Statue – by Emily

At the airport with my grandparents and my Mam, we went to the coffee shop my Grandad sat on the bench beside a statue and started talking to him.
” Hey, help me I am glued to this bench and some people painted me gold”!
” How can I help you”?
” You can help me by trying to get me off the chair”.
” Thank you for helping me”.
We brought him to clean himself,we brought him to meet his family he was so happy that he with his family again. Me and my family got on the plane to had our holidays!

Holidays – by Molly

My mam and dad had saved up enough money for us to go on a holiday in one week. Lots of arrangements had to be made and we had to get tickets and pack bags. After the week had passed we hauled the bags into the boot and set off in the car. As we walked into the airport my dad checked in at the terminal. After that we went to the cafe and waiting area. I saw a man sitting down on a bench writing and sitting beside him was a statue of the founder of the airport. I heard an announcement it was time to board the plane…

The moving statue By Sophie

Once  there was a man called Jake he was a grandad he was going to England to visit his grandchildren.He was after getting a new book called friend or foe.”Where is my coffee”He said suddenly. ” Ok”He mumbeled I will sit down for a while till my plane is due.There was  a weird metal man  beside me.Turns out he was a man playing that act in Britains got talent .It was a weird trip but turns out after that Jake had good time.    The moral is you might  of had a bad day but you spent time with your family.

100 wc by Clinton

Me and my family were going to the airport to go to London for a week. We got there. They said we have to wait for a few minuets. I saw something at a bench. It was a person in brown. A person was just reading his book with his bag. I went beside it. Hello? It spoke! Hello. It sand up and said to me: I have been here for ten years. Why? It is like a house. He started to walk. I walked With him. What is your name. My name is Mr. David. Cool name. My mum said it is time to go. Nice meeting you. Bye! I had a good time!

The Cafe in the Airport – by Oliwia

It was summer, dad wanted to ask us can we go with him to Spain.
“I don’t really want to go!” quietly said mam,
“No!” shouted Kaper,
“Yes!” in a baby way said Gabriel,
“Of course, I would like to go!” I said in a normal voice. Later on that day we got into the car to the aeroport. Walking to the plane I and Gabriel were very happy.
Suddenly we all sat down on a bench beside a metal man and behind a Cafe. After a while we were in Spain it was really hot. Dad was happy.


I was about to travel to France with my brother , sister, mum , dad, grandad , Gerald and Gladys. At 7:00 we arrived in France. We were so tired , we sat on the bench behind the cafe shop. Grandad and Gerald sat on bench 3. Mam wanted to take a picture of Gerald with his brand new hat he got in the shop. When pressed the button. OOPS!!!!!!!!!! Gerald turned into a statue. Grandad was deaf blind  so he doesn’t know what happened. We tried to tell him, but he didn’t understand.  I thought of a way to communicate with Grandad  so he new. 

Oh gosh, Oh gosh !” we said , panicking.

Oopsy daisies!

The appearing and disappearing man. By Ariana

Looking back at my friends I mad a happy, sad face, because I was going on holidays .
Leaving the estate in the amazing taxi , I ate a chocolate doughnut and had a fizzy drink , getting on the motor way I started to play on my phone.
getting to the airport I murmured
” can I get an ice cream” I tried to say
“What did you say” my sister replied
“Oh noting ” I said back to her
“Oh look there is grandpa Joe” I shouted
“Oh yeah , but who is that beside him” she said confusedly
“I don’t know ” I said furiously .
Going over I found out that it was a statue ,
“Who is that statue of” I said confusedly
“I know who it is, it’s the old cowboy

Aliens – by Evan

One cold winter morning, at six minutes past four, the staff of the airport were lazing around when a sudden bang rung out and large chunks of the ceiling fell down onto the ground. The staff ran around and around in circles screaming and shouting. Suddenly the whole roof lifted up. Their was a shockingly bright light where the roof was meant to be. A green light shot down from the centre of the bright lights. Ten green aliens with eyes the darkest black, started shooting at everybody with their ray guns. Turning them into metal. They took away most metal people but some remain.

The Misery Voice – by Alex

It was a sunny day. The sun was shinning.
Me and my friends where at the airport going to Canada for two years because we have our visas. Before we went on the plane we stopped at a cafe. We saw a statue on the bench behind us. Eating my cake I heard someone say “hello” I turned around but no one was there I turned back around ” Hello its me the statue behind you, I am the one who has been saying hello to you”. I turned around for the last time and the statue was really a man trying to be a statue I was so surprised.

The Witch and the Mean Sheriff

One day there was a sheriff he was a mean sheriff anyone he seen doing the slighest thing wrong he would put them in jail. One day he seen someone littering. BANG! he shot them the thing is the parents off this child was a witch so she made a plan the witch new that the sheriff was going to be in the local airport cafe so when he got there she hid intill the sheriff came and when he did she froze him and from that day on the only remaing thing that is not frozing is the boots.

