100 WC by Jamie

Down in a small little village there was a small zoo. There were tigers, giraffes, flamingos, seals, zebras, monkey’s, peacocks, lion’s, bats and other animals in the zoo.
One day there was a school called St. Peter & Paul’s J.N.S. on their school tour with their teachers. The teachers names were Mrs. Fagan & Ms Ni Mhaonigh. When they arrived at the zoo, first they went to see the seals.
After when they went to see the monkeys they heard drilling noises. There was a man in a pink jumper saying “walk quietly do not wake the loin.”

The Pink Giraffe – by Lee

I woke up really excited because of my school tour. We were going to the zoo. When we arrived the men were drilling. Before we walked into a strange room teacher said “you have to walk in quietly.” When we walked in James shouted “pink giraffe !” The giraffe escaped and the night zoo keeper had to chase him. I found a rope on the ground and gave it to him. At last he finally caught then and said thank you to me. We all had a lot to talk about, but we enjoyed it.

Jesica M 100 w/c

Once I saw a pink giraffe and it was really tall. Then my teacher came and saw it. The giraffe whispered quietly. She told me that there were men drilling on her road. They were drilling the road because there was a hole. I went to see the giraffe. The giraffe wasn’t there she was at the zoo so I had to go to the zoo it was very hard to find her. I went to see the giraffes. I told her it was loud and distracting.

100 w/c by Daniel

One day there was a house. And they said when it was 12 o clock on Halloween it will start drilling into the ground. But one day,a pink giraffe moved into the house. The children  were very scared,that the pink giraffe wold go drilling down with the house. One day the children told the giraffe about the house.They said quietly  to the giraffe about the house,she believed them. She moved out the day before Halloween ,she was so happy that she moved to the zoo.But don’t tell her that it was for sick animals.She died in the end. Sorry.

The Picture of the Giraffe by Mikolaj

There was a boy Tom he was in 3rd class. He was going to school and thinking what would he do in school. Then his teacher said, “at home you have to do a picture of a pink sky and a man drilling”.

Tom went home and started doing his picture when he had finished he called his mother, and she said, “wow that is really good! “. It was really good, it was a picture of a giraffe and a man and a pink sky. The next day Tom sat down quietly and teacher called his name and he got to show all the class his picture and teacher said, “well done !”.

The Pink Giraffe That Was Drilling For The Teacher To Give Him Food by Mia G

One sunny day there was a pink giraffe and a teacher that was visiting the zoo for 5  days . One night the pink giraffe wanted food, but it was the night so no body would give him food . The pink giraffe was drilling for food . The pink giraffe knew where the teacher stayed in the zoo .The teacher did not go home as the zoo had a room that other people could stay in. In the room you could see an animal because there was a glass cage in the corner  and the pink giraffe came and knocked  quietly on the glass. The teacher woke up and got a  branch of leaves  and went back to bed.

Her Pink Dress – by Judge

t was quite a very cool Friday morning, Mr. Tom was drilling a well in our school compound and did not remember to put a sign when Miss. Megan our school teacher was passing by, she slipped and fell down. Her pink dress was all stained. A little boy saw her, quietly touched her and gave her his giraffe toy to cheer her up. It was quite touching for the little boy. Miss Megan was very happy with the boy and asked him to keep his toy and she gave him another toy with chocolate to say thank you.

School Tour – by James

Once we were in class our teacher told us that we were going on a school tour we were going to the zoo . It was the next day the day of the school tour everyone got on and sat on the bus . On the way to the bus we saw builders making a house and I saw them drilling in a bolt then we had finally arrived . The teacher paid for us children and we got a pink ticket.  The first animal we saw was the tall giraffe.  Then when we passed the lions den we went very very quietly ….

My Day At The Zoo – by Jack

Once I went to the zoo. I woke up that morning and I had my breakfast. I went in my car to the zoo, then I arrived at the zoo . I watched the ducks eating their bread and I went to see monkeys and elephants . Then I had my lunch quietly as I couldn’t hear with all the drilling. After I saw the pink giraffe and peacocks, I looked in the zoo shop. I saw my teacher with her kids. I went to the playground which was beside the hippos and gorillas. I had a great day and went home happy.

The Weird School Day by Hayden

It was the 1st of October 2016. It was just like any other normal day. Got up, got ready, had breakfast and went to school. Everyone was in school today and then when I walked into the gate, there were workmen in the school drilling into the ground. I said, “hey what are you doing there?”, and they said “we’re drilling to fix the water pipe”.
I went on into the class room, the teacher was having a cup of tea and she said very quietly in a soft voice, “I have a very sore throat today so I am going to ask you one by one to read the story about the giraffe who turned pink”. So We all had a turn to read, the giraffe washed himself in a pool with pink dye and that’s how he turned pink.

