The Match by Evan

One day before a match in a rich players house a violin was playing just after Mister Mr. Swept had eaten his snack before he left to the away game.
Mr. Swept: “Is the airplane ready to take me to France for the game against Sweden?”
Servant: “Yes, my master.”
Mr. Swept: “Good, get me my tablet.”
Servant: “Yes master.”
When Mr. Swept arrived he got a bus with his team and they got into their match kits. As he was lining up in the tunnel, he looked at Sweden in their yellow jerseys.

In the last minute McGeady crosses it into Swept who takes it on his chest and shoots! Goaaaaaaaal! 1-0 to Ireland.

In the Airplane – by Emily

In the airplane to meet my grandparents I had eaten cookies and had a cup of tea, it was yummy. My mam was playing the violin, the lady in the airplane swept the floor and yellow stuff was on the ground. She didn’t know what it was. She looked on the ground where the yellow stuff was and thought it was butter. Even as she tried to get it of it just kept getting  sticky. Finally she got it off the ground but she was so tired. I put on my music on my headphones and  fell asleep for hours. Finally we landed and my grandparents were at the airport, they were so happy!

My Trip To the Airport – by Daniel

One day my Dad and I took a trip to Dublin airport. When we got there we went into terminal 2. It was so shiny and new. There was a lady playing a violin it sounded so good. We decided to go for something to eat in the bar upstairs. When we had eaten our food we went to the big window where we could see a yellow airplane it was so big. We also got to see an airplane take off the sound nearly swept me off my feet. The whole experience was so good that when I grow up I would like to work in the airport.

100 W/C by Clinton

We were in the airplane and the lady swept the place. One person was playing the violin. One person told me to come.
I need some yellow juicy bananas in case anyone gets hungry.
We don’t have any more food!
I think I have some. I will go and check. I looked at my seat and they were there. I only got twenty bananas. I hope this will be enough. I went back to him and he said: this will be enough, thank you. I went back to my seat. At a few hours they were ready. Everyone had eaten their juicy banana. We had a good time!

The Weird Violin – by Ariana

Before playing the violin I had eaten a doughnut. After a while, when I finished my doughnut, the violin swept the crumbs up, then the violin turned yellow.
“Okay, that was creepy,” I murmured.
Watching the violin grow legs, I froze in shock, as the violin ran away I unfroze.
Running after the violin, it turned in to an airplane.
”Okay I’m definitely dreaming.” Rubbing my eyes the violin was gone
“I knew it, I was dreaming!” I shouted.
Looking around I heard everyone screaming, but not looking at me for shouting, and there went my luck. After all, it wasn’t a dream…

The Violin Thief – by Alex

I was at the airport. My mam asked me have you eaten because we are about get on the plane now with my cousin. He had his yellow violin and his initials where carved on it. There was a man on the plane. He looked suspicious. He kept looking at my cousin’s violin. When we where at the mobile home I swept the floor and then went to bed. When I got up I saw the mobile was destroyed and the violin was gone. In the place of the violin there was a note it said, ‘Taken by Mistryo’. We told the police and we never saw the violin again.

The Whistle -By Oliwia

It was Saturday morning, Emma was 16 she had her own room. Walking to the football pich she and her family saw a blue bird they thought it was Rio but it wasn’t. When she and her family were there a whistle blew and everybody disappeared exsept her dad who blew the whistle. She didn’t disappear either.
“Dad why did you not disappear?” I asked,
“Because I blew the whistle!” answered dad,
“Why did I not disappear?”
“Because I love you as child and I want to spend time with you!”
“Because our family won’t let us spend time togherter!”
“Thanks dad!”.

Sports Day by Molly

It was a lovely sunny afternoon and it was time for my Gaelic football clubs annual sports day. This year I had practised really hard yesterday I ran around the green two times in seven minutes and afterwards I practised for the other events. At ten to four my dad dropped me at the Gaelic club. It was just about time for the race to begin so I took my place. Suddenly a whistle blew and everyone disappeared the race had begun I tried to catch up. Running as fast as I could I ended up winning the first race…

The Death Whistle – by Wonder

Nila came out to yard to play with her friend, Kandy. When they were in the middle of the game the bell rang.

While Kandy and Nila were waiting for Ms Burkley, a young, peculiar man came from the gate.
“Hello,” said the man. “Don’t do your ordinary homework.For homework, bring in a million euro and bring a note for your homework.”

The next day no one brought in a million euro , except for this lunatic, Anna.

The man came in the same time as yesterday waiting for a million euro. None of us brought it in. The man got a whistle and said to the whistle :Let what Anna dearest wants and let it be desired.

Next,he said to the whistle : Let these young stubborn kids die!

And then a whistle blew and everyone disappeared to a place full of darkness.