Shopping by Ryan

The man has gone shopping with his wife. He hates shopping but he had to go as his wife does not drive. The man beside him was probably doing the same thing many years ago. They probably would talk about some sport while they were waiting. He looks very interested in his book as he probably knows he will be there for a while. My Dad is the same, he doesn’t like shopping with my Mam as she spends loads of time looking at clothes but she can never make up her mind. Maybe all men are like that when it comes to shopping.

The Talking Statue – by Amy

There were two men sitting outside a restaurant. One was wearing a funny hat and a long coat while the other was bald with blue glasses. The man with the hat says “What you readin there pardner?”

The bald man looked left to right wondering who could possibly be talking to him……. You see the man with the hat was a STATUE!!! The bald man looked and noticed that the statue was looking at him. He said to himself ” Am I losing my mind? Did that statue just speak to me?” To which the statue replied “I sure did.” The bald man got up and ran away, screaming!

The adventures of the adventurous Bonnie and Caroline episode 5 by Najat

It was Sunday Bonnie and Caroline decided to go on a trip to Hawaii , with Caroline’s Grandpa .
“I can’t wait to go to Hawaii”.
“Me to ”.
They started packing up .
After a while they were finished.
At the same time they sighed.
“ok ,let’s go.
When they were at the airport Grandpa Tom got tired.
He sat on the bench and started to read a book .
A statue of a Sheriff made out of bronze .
Tom got a fright .
“Howdy partners ”.
Everyone’s mouth’s dropped .
“What in the world .A talking statue ”
The girls squealed . Bonnie screamed and began to run…….

The Men on the Bench – by Qasim

One day I was going to the shops to get a new shirt. While I was walking I saw two men one was reading the book and one was just looking around.“Hello sir, can I sit down?“I asked politely. He did not answer. Walking in the shop I found a new shirt, I looked at the person and just walked bye him. I got home and wore my shirt I saw on the news and the person sitting on the bench was a statue! That was why he did not reply. I went down stairs and eat my food…

Boring times – By Sophie

There I was in the airport with my brother and my mam.

As usual my mam was going on a work outing with her friends having fun.

While I’m stuck with my 18 year old brother at home

My dad could not mind me because himself and my mother are divorced and she dose not like me around him.

Suddenly mum said goodbye love you see you in five days and gave us hugs and kisses.
“Bye” we replied.

“Lets watch mum take off”, rudely said my brother.

As the plane lifted off I saw a flame it flickered and then went out……


I came home with a lighter I got from Dunnes Stores. I started playing with my lighter. I put it on my paper and my paper burned. I kept on getting paper and burning it. I got strong paper and it didn’t burn. Instead fire went everywhere. There was a weird green flame at the back. I was trying to catch the green flame. But as the flame flickered and then went out it went downstairs to the sitting room.
“What’s this?“said my mum curiously.
She came up to my room.
” Where did this fire come from?” said mum to me.

Looks like I’m in BIG trouble.

The Escape – by Daniel

It was a dark and windy night me and my sister where walking home from Supervalue. As we walked down the road we saw some smoke coming out of a room. We ran away as fast as we could. I fell over a rock my leg was sore I wasn’t able to run. I hopped on one foot and my sister helped me. We saw four people running behind us so we thought they were kidnappers. Then we saw our mam and dad . As the flame flickered and then went out we got into my mam’s car and drove off. We were safe.

The Burning and Disappearing Cars – by Ariana

Walking along the road there was a huge crash,
calling the ambulance and the police just in-case , someone did that on purpose.
” Here they come” I shouted,
“Wow” I thought,
because they came really fast.
Looking back at the cars they were gone
“WHAT!!!!!!!!!” I said screaming my head of
Everyone turned around and said
“Why are you screaming ” they said together
“Because the cars are gone ” I yelled
every one started laughing
but I went to look for them, as the flame flickered and then went out, I ran towards the place, but then I bumped into wall
“What was that” thought to my self……………..

The Scary Situation – by Qasim

One day I was walking home from school, suddenly I smelt some smoke. I wondered what it was. “Oh No!” I shouted, ” There’s a fire!”. I got a buckets of water and poured them onto the fire. As the flame flickered and then went out I was calm again. I went into my room and looked outside, I saw my friend and he waved at me. Then after a while I looked at my wall and it was all wet. I went outside and I played with my friend. “Can I play?” I asked nicely
“Yes you can” said my friend.

Flames – by Emily

Going to my house I saw the school and they were experimenting. At the top of the road I heard my mam calling my name. I went to my house and saw my friend’s house on fire as the flame flickered and then went out. I went into my other friends house I called the fireman and they came straight away. They took the fire out my mam came to my friends house. After a while my friends and their mam’s came to my house we played lots of games,we
got a cup of tea and they stayed in a hotel and everyday they came to visit.

