The Toilet Emergency – by Julia G

When lily arrived at the beach she wanted to see seals.
Walking through the piles of sea weed it smelled like dead
fishes washed up on the beach. When lily wanted to go to the toilet she said” I am going to the toilet”when she was in the toilet,then the lock clicked ,she was trapped like in prison .As she had an idea to flush her self down the toilet,
when she flushed her self she found her self she found her self in a long and narrow tube .It tasted horrible when she found an opening when her family saw her they gone home.

The Mysterious Man – by Judge

It was a dark night, my friend and I were out looking for my pet dog Rex. We saw a man on the road with a dog just like mine, so we decided to follow him to his house. One hour later we arrived at his house, we quickly snuck into his garden and hopped his fence. Before we could even run past through his open door he quickly locked it. John gave me his secret key to open the door, I kept on trying and trying to open the door, then the locked clicked and the alarm went of.

World War I by Jamie

Once upon a time in 1913 there was a world war that had Germany,England,France,Italy,USA,Belgium against each other for victory. Roahl Dahl was the world war messenger.
After world war one Roahl Dahl became one of the most famous childrens book writer in the world.
These are just a few of his books he wrote Charlie and the chocolate factory, The magic finger, James and the giant peach and Charlie and the grate glass elevator.
In world war one Raohl Dahl’s best friend was killed by a bomb by Germany because the lock click and…
To be continued
by Jamie

The Haunted House – by James

Once there was a girl called Lily and a boy called Zach once they came across a haunted house . Then they went in they then tried to open the door but it was locked then Zach saw a window open and they climbed in. First they went to the kitchen and explored through the dark cobwebs.  Then they went to the dark basement  they got their torches and looked around them. Suddenly the door upstairs shut the lock clicked and they were trapped. They could hear a funny noise boo boo boo  boo .The door reopened and they left forever …

Hayden and His Treasure Hunting Friends

One day,  when I was out playing with my friends on the beach, I spotted a bottle that looked like it had something inside. “Hey guys come take a look at this” I said to the guys Raul, Adam, Darragh and Jakub, “quick come see”. The guys came over and we got the paper out of the bottle, “its a map” I said, “it seems to be pointing near the beach hut”. “Lets go over and dig and see what we can find” said Raul. Then we went got our spades and dug as fast as we could. We stopped when we hit something. It was a huge chest, but there was a lock on it, we had to find the key, but where was the key?, then Jakub spotted another bottle and this had a key inside. Quick Quick let’s go and open the chest, we put the key inside the lock, then the lock clicked and to our delight the chest opened and inside was lots and lots and lots of Pokemon cards. “Oh Yeah”.

Treasure Hunt by Adam

Once upon a time there was a band of pirates. They had very big and fast ship. The colour  of the ship was black and had yellow sails. On the top of the mast there was a pirate flag with skull and bones. Their dream is to find the hidden treasure. One foggy day they have noticed another ship on the horizon, so they planned to attack it and see if there is a treasure chest hidden on it. When they came closer, the enemy ship started to shoot with canon balls but the pirates managed to get on the enemy ship. The Pirates went under the deck and they have noticed a huge wooden chest over there. It took them hours to try to open it. Suddenly the lock clicked and they found out the treasure chest is empty.

The Haunted House by Zach

Once upon a time, it was Halloween. There were two teenagers, their names were Connor and Lucy. They lived in Mountain Spook Corner,  Lucy heard about a haunted house.  They asked their parents if they could go. Connor said ‘can we please go to the haunted house?” Dad said angrily, ‘Ok, but if you do your chores.” They went in, then the lock clicked and in the room was a Zombie. Lucy and Connor didn’t hear it.  They had to do the dishes with Zombie because they did not do their chores.


100 w/c by Abby

Once upon a time there was a big haunted house. I decided to go in to see if there was anything interesting inside. I couldn’t believe it, there were cobwebs and creepy spiders everywhere.  The windows were broken and mucky, the curtains were dirty and ripped. The door closed really loudly and I got a shock.  It was rally dark and I got scared.  I was shivering and saying ”get me out!” There were lots of noises of the broken windows, the wind was blowing in.  Then the lock clicked, the opened, it was my Dad, he saved me.

100 w/c by Charlie

Once upon a time in a haunted house, on Halloween night, there was a boy called Ben.  He went into the house. In the house there was a mummy and a skeleton.  There was a knight with a knife.  Then the lock clicked and Ben was trapped. The knight was running after Ben. Ben was running as fast as he could. He came to a dead-end. There was nowhere to go.  He tried to go right and left but he couldn’t and the knight pulled his knife from his pocket and stabbed him.

100 w/c by Niamh

It was a windy day and I was out playing Bulldog Tag with my friends. Amy asked us to play Hide and Seek. We said yes and decided who was on.  Myself and Amy hid in a shed. We were hiding for a long time and Emma could not find us.  We could hear Emma shouting all the names of the people she found. Myself and Amy thought we had the best hiding spot.  We did not realise the time. It was starting to get dark outside, then the lock clicked and we started to scream. ‘Help!’ ‘Help!’

