100 w/c – Mikolaj

I want this to happen in the following year. So first up I want Robots that are going go to school for us , but who’ll  only  do our  100/wc . Second up I want to have a hot Summer so I can go to the beach  and  make new YouTube videos . Third up I want everyone to have a happy new start of the year and have food. Fourth I want to write 100 w/c . So in 2017 I hope all this, and I want to go to St Molaga’s but not with a different teacher .

100 w/c – Mia B

In 2017 I want to learn more things. I want to read more books, go more places, see more things and try new foods. I want to discover new animals, things I didn’t know I liked and what is will be like to be ten.

I want to go an a sailboat, make new friends, be better at Irish and find a way to help abused animals.

I want to live my life and follow my dreams, be a better person and help others more.

I want to be excited, happy, brave and safe. I will do these things.

100 w/c Julia

All the glasses went up as the chatter grew. All of my family were sitting at a long, oak table. We were all waiting for the Christmas dinner. It was absolutely packed! My auntie, uncle, sister, granny, grandad, ten cousins, mum and dad were all there, and the food, oh the food! It looked deliciously, scrumptious-except for one thing.
Then my dad stood up. “Ting, ting” went the spoon against the glass.
“I would like to say a speech.” He said loudly as the chatter died down and a strange smoky smell filled the room.
“I would just like to say that in 2017 I hope someone will wake granny before she burns the turkey and…
We all cheered and gave granny a bad look.

100 w/c – Jamie

Next year in 2017 I hope that I get a motor cross bike for Christmas and all the gear too.
When I grow up I want to race dirt bikes.One day I hope to be the champion of the world in motor cross.
The whole reason I got in to motor bikes is because of my uncle Gaff.
Once you know how to ride a motor bike its actually quite fun and I hope that I never have a bad crash in my life.
If I become famous I will give most of my money to charity for all the poor and homeless people in the world.

100 w/c – James

One day me and my friend was wondering what we wanted in 2017. I said in 2017 I would like a new dog some new toys .Then my friend said I would like someone to make a new skate park.Then after we went to the park we went around the whole park we were so tired when we came back Then we went to my house and we played fifa 17. At half time I was wining 1 by one goal then at full time I won 2 1. It was a great game.It was a great time.

100 w/c Ellen

Hi! My name Lily, and I am eight years old. Well in 2017 I hope I go on holidays to France. I hope in Ireland we get great weather, in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. I hope it is sunny and snowy because everybody likes the snow, and everybody likes the sun. I hope in 2017 Santa comes to town. I hope it snows for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I hope Santa comes everybody I hope we all get lots of toys, on Christmas Day.

100 w/c by James

One Day when I was playing with my friend  I suddenly  saw a huge mountain come out of the ground . Then me and my friend went to climb up the mountain .Once we got to the top we had to climb down some stairs which lead  into the middle of the mountain.Then as we got to the middle of the mountain we saw a shape on the wall then I looked up at the ceiling then as I turned round the shape moved.Then we ran up the stairs and down the mountain side and then we went  home.

100 w/c Charlie

Hi my name is professor Chase and I am the inventor of the robot dog. This robot can do anything a dog can do. However my invention didn’t work as I planned it. Strange things started happening, the robot removed its head and replaced it with a cabbage and started chanting ‘you’ll never walk alone.’

Hearing a strange sound from the lab I went in to check it out, as I turned round it changed shape and was no longer a dog. It was a bird, not just a bird but the Liver Bird. Perfect present for any Liverpool fan.

100 w/c Jessica M

Once there was a girl named Molly. She loved science. The next day she went to a science lag. There she started walking back home.  Then she woke up and went to school She told her friend as I turned round it changed shape it was fantastic.  Then they needed to go to class. First they did groups of 5 and then they did PE. Molly said it is so fun. Then they had to go back home, they were very sad because they were having so much fun.  Then they went back home and play a game of science.

100 w/c Zach

Once there was a magician. He went to a boy’s party. It was on at 3.00 in the Grand Hotel it took four hours to get there and when he got there the birthday boy came out of the cinema and said do a magic trick but he did. He said pick a card so he did and as soon as he said plodal it disappeared and then it was time for the cake and the magician went in but as soon as he went in the children yelled there he is do a magic trick and he said give me a slice of cake as soon as he got the cake as I turned round it changed shape like a rabbit.

100 w/c by Mia G

Let me tell you all a story.  Once in a very little town. There was a girl and a boy.  They were best friends.  Their names Julia and David.  David was a very greedy boy. Julia was very messy.  Then one day they went to a park.  When they got there a magician came over to them. He said, ‘quick, quick pick a card, come on we have not got all day! Now turn around.’