Man of the Match by Daniel

It was Saturday I was playing a hurling match. My team were losing. The other team just kept on scoring. A whistle blew and everyone disappeared. It was half time. My coach decided to make some changes, he decided to put me in full forward. After the restart of the match it was me who kept scoring I had scored 2 goals and 4 points. With 1 minute remaining my team were still losing by 1 point. Just then we got awarded a free. My coach told me to take it. I lifted it and struck it straight into the net. We had won and I was the hero.

The Magic Whistle by Amy

One day I was at Gaelic 4 Girls. We were all in our separate groups training when out of the blue a whistle blew and everyone disappeared, except me and Barry, our Gaelic trainer. He had blown the whistle. He started panicking and screaming “WHERE DID EVERYONE GO??” Then he saw me and ran over asking how was I still there? I said, “Well, I think it might be because I don’t want to go to the ALL IRELAND FINAL! I think you should blow the whistle again and see if they come back.” “Oh good idea” he said. So he blew it and suddenly everyone was back.

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear by Emily

″ Can we go to the carnival now?”
” Yes”.
Going to the carnival we met my friends we walked down to the carnival.
” Mam can I try to win a teddy bear?”
” Yes”.
” Mam I won a teddy bear!”
” Wow!”
We went to a different part of the carnival a whistle blew and everyone disappeared, I thought I was dreaming , but I hurt my self so I new I wasn’t dreaming. Me and my friends tried to find everyone, but we couldn’t find anyone.
It was something on the beach. It was a huge bomb we were scared so we went home very fast!

The Football Match – by Leah

On Friday my brother and I went to a football match.It was Ireland against Sweden and I was really excited.
“Who do you think is going to win?”
We arrived at the football match and we sat in our seats.We were in row L the first letter of my name and seats three and four.I sat in number three because it’s my lucky number.The match was about to begin and then a whistle blew and everyone disappeared.The man blew the whistle again and we disappeared to Australia.
“Where are we?”
“Your dream holiday”

The Looters – by Alex

A war was taking place in Russia.
I was walking through Russia and it was all destroyed. The Russians were able to push back the Germany soldiers three kilometers. So many people where looting. I wanted to stop them but some had guns. I went off and looked for something to help me. I found a gun shop. It was all looted but there was a small hand gun. I went to the looters. I told them to stop. A man beside me gave me a special suit “put it on ” he said nicely. A whistle blew and everyone disappeared.
“Thank you” I said. Suddenly he vanished into thin air.

Halloween Night by Ryan

On Sunday it was Halloween my mum decided to have a fancy dress party. We all had costumes and we bought lots of goodies for the trick or treaters. We decorated the house and invited our neighbours and friends. First we went trick or treating and then we played games. One game was when we dunked our heads into basins of water looking for apples and one was when a whistle blew and everybody disappeared. It was kind of like the hide and seek game. We has great fun and everybody went home happy. I helped my Mum clean up afterwards.

Bondi Rescue – by Josh

We were on our holidays in Australia. We went to the famous Bondi beach. It was really packed and very hot. We kept on seeing the life guards rescuing people from the sea.We heard people saying that there were sharks in the water and to listen out for the whistle. We didn’t care and ran into the water but then a whistle blew and everyone disappeared. I was on my own. All I could see was the fin coming towards me and suddenly I was pulled from the water and pulled into a rescue helicopter. I looked down and saw the shark had the rescue rope in its ugly mouth so with all my strength I kicked it back into the sea and he was never seen there again.

The Monster Teacher by Evan

It was a bright summer day. “Perfect for sports day” John thought. Except little did he know or anyone in his class, that last night his P.E. teacher had been taken by monsters and replaced with a monster! At half nine the class lined up to go to the P.E. field. After a long hard day of sports, coming and going back for lunch and breaks, a whistle blew and everyone disappeared except John and the P.E. teacher. The monster threw off the mask and and walked angrily over to John. When he was half way there John screamed and ran..

The Adventure of Jim and Bob – by Sean

Me and Jim were planning to rob the crown jewels of London. It was today we went to London at night, there were two Guard’s watching so me and Jim sneaked up behind them, and got two black bags and put it over their heads. And threw them in a rubbish bin. We went in, there was a big walk to the jewels we started to walk and alarms went off it was invisible lasers. Then police came in and arrested us, then a whistle blew and everyone disappeared it was a miracle. And we got the jewels.

The Weird Whistle – by Ariana

Going to Tesco I saw a bag, picking up the bag it felt weird,
and it was closed. Opening the bag I read “Danger.”
I murmured, “That’s weird, what could possibly be dangerous in a bag?”
Looking at the whistle I burst out laughing, because it said danger and it was just a whistle, then out of nowhere, wind grabbed the whistle out of my hands and the whistle disappeared, after a while a whistle blew and everyone disappeared. Running to Tesco there was no one there, running home I heard a booming sound at the carnival.
Running down to the carnival………………………..