Jeff and Sophie by Aaron

Jeff and Sophie went on their holidays to a big house.  It was very big and old.  At night they heard a funny noise coming from one of the old rooms. When they walked down the old corridors of the house the floorboards moved and creaked.  It was spooky and Jeff and Sophie were scared.  One night Jeff and Sophie went exploring the big house.  They found a big old wooden door in the corner of the room.  They decided to check it out.  They opened the door and went in and then the lock clicked and they were trapped. Sophie started crying and Jeff told her not to worry, they would find a way out.

100 w/c by Jessica M

Once there were two twins and they wanted to got to the zoo.  Then they went to the zoo. They saw the elephants, giraffes, monkeys and flamingos. They also saw the zookeeper, and then the lock clicked and the giraffes, elephants and the monkeys ran out of their cages. The twins petted the giraffe. The giraffes were eating leaves off the trees. The twins decided they wanted to go back home, because it was very late, and it was also very dark.  They went back home and brushed their teeth and went ot bed, and lay down.

100 w/c Lily

Once upon a time there were four children, they were all brothers and sisters. There names were Bella, Paul, Poppy and Joshua. They had a next door neighbour that had a haunted house. Every night you could hear ghosts, zombies, spiders, skeletons and monsters. One day the children went into the house…then the lock clicked and closed.  The children were trapped in there for a long time. A few hours later they went exploring.  They found a big chest they tried to open it, but it was locked.  They kept trying to open it but it was no use.

Goosebumps by Darragh

On Friday the 13th there were three kids. They were at
a house but they didn’t know that the house used to be a
jail. One of the kids heard a noise. It sounded like a sword
scratching against a wall. Then he said “help! help!” until
one of the other kids saw him. He was his friend
Mike. But then the door shut, then the lock clicked and the
kids started to shout “help! help!” But no one heard
them. The lock clicked open, the door opened and
it was a psycho killer. He killed the kids.

The Mystery Box by Carragh

I went to visit my nana to help her clean her attic. We found an old box with a bunch of keys beside it. I asked my nana what was inside and she didn’t know. We tried to open it with one of the keys but it didn’t work. We tried lots more and finally we used the small silver key. It fit in, then the lock clicked and opened. Nana and I were both so excited to see what was inside. Slowly we took the lock off and opened the lid. Inside was a smelly old sock.

The Adventure of the Jungle by Mikolaj

There was a boy called Steven. He had two sisters, Lucy and Mia, they went on an adventure to the Jungle.
They saw a big jail. Then there was a sound *Trek alert alert!* It was scary, but they silently went in.
“What are you doing here”? asked the cop, but then the locked clicked and they were stuck.
“What will we do”? shouted Steven.
Suddenly they escaped out of the jail. They were at the Jungle of Tara. They found a Monkey that they took home and called Tara. After they told all of the story to their mam and dad.

The Box on Top of The Wardrobe by Mia B

The box had always been there, on top of my Mum’s wardrobe. I had asked her many times what was inside but she told me she would tell me when I was older.

One afternoon I found a small key in the garden near the washing line. It must have fallen out of her pocket. Maybe it was the one for THE BOX. Mum was out and I finally had a chance. I stood on the old kitchen stool to reach. I inserted the key and then the lock clicked and it opened.

I could not believe my eyes….

The Jungle Door by Mia G

One rainy day Tom went out in the deep deep jungle .
He was looking for animals to write about in his book –
The legend of the fantastic 6. Well he could not find any animals because it was drizzling mad . Who would find an animal in the rain? ”Ooooooh! dear this is not going to turn out well,” said Tom . Then tom started looking in the bushes to see if any of the animals were there . But instead of an animal, he saw something in the bushes . ”Ahhhhhha!” said Tom. ”Lookie lookie what I have found ” he whispered . A jungle castle . He found a lock and started pulling it, the lock clicked and it opened. Tom found all of the animals. All of the animals shouted aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah and stayed still ………


The Terrible Kidnappers by David

Once upon a time there were two children named Tom and Alex .  They loved to play with each other.  Their parents were Mr and Mrs Cooper.  One day they went to town with their parents .  They let them roam the shopping centre on their own  .  There was a announcement on the intercom, it said ” There is a kidnapper coming ”  .  They started to  panic .  Suddenly Tom noticed Alex had been grabbed by a masked man.  Tom did a tornado kick and  Alex broke free.  They ran and when the lock on the door clicked behind them the knew they were free.  ‘YES’! shouted Tom.

The Bully by Caoilte

Once there was a boy called Ron. He was at school his school had lot of chairs. Ron had a bully in his class. So one day Ron and his friend Sam were walking down the corridor,the bully grabbed them threw them into a cold dark room then the lock clicked and Ron went mental. So Sam had to cam him down. Ron muttered to Sam saying ‘I think there is a passage way’.

‘Ok let’s go’.

So they went they found the passage way and got out, told the teacher and the bully got expelled.