And as they turned round it changed shape, it was a miracle. It was a pumpkin card.

100 w/c Aaron

At last it was here. My birthday.  I was helping my mammy bake my cake. It was just like I asked for, a big football cake with raspberry jam on the inside.  It went into the oven.  The more I checked on it, the longer it seemed to take.  At last is was ready to cut.  Everything looked great until the last few minutes. As I turned round it changed shape. It was no longer a football shape. What could be happening? The first letter was A, the 2nd A, the 3rd R,4th O and 5th N. It was my name. Happy birthday to me.

100 w/c Julia G

One day Amie and her family was going to granny’s farm. It was a very long journey .When they finally arrived they were starving.
Granny made some of her favourite recipe apple pie.
“can I go outside ?”asked Amie .
“yes you can but don’t get dirty” said granny.
of she went ,she opened the wooden door and ran like lightning . In the bushes she saw some foxes , she saw a big bee hive, she did not get any closer then a meter .
When she was walking and exploring nature she found a smooth round cocoon attached to a leaf, she was looking at it with excitement, as she turned round it changed shape into a beautiful butterfly with colourful wings and flew away.

100 w/c – Judge

It was a lovely day. I went outside to knock for  Jack. Jack and I were going to the shop. Suddenly  Jack fell in a hole. when I went down the hole there was a disco, Jack was running towards the disco then suddenly Jack saw his mum, he was shock.  I went to the disco. I saw Jack and his mom talking. I looked around and I saw a square sitting on the table. As I turned round it changed shape, I was  confused. when I looked up at the ceiling I saw Jack and his up there dancing.

100 w/c – Jamie

n a far away land lived a shapeshifter called Moana his mam and dad were murdered by an evil man who then set the entire house on fire and everything was destroyed.
Moana became a shapeshifter when he was in the fire with lots of animals and his parents. He can only turn into animals because he inherited their spirits after they all died.
On a dark night he met a guy called John he was the man that destroyed his whole family and as he turned around Moana changed his shape from a man into a shapeshifter and destroyed him as he had done before.

100 w/c Hayden

It was a sunny, but cloudy day. My friends and I decided to go to the park, we had been playing all day in the playground so we began to feel tired. We decided we would take a time out and lie on the grass and chill. I lay down and looked in the sky. The clouds were making shapes. “look Hayden” Jakub said ” that cloud looks like a rabbit, I looked and he was right it did, but I turned away and as soon as I turned round it changed shape again,” Oh my god look Jakub, it looks like a gorilla now”. ” Now lets stop Monkeying around and get back to the playground”.

100 w/c Darragh

One day there was a man. His name was Max. He moved in to a small town. When he un-packed he went in side his house. Crash!!! He ran into a room a book was on the
ground. He picked it up he opened it, in it there was a key card. He read a page it said ‘ as I turned around it changed shape’. Then he turned and a man was there. The man
had a bag, he pulled a block out. It was marvellous but he didn’t know it kills people. But why?
To be continued…

100 w/c Daniel

One day, I was helping my dad with the new  table that he was making. Dad told me to get the screwdriver. And as I turned it changed shape. The table looked like a monster. I flew up the stairs, in to my bedroom. And hid under the covers. I had my iPad with me to keep me entertained. I ate my secret stash of cookies. The next morning dad came up to check on me. He asked me why I ran up to my bedroom. I said it was because I seen the table change shape. Dad said do not be silly.

100 w/c by Caitlyn

One day I looked out my bed room window and there was lots of snow falling from the sky. The car, the garden and the streets were all white with snow.

Very quickly I got out of my pyjamas and got dressed into warm clothes and I ran out the front door. I started making a snowman. He had a big bright hat, stick hands and the biggest smile ever.

Later that day the sun came out while I was playing with my friends and as I turned round it changed shape. My snowman had started to melt.

100 w/c – Niamh

It was a cloudy day, I didn’t mind because I was going to my friend Carla’s party. She was having a magician and I was so excited. It was 2pm  time to go to the party. I knew lots of people there. We had dinner and played games then the magician arrived. She made me a mouse shaped balloon it was awesome.  It was time to go home. I had an excellent day and I got to bring my balloon home. I was so happy until I got home because as I turned round it changed shape. MY BROTHER Liam popped my balloon it was now as flat as a pancake. ??

100 w/c Mikolaj

On earth there was a Candle that people thought was magic. But all the people knew that there was only one of them. One day there was a boy called Jamie, Jamie went with his mam to the shops , when they were there Jamie said
“can I go to the area with sweets”.
Mam said
“no you’ll get fat”
do you want to be fat?
But finally Jamie’s mam let him. When Jamie found the sweet shop he saw a candle, then he turned around the candle changed shape then he ran to his mam and said
“mam I saw a candle and as I turned round it changed shape”.
It was epic I want it.