Yellowstone – by Josh

We went on a camping trip of a lifetime. Deep into the wilderness of Yellowstone National Park. I had the greatest adventure of my life. We went canoeing in the rivers, caught fish and cooked it but it didn’t taste too good!! We sat by the camp fire at night and told stories. On our last night it rained really heavily. My dad had to light the fire inside our tent. It was a really bad idea, the tent caught fire and as the flame flickered and then went out we had no cover and all around us in the bushes we could see big orange luminous eyes watching us getting closer…

A Dark Night – by Ryan

On Sunday it was a cold and windy and rainy night. We were watching t.v. when suddenly the electricity went off. My Mum went into the kitchen and got some candles. We had to carry a candle everywhere we went. We went to bed early and my mam put a candle on my locker so I would not be scared of the dark. I stared at the candle and I starting to feel sleepy, as the flame flickered and then went out I was asleep. The next morning when Iwoke the electricity was back on and we were happy.

Camping Time – by Leah

Today my friends Hannah, Faye and I are going camping in the forest. We are staying for five days.
“Pack some flashlights!”
“Just in case that the fire will go out.”
We went on our way and we played some car games. We played stop the bus, sang some songs and we watched a movie on the iPad. When we got there it was getting dark so we put the tent up as fast as we could. We lit the fire and made toasted marshmallows. The fire started to flicker off and on as the flame flickered and then went out and it was good that we had flashlight.

Stories – by Evan

My granddad and I were in his small apartment, happily telling stories to each other while drinking hot chocolate as the fire burned in the fire place.
So far Granddad had told the best story, about a man called Hes Pod, a vicious murderer.
He set fire to a famous castle called Caticir, when the king came for a visit.
He killed all the rich and important people in it.
Firemen came rushing and eventually the last flames flickered and then went out.
He also got the second, third, fourth, fifth and seventh best stories. I got the sixth best story about people tearing out random people’s lungs, pretending to be doctors.

Power Cut – by Molly

Thunder banged and it rained heavily there was probably going to be a power cut. I gathered lots of candles just in case. I found about ten altogether some were short and others were tall. After dinner there was a loud bang of thunder and suddenly the lights went out. The candles and lighter were ready on the table. So hastily my dad lit the candles they stayed alight for an hour. Suddenly a huge gust of wind blew in and all the candles blew out except for one. As the flame flickered and then went out the electricity came back on…

Candles – by Jack

My mammy likes to collect scented candles. Her favourites are yankee candles. She must have 20 or more of them. She likes to light them when she comes in from work in the evening. I like the smell off the candles. Sometimes she has two2 of them burning in two different rooms. I like to sit in the sitting room watching Sponge Bob and smelling the nice smell from the candle. Last night I was in the sitting room when I noticed that the candle was nearly burnt out. The flame flickered and then went out. I went out and told my Mam and she replaced it.

100wc by Evan

My granddad and I were in his small apartment, happily telling stories to each other while drinking hot chocolate as the fire burned in the fire place.
So far Granddad had told the best story, about a man called Hes Pod, a vicious murderer.
He set fire to a famous castle called Caticir, when the king came for a visit.
He killed all the rich and important people in it.
Firemen came rushing and eventually the last flames flickered and then went out.
He also got the second, third, fourth, fifth and seventh best stories. I got the sixth best story about people tearing out random people’s lungs, pretending to be doctors.

House On Fire by Oliwia

I was sitting in my room playing with my brother Kacper. We were playing Hide And Seek. And our Mother was cooking dinner for the afternoun. Suddenly our mother shouted out “I’m going to the shop, Okay?”, “Okay mam!”. Walking down the stair I could smell smock. In the kitchen we saw fire it was big, red, yellow and orange. Quickly Kacper ran and I follod him. Dad and mam came we huged them and told them about the fire. Dad rang the fire brigade. And as the flame flickered and then went out of our house the fire brigade. We were happy but we had a new house!!!!

Alex and the Bats – the minecraft story-By Amy

There was a girl called Alex and she lived in a cave. She helped the bats with their night lights. She tried to light a fire by rubbing two sticks together, there was a spark or two, but as the flame flickered and then went out she got confused!

“Hmm, what shall I do to light their way?” So she thought she’d use flint & steel from her inventory. There was grass blocks outside and Alex rubbed the flint & steel together beside the dry grass which caught fire. She gave a huge smile, took a stick and lit it up bringing it into the cave to light the way!!!

The Adventures of the Adventurous Bonnie and Caroline by Najat

As they swam they saw a bonfire it had flickering sparks out of it.Bonnie was really scared .
But they went closer and closer.
As the flame flickered and then went out the girls were creaming.
The king’s knights found the girls close to the bonfire.
The king was shocked.
“How did you get here?”.
The girls started to run and run.
As they ran the puppy had some flame on his back .
The puppy started setting a fire across the kingdom.
Everyone ran down the stairs, when everyone was down the stairs the stairs vanished .
“What an adventure!”
Bonnie fainted…….