The Twin Sister by Ellen

Once upon a time there was a nice little girl named Daisy. Daisy lived in a small house with her mam, her dad and her twin sister Rosie. One night Daisy and Rosie were sleeping in their beds and they got kidnapped. Daisy and Rosie got taken by a knight that the King and Queen sent. The next morning they woke up in the dungeon.They where nice enough to give them breakfast, lunch, dinner and even a bed. The bed was not very comfortable,Daisy and Rosie did not mind that much. The next morning it happened again but instead of putting it through the window they opened the door and handed them their breakfast. They banged the door shut and the keys rattled, then the lock clicked shut and they cried with the fright.

The Horror Day by Lorcan

“Today was worst day of my life ” In the morning I found myself on the floor and my bed had disappeared, because I went to sleep on it, and we’re going on holidays and my suitcase was all over the floor. At
12 o’clock we went to hotel it was called Hotel Transylvania paradise. When we got our room I went to my bedroom the door closed and then the lock clicked and I was locked in the walls started to closed in on me I was so scared. I shouted so so loud that the walls broke.

Shopping – by Jack

Last Saturday I went to Blanchardstown shopping centre with my mam . We were going shopping to buy me the latest Man Utd jersey and Fifa 17 . We went to JD Sports first and we had lunch at KFC , my favourite. I had a big drink so I badly needed to go to the toilet. I felt big enough to go alone. Suddenly, the door banged then the lock clicked and I was trapped! I screamed as loud as I could. I tried and tried to unlock the door. At last my mam came in with the manager and I was happy to see them.

The Fun Fair – by Daniel

One day there was a Fun-Fair.  But it was not a normal one.  Elvis Presley was going to be there.  Everybody loved him. A boy called Aaron went on the winder, in the Fun- Fair with his dad and Elvis. But then the lock clicked and they started to spin. Faster and faster it went, but in the corner of Aaron’s eye, he saw Bruce Springsteen.  He told them to stop the ride.  They got off quickly, and ran to Bruce.  ”Bruce!” said Elvis. ”Elvis!”said Bruce. They had a big fight to see who was better.  Aaron won.

Hundred Word Challenge by Julia

One Tuesday, in the dead of night the burglar slipped out of the alley-way. He was on a mission to steel the shiniest jewel in the world, the museum was only two streets away. He went on his all fours and crawled up to the museum. The tricky thing was that it was very well guarded, but he didn’t need to worry for all the guards were either asleep or reading. He took out a pin and started to fiddle with the lock. At first it didn’t open but then the lock clicked and fell. He pushed the door open and went in, but what was this? The alarm was going off. His plan had failed.

Pink Giraffe and Red Bunny Adventure by Lorcan

Once  there lived a pink giraffe and his best friend Red bunny,they love to go to adventures. There names where Olly and Aoife. They loved to go to the Zoo as their favourite part of  the Zoo was when the giraffe’s doing there daily show of cancan dancing. Today  they were running late  “Hurry up” said Olly, “I am going as fast as i can let me on your back you go faster” quietly said  Aoife. They made it just in time for the show to start they were glad they didn’t miss it as today as there was a teacher and her class.

100 w/c by Judge

Last year summer, we had great fun at Dublin Zoo. We used our map to locate where all the colourful animals were, like the pink flamingo, the red Panda, the yellow and black Giraffe and many more.  We saw the Lions lying down quietly, but you know what! still I can’t trust them in their cage as there were construction men drilling some pipes near the Lions den. We had our face painted and had ice cream.My mum bought some toys, we also had some tasty lunch. It was a great inspiring, experience for my family and I.

100 w/c Jakub

Once upon a time,there was a day called CRAZY DAY.
Everyone calls it crazy day, because the children went crazy like saying “I came in like a wrecking ball!” that is just crazy. Then a pink giraffe came to the class out of nowhere, and then someone outside was a drilling, man destroying the homework, then everyone said YAY!!!
Then it was home time and a dog went crazy too! Then someone said quietly there is no school until secondery school. Then everyone said again YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then the most best gameing youtubers came to the school, they are: TheDiamondMinecart//DanTDM, PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye.

100 WC by Jamie

Down in a small little village there was a small zoo. There were tigers, giraffes, flamingos, seals, zebras, monkey’s, peacocks, lion’s, bats and other animals in the zoo.
One day there was a school called St. Peter & Paul’s J.N.S. on their school tour with their teachers. The teachers names were Mrs. Fagan & Ms Ni Mhaonigh. When they arrived at the zoo, first they went to see the seals.
After when they went to see the monkeys they heard drilling noises. There was a man in a pink jumper saying “walk quietly do not wake the loin.”

The Pink Giraffe – by Lee

I woke up really excited because of my school tour. We were going to the zoo. When we arrived the men were drilling. Before we walked into a strange room teacher said “you have to walk in quietly.” When we walked in James shouted “pink giraffe !” The giraffe escaped and the night zoo keeper had to chase him. I found a rope on the ground and gave it to him. At last he finally caught then and said thank you to me. We all had a lot to talk about, but we enjoyed it.