Party by Oliver

Once upon a time there was a girl named Lily and her family was rich.

She got an invitation to a super cool party.

She looked in her dresser and said “What shall I wear? O.m.g. empty. What a surprise!”

She went to a shop and picked a dress with diamonds.

When she went to the party everbody said”Wow! Fantastic, not.”

“Daddy you said the dress was perfect,” said Lily

“Well he was wrong, little princess!” said a random girl.

Lily left the party and cried in her bed and never went to another party.

One thought on “Party by Oliver”

  1. Poor Lily. I was hoping that everything would turn out well in the end but it was a surprise to read that it didn’t. You have created a real contrast in emotions between the main part of the story, where Lily was excited and happy, and the end, where you left her crying in bed.
    Well done on a super story this week,

    Miss T Team 100wc

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