Photoshoot by Emma

Today I’m going to a photo shoot. I’m so ecstatic. I got breakfast it was so good. I got there, it had a big green screen and a yellow background and the girl at the til said come on in. I used the rainy day one with a bicycle prop. Then a girl pushed me and greedily took the angel one. An hour later I got home and ordered Chinese food. I got a Spice Box and cheesy garlic fries and chicken curry. I asked my friends over , the food was amazing, it was tasty. Then my friends went home and I went to bed

3 thoughts on “Photoshoot by Emma”

  1. This sounds like you had a very busy day. I just think you should’ve made your story more about the photo shoot. And I don’t like that girl that pushed you I’m going to fight her.

  2. This sounds very fun. We also did this prompt! You should tell more about the photo shoot. I also don’t know what a til is but that’s just me. Other than that it was really good!

  3. Hi Emma! I loved your story! I really like how you used fun and interesting words to describe your feelings. It was an great story and I hope I can read more of your writing in the future?

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