Camping Weekend by Jack

My local gaelic team went on a camping trip last weekend. We went out to a little village called the Naul. The mentors from our team came with us to keep an eye on us. We all had a great time. We played lots of games. My favourite game was hide and seek. A mentor would start the game a whistle blew and everyone disappeared. At night we would sit around the campfire and tell ghost stories and try not to be to scared. We all really enjoyed the weekend and hope to do it all again sometime soon.

100 w/c by Clinton

I was going to meet my friends at the park. I was nearly there, but something happened. Some aliens were attacking the place. It was time for me to save the day. The king was attacking the place too. First I had to attack the minions. The king blew wind at everyone. A whistle blew and everyone disappeared except me.
The king said: ‘It Is just you and me’.
‘Bring it on. Let the battle begin!’
I had to wear my super suit. I did a big wave from the cloud. Ow!! Next, he did a punch on the head.
… to be continued..

The Magic Music -By Qasim

“Hello sir can you please play music?”
“Only if you give me three euro”.

After that talk with the musician he finally played some music. When he blew a whistle everyone disappeared. I was in a new world.

Walking around the planet I saw a huge building it looked so futuristic. I went in and saw a huge monster with turned out toes big horns and big yellow eyes.

” Do you have any friends?” I asked nervously
“No, everyone hates me because they think I’m to ugly”
I felt very sad and wanted to become his friend.

The adventures of the adventurous Bonnie and Caroline episode 6 Teenage Vampires

by Najat

When Bonnie and Caroline arrived at Hawaii they felt hot so they went to a hotel .
Suddenly they heard a curious soft whistling .
It was the vampire queen .
Suddenly a whistle blew and everyone disappeared .
The queen dropped red blood into the girls’ throats and she made them into vampires .
The vampire disappeared .
“What… what happened? ” said Caroline.
“I don’t know , but I feel really hot ”.
When the girls arrived at the hotel lunch was already made for them .
It was garlic bread and fruit punch .They took a bite and got sick .
“You know what this means we are vampires!!!!!!!!‘’………………………

The Quiet Man – by Jack

We were in the Airport waiting for our flight details to show up on the board.  We were sitting on a bench in the food area when I noticed a man sitting very still and actually looked like a statue.  I went over to see if it really was a statue and touched his arm.  He moved his eyes but didn’t speak and I got a fright.  I ran away and my family all started laughing at me.   I wanted to talk to him but our flight details appeared on the screen and we had to go.  I went over & said goodbye to him and he winked at me.

The KFC Dude by Josh

The man that is reading the book, is actually a woman in disguise. Next to her is Colonel Saunders owner of KFC. The lady is a spy from another chicken fast food place called Hairy Chicken Lickens. They are at war with each other over who has the best chicken recipe. She is pretending to be reading but she is actually revising her plan to steal Colonel Saunders famous chicken recipe. But then he asks curiously,
“what are you reading”
“Nothing” she said suspiciously.
He realises she’s up to something so he reaches over very slowly looking straight ahead acting normal and grabs the book AKA the plan and runs into the bathroom…

Statues – by Great

My dad hates statues I will you why. One time in England my dad went to the subway. He walked over to the bench and sat down. He started to read a newspaper. Then he noticed a very very weird and creepy statue sitting beside him. He didn’t like it very much so he packed all the stuff he brought with him and really quietly left the subway and never came back again. That statue remains there still to this day. That is why my dad hates statues.

The Airport by Katie

As I was walking into the airport I sat down for a rest.A man made of metal sat down beside me and stared into my eyes and started to make hand movements.He made me go asleep I had a dream about a snowman who was at ball, at the ball it was very cold.Suddenly I woke up at the airport I was about to miss my flight to Spain but I made it, as I was in the plane the man made of metal appeared again, as the plain landed and I got on the bus he came back.

My Grandad and His Friend – by Daniel

My grandad always told me about his friend and all their adventures they had as children. He’d tell me about them playing in the woods and swimming in the river. I always wanted to meet my Grandad’s friend he sounded like great fun to be around. Then one day my Grandad asked me if I’d like to go and meet his friend. I was so excited. We got the train into town. We sat down on a bench and a few minues later a man dressed quite funny sat down, it was my grandads friend it was great to meet him. We chatted and laughed for hours.

Stuck at the Airport – by Leah

Last year we booked a flight to Fuerteventura and we got stuck at the airport because there was a storm coming.While we were waiting I went off to explore the airport I came across the baggage area and some shops and restaurants.I also came across two men sitting on a bench one was a bronze statue and the other man was reading his book.I asked the man.
“Do you know where the book shop is”
But he just ignored me and walked away.I bought a burger and chips from McDonalds and a book from the book shop just in time to board the plane.

Statue – by Emily

At the airport with my grandparents and my Mam, we went to the coffee shop my Grandad sat on the bench beside a statue and started talking to him.
” Hey, help me I am glued to this bench and some people painted me gold”!
” How can I help you”?
” You can help me by trying to get me off the chair”.
” Thank you for helping me”.
We brought him to clean himself,we brought him to meet his family he was so happy that he with his family again. Me and my family got on the plane to had our holidays!