100 w/c – Lorcan

This was the most exciting walk back from the shops ever.

There was a flash. I fell behind the tree and when I caught my breath I looked around.
What I saw I sometimes still can’t believe, it was my favourite wizard versus my least favourite wizard, Dumbledore vs Grindlewald. I looked at Grindlewald’s wand as I turned round it changed shape to a ball of fire. He blew it at Dumbledoor as a fire dragon. Dumbledore sprayed water at the dragon and it went out.
My heart was racing I couldn’t believe my eyes and who was going to believe me.

100 w/c Lily

One day I went hunting for food with my mam and dad. I saw a few animals, I saw a bear, a dear and a pig. I went for the pig. I got me spear out and went straight for it. It was fun going hunting. On the way to the cold dark cave. That’s what I call home sweat home. On the way home I saw a rock a big grey cube, as I turned round it changed shape… it changed into a cuboid. I got home now my mam cooked the pig for dinner and we lived haply ever after.

100 w/c by Jack

Yesterday, my neighbour moved house. So a new person moved in beside my house and she was so weird and fat. I was playing outside and the weird fat women went outside to go up to Dunnes Stores . Suddenly, she came back from Dunnes.  I had strange weird feel like I was excited for Halloween but it wasn’t even close to Halloween. She had a circled head. Suddenly, as I turned around to look at her, her face changed shape into a rectangle. It was so strange. Two hours ago , I saw her and I said  hello. Are you having a good time. Yes and she loved it.

100 w/c Caoilte

One day Judge was playing football with Sam. They normally have a whizzer of a match with the people on his road. This day no one would come out to them. So Judge said why don’t we do who can sit on the football the longest. When we were doing it we were talking about professional footballers. Sam said he wanted to grow up as Ronaldo. Judge wanted to grow up as Messi. Judge was looking another way at the moment. As he turned back it changed shape. They called it the egg shaped ball

100 w/c by Adam

One time me and my parents went for a walk in a park with our dog. Suddenly the dog started barking at a pile of leaves lying on the grass. We tried to call her back but she would not listen at all so we kept walking. Suddenly as I turned round the pile of leaves changed shape and became a little elf sitting on the grass. He smiled at me and asked what I would like to get for Christmas. I was so surprised I could not say a word. Then Elf said: “You do not have to be afraid of me. I know for sure you are a good boy and you will get everything you wrote in your letter”. I thanked him and said good bye. He smiled at me again and became a pile of leaves again.

100 w/c by Julia

I felt the cold wind stinging my cheek. I could see a red figure driving a mysterious gold and red vehicle.
“Where am I?” was the first thought to hit my brain. Where ever I was, ground was getting near and I could see the snow covered north pole- at least I thought it was the north pole. The red figure jumped out, suddenly I realised the figure was Santa.
“Come,” he said in a deep jolly voice. I got out, the sleigh was in front of me and as I turned round it changed shape and disappeared. Now Santa seemed to be fumbling about with a silver key, then a big door covered in icicles opened and we went inside.
To be continued.

100 w/c by Carragh

Yesterday my nana and grandad brought me out to town. We went there to buy winter clothes. There was a big shopping centre, so we went inside. There was a really cool shop there that sold winter coats and that was just what we needed. We went in to have a look and there was a certain coat that I liked, but as I turned round it changed shape. Then in the corner of my eye, I spotted a little boy jumping out of the coat. He was jumping around inside the coat pretending to be a big fuzzy bear.

100 w/c by Charile

In West Africa there was a man called Mamumou who drove a truck, an orange truck. After a rain storm the town’s main road was damaged.  The only way in and out of the town was by the old wooden bridge over a wide river full of crocodiles.  He know if the bridge collapsed he would be in serious trouble, but the town needed food so he no choice.  The weight of the truck made the bridge lower down, near the water.  Mamumou started to shake and shiver as the crocodiles went snap! snap! snap!  Would he make it over the bridge or be crocodile dinner…

to be continued….!

100 w/c by Jessica M

Snap! Snap! went the wide crocodile running behind me. I was petrified, it was so frightening.  I tried to run to the river so the crocodile would go in. Except the crocodile saw something orange. I didn’t see what it was, but the crocodile seemed very happy within himself.  Then I saw what it was, it was an orange fish swimming in the river.  Then I started running up a mountain.  The mountain collapsed on the crocodile and the crocodile died.  I was happy I survived but I was sad as well because the crocodile died.