100 w/c by Darragh

Once upon a time there was a great zoo. It had zombies, spiders and chocolate milkshake monsters. One  day every one heard drilling and then the noise stopped. There was a pink giraffe, it was very tall and it escaped. It ran quickly and quietly, it ran into the city. There was a teacher festival.  It ran into the festival and it broke every thing. Then he started to grow and grow. When he stopped growing he was the size of the Trump towers. The army were shooting at him but he was breathing fire. The fire was too hot.

100 w/c by Ellen

One Monday morning we were sitting  quietly in our classroom when the teacher walked in. The teacher said we are going to the zoo tomorrow. We all had a packed lunch and a rain coat. The next morning the children and the teacher went on the bus to the zoo. At the zoo we saw elephants, lions, cows, spiders, sheep, pink pigs and giraffes. Ellen wanted to see the pink pigs but everyone else wanted to go and see the giraffes. After that we had lunch next to the reptile house. When lunch was over we went into the reptile house for a look, then got the bus back home.

100 w/c by Carragh

Last week our teacher (Ms.Brennock) was bringing us on a school tour to the zoo. The day arrived and the bus was late. The bus ride was really fun. We got to the zoo and it said on the sign “WACKY ZOO” so we went in. It was quite busy. We saw purple penguins, green zebras and my favourite animal, the pink giraffe. It was so fun. We were walking along quietly until we heard drilling. We went to check it out and were amazed. It was the chimpanzees. They were busy building themselves a really big roller coaster.

The Drilling by Caoilte

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Zack. It was just the summer holidays, now they is over. It is morning Zak’s mam woke him up for school. Zack groaned “why school?”
” I’ve heard they’re making a new zoo in your school”, said Mammy. So Zack went to school, when he got there he saw his friends whispering excitedly. When Zack was doing work he heard drilling, because they were making the zoo. When it was done there was a pink giraffe and the teacher said to pet the giraffe quietly. Zack loved the zoo.

Miss Brennock The Pink Giraffe by Charlie

Once upon a time in a far away forest there was a pink giraffe called Miss Brennock, who was the world’s best teacher (but Ms Fagan is better).  All the animals loved her. They were all excited to start school because they were getting a new P.E. hall, which wasn’t quite finished yet.

Mrs. Costello, the red and green rabbit was the principal.  The foxes and the birds were still drilling and painting .  Mrs Costello, the rabbit, told them to finish quietly.  When they were finished and everything was tidy the forest animals were brought in to have a look at their P.E. hall.It had football nets, basketball hoops and hockey sticks. Everybody loved it.

100 w/c by Niamh

Today is my school tour. We are going to the zoo on the bus.  My teacher put us in pairs.  My partner was Jessica, she had a new pink bag.  I am really looking forward to seeing the baby giraffe.  When we arrived at the zoo we had to queue quietly outside.  I brought some bread to feed the ducks.  We had our lunch and then we got to see the baby giraffe.  We could not get to see the tigers because the work men were drilling the ground to replace the broken fence.,  We had a great day at the zoo.  We got to sing songs on the bus on the way home.

100 w/c by Lily

Hello, my name is Sophie. I’m a pink giraffe. My mam is a teacher and her name is Lily.  One day lots of builders came to the street, they started drilling the road quietly. After a few weeks the builders made a big and lovely playground.  There was a climbing frame, a slide, swings, a roundabout and a parkour. After we went o the playground we went to the beach.. At the beach we got ice-cream.  I got chocolate and Lily got chocolate too.  We went home, we had a lovely day and lived happily ever after.

At The Zoo by Caitlyn

One day me and my family went to the zoo. I saw a baby giraffe. Later I saw my teacher wearing a lovely pink top and blue jeggings. When we got to the gorilla’s enclosure there were builders fixing the enclosure because it was broken.  They fixed it up with a drill it was a very loud drilling noise. After a few minutes the noise stopped and it was very quiet. Every one was walking quietly around.  After a little while I sat down to have lunch.  I had a big bread roll with butter and jam and I had a big drink of water.

The Crazy Pink Giraffe by David

Once upon a time there was a giraffe, a PINK giraffe named Jeff. His favourite pastime was drilling quietly. His teacher had told him that if he drilled to the centre of the world it would be made of chocolate.  Every morning he would get up and drill, go to school and as soon as he got home he would drill again.  Weeks, months and years went by and Jeff the giraffe did the same every day until one day he finally got to the centre.  You will never guess what was in the centre ……..   CABBAGE!  Yuck!

