in time for the show to start they were glad they didn’t miss it as today as there was a teacher and her class.

5 thoughts on “Pink Giraffe and Red Bunny Adventure by Lorcan”

  1. Hi Lorcan. Loved your story this week. Your story reminds me of FOTA. What would of happened if they were late?
    Mrs Boyces Class,

  2. Hi Lorcan.
    I loved your story. I have never seen giraffes do the can-can dance.
    Have you? I would love to see it. I love going to the Zoo.
    Do you?
    Well done again.
    Jack, Mrs. Boyce’s Class, Cork.

  3. Hi lorcan loved your story it reminds me of a zoo what would happen if you were late and could not go? Mrs Boyce’s class kyle

  4. Hi Cliona
    I really enjoyed your story.
    This reminds me of me and my BFF.
    I love the bond between the Best friends.
    Dylan K

  5. Hi Lorcan.
    I liked your story. My favourite part was when the pink giraffes friend was a red bunny.
    Do you have a pet animal?

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