100 w/c Julia

One day I heard drilling in the garden. I went out to see what it was and I nearly fainted with shock. In front of me was a tall, pink giraffe. And what he was doing shocked me even more, he was building a Teacher Robot!
The giraffe was so tall that he couldn’t see me, so I quietly crawled up to get a better look at the robot, and suddenly it lurched at me! ” What is two plus two?” said the robot in a very rusty voice.
I ran and ran and to this day I’ve never seen the robot again, but I’m sure it’s still around, it might even be in your school!

The Best Dream – by Mia B

One early morning my Dad was drilling outside and I woke up in fright at the noise.

I had been having a WONDERFUL dream! My Mam had let me dye my hair pink! I arrived at school to see Dublin Zoo had had used the football fields for the animals as the zoo was flooded. I saw a baby giraffe being born, I got to name him Dan TDM. I watched quietly as he tried to get to his feet and run.

My teacher then announced there was no homework for a month! My Dad ruined the best dream EVER!

The Pink Giraffe by Jessica C

One school day, the children were working very quietly until the fire alarm started drilling!  They all ran outside. The teacher called all the names out but the principal said to the class that there was a pink giraffe in the school! They all started running around the yard and then they heard a big bang, BANG, CRASH! They got scared but when the pink tall spotty giraffe came out, big blue tears came dropping out of its eyes. The children all got umbrellas because they thought it was raining but it was not, he was hurt, it was so sad.

100 w/c Lily

Hello my name is Lily. I live in kiddie land.  Half of the land belongs to the boys and the other belongs to the girls. It is a lovely place but one day the boys came and started a war. Who will I make peace with?…. Well let’s find out. Loads of children died. The next day it was even worse more and more people died. After a few hours everybody said sorry and we all made peace. Then all the boys helped the girls to build the buildings and they lived happily ever after.

100 w/c Jessica

I make peace with my sister. Me and my sister fight with each other and then make friends again. We normally fight because we were playing a game then we start to fight. For an example she wants to be the teacher so do I. We fight, we shout a lot and we scream as well. I played with my sister a new game and we just fought again we were playing a race and she said I was running too fast and then she shouted. Then we played a new game it was called Swing Cash.

Me and My Brother Fight by Aaron

Me and my brother always fight after school and I always win. I beat him up and I am the champion of the house. I always beat him up and then my little brother tries to beat me up but he cannot. We have great fun fighting but it is only messing. We love each other. I like fighting with my brothers. My little brother always takes me down and stands on me.

Family War by Charlie

A long time ago in a little town called Trumpland  there lived a father and a daughter who were at war with each other. The father Donald and daughter Hilary could not decide who ruled the land. The town was split in two. One day a man called Jeff had an idea. The land would be better if there was two people ruling it. He got the father and daughter together and made them agree to share the land. All the people were happy and Jeff was a hero for bringing peace to the town of Trumpland.

The Nerf War by Lee

l woke up this morning and went down stairs. I watched my tablet but then my sister came down and she kept kicking me. I had enough. I ran upstairs and got a Nerf gun. I hid behind the door. When she came in, I shot her several times. She escaped and found my backup gun. It was the start of a Nerf War. It all went quiet and then I saw a bullet brushing past. There she was on the stairs. I was on my bunk bed and I was about to shoot, but mam stopped me. Mam made peace between us.

100 w/c Brother vs Sister by Zach

Zach said “I’m going to go and put on the TV”. Jessica was there before Zach and Jessica said “go away I was here first now go and wait while I am watching this program”. Just then Jessica needed to go to the loo and Zach tried to get the remote but Jessica got to it.

Zach ran out of the room and said”phew”. Then he got pay back. Getting his Nerf gun he said “pay back time”. He ran down the stairs and Jessica had a Nerf gun Rebelle and shot it at Zach. Zach shot at Jessica.

Dylan got the TV no one saw him. Dylan won.

The Deep by Jamie

Once upon a time there lived a family that loved exploring the deep under water. One day their ship got attacked by whale sharks. After about five minutes they got out in water suits. One hour later they were at shore and they went back home and his sister asked ”Who will you make peace with?” “Mmm, I had a fight with Jeremy, so him” said Momy. “But why do you want to make peace with Jeremy” asked Ant. “Because he’s the only boy I’m not friends with”. Do it tomorow at school” she said. ”Ok,” he replied.