100 w/c by Adam

One time me and my parents went for a walk in a park with our dog. Suddenly the dog started barking at a pile of leaves lying on the grass. We tried to call her back but she would not listen at all so we kept walking. Suddenly as I turned round the pile of leaves changed shape and became a little elf sitting on the grass. He smiled at me and asked what I would like to get for Christmas. I was so surprised I could not say a word. Then Elf said: “You do not have to be afraid of me. I know for sure you are a good boy and you will get everything you wrote in your letter”. I thanked him and said good bye. He smiled at me again and became a pile of leaves again.

100 w/c by Julia

I felt the cold wind stinging my cheek. I could see a red figure driving a mysterious gold and red vehicle.
“Where am I?” was the first thought to hit my brain. Where ever I was, ground was getting near and I could see the snow covered north pole- at least I thought it was the north pole. The red figure jumped out, suddenly I realised the figure was Santa.
“Come,” he said in a deep jolly voice. I got out, the sleigh was in front of me and as I turned round it changed shape and disappeared. Now Santa seemed to be fumbling about with a silver key, then a big door covered in icicles opened and we went inside.
To be continued.

100 w/c by Carragh

Yesterday my nana and grandad brought me out to town. We went there to buy winter clothes. There was a big shopping centre, so we went inside. There was a really cool shop there that sold winter coats and that was just what we needed. We went in to have a look and there was a certain coat that I liked, but as I turned round it changed shape. Then in the corner of my eye, I spotted a little boy jumping out of the coat. He was jumping around inside the coat pretending to be a big fuzzy bear.

100 w/c by Charile

In West Africa there was a man called Mamumou who drove a truck, an orange truck. After a rain storm the town’s main road was damaged.  The only way in and out of the town was by the old wooden bridge over a wide river full of crocodiles.  He know if the bridge collapsed he would be in serious trouble, but the town needed food so he no choice.  The weight of the truck made the bridge lower down, near the water.  Mamumou started to shake and shiver as the crocodiles went snap! snap! snap!  Would he make it over the bridge or be crocodile dinner…

to be continued….!

100 w/c by Jessica M

Snap! Snap! went the wide crocodile running behind me. I was petrified, it was so frightening.  I tried to run to the river so the crocodile would go in. Except the crocodile saw something orange. I didn’t see what it was, but the crocodile seemed very happy within himself.  Then I saw what it was, it was an orange fish swimming in the river.  Then I started running up a mountain.  The mountain collapsed on the crocodile and the crocodile died.  I was happy I survived but I was sad as well because the crocodile died.

100 w/c by Zach

Once there was a crocodile, his name was Jack. He lived in the zoo.  One day the crocodile opened his mouth so wide that a bird flew in within his mouth.  Snap! went the crocodile’s mouth.  Then a painter came to the zoo.  He was carrying orange paint the painter went on a bridge.  The crocodile broke the bridge by chewing the rope. The bridge collapsed and the orange paint went all over the crocodile and he then ran away.

100 w/c by Aaron

Once upon a time two explorers called John and Steve went on an adventure to the Amazon rain forest in South America. Both men got in  a small boat and sailed down the wide river.  After a few hours going down the river they say something big moving in the water.  It was an orange crocodile. John stood up to take a photo.  Then the boat started to shake.  Within a few seconds the boat capsized and both Steve and John fell into the Amazon river.  Both men started swimming really fast to the side of the river bank.  They were so tired when they got there that they both collapsed on the ground.

100 w/c Mia G

“No, no ,no this has all been a mistake . I have to make another dress . But what kind of colour? ” said Ms.Crocodile.
“I’ve got it, an orange dress oh! animals are going to like it”said Ms.Crocodile joyfully . It took 3 days to get the dress finished . But Ms.Crocodile would not give up so easily . She made wide sizes to fit some elephants and some small sizes to fit cats . But when she made all of those dresses she was so tired that she collapsed . In the mean while Ms.Kitty came in to her shop . Ms. Kitty saw her she thought she was dead. Ms kitty was crying within her shop.

100 w/c by Julia G

Once on an orange wide desert there was a pond
and it was a very big pond. At the bottom of the
pond there was a big crocodile family living .It was to hard
to go to the other side of the pond, so people made a bridge
but the workers were too lazy to stick clay in between
the bricks. One day there was a storm and the
bridge collapsed, the bricks weighed a ton
so only two crocodiles were alive, the sister and brother.
They were within themselves, they went to an
African national zoo. Every body started to
panic so the crocodiles went to Egypt. There was
no panic but in one second there were people
with knives and fire so the crocodiles started
to panic and run. After a while a big Sphinx statue
was in their way so they went inside it and there was no
panic, just good food and gold ,what could be better.

100 w/c Judge

It was a scary night far away in the forest.Nobody went there only an old man ,who lived with a crocodile. But one day the old man died in pain so the crocodile took his dead body to a flat wide place.The crocodile went back home he was very sad,he told an orange to call the hospital immediately.
suddenly within a blink a nurse came to his house, ten minutes after the whole building collapsed the man was not to be seen.The nurse tried to find him but there was no luck finding the old man.

100 w/c – Caoilte

Once there lived a crocodile. He lived in in Africa. One day the sun was  really hot. The crocodile was walking along the wide river bank when he spotted that all the oranges were gone on the orange tree. There were  no fish or nothing to eat  in the water. So the crocodile was going to take a risk and go into town. So off he went down the long bumpy dry muck. He got to town but when he did people rang animal patrol. The animal patrol took him back were he lived and they gave him enough food to last him a lifetime.

100 w/c by Caitlyn

One day I was at the beach with my mam and dad. It was really weird because  no body  knows why. but then some body shouted CROCODILE!!!! every body looked at the very big big big crocodile. I pushed through the really big big big crowd to see the crocodile. When I pushed through the big big big  crowd a person was eating an orange and all the  juice fell out on me. The crocodile had big black dots within his wide eyes. He  looked really scary as he looked down on me I nearly collapsed from the big FRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

100 w/c Abby

Once upon a time in a far away land, there lived a crocodile called Sam.  He was orange and green and he had a big wide mouth.  Sam was a friendly animal and always wanted to play with the other animals.  One day Sam found his friend Freddy the frog collapsed near the pond.  Sam called all his other friends to help and within five minutes, Freddy had woken up.  He was so happy to see his friends around him.  He told them that he tricked them so that they could all be together to have some fun. Crocodile Sam was happy.

100 w/c by Julia

“Hoot Hoot!”
The train slid into the station and the doors opened. Through all the people a crocodile walked out.
He was wearing a top hat and eating an orange. He was also carrying a wide suitcase and he looked very civilised until he opened it… and took out a gun!
One lady screamed. Another man collapsed with fright. There were cries of “Don’t eat me!”, “mercy!” and “I’ve never wore leather in my life!”
“Don’t worry” he said. “There’s nothing within this gun but marshmallows!”
He was shooting the gun and they were all playing games like catch the marshmallow, catch the marshmallow in your mouth and catch the marshmallow down your shirt

100 w/c By Carragh

Bang, bang, bang. I was walking through the jungle when I heard a loud snapping noise. It was a big crocodile helping a beaver build a dam across the wide river. He was helping him because the beavers dam had collapsed. They were wearing orange hardhats and hivis jackets for safety. I sat down to watch them working but after a few minutes they went on a tea break. I asked them how long they were going to be?  They were hoping to be finished within an hour. I scratched my head wondering was that the dam or their tea?

100 w/c by Mia B

I was having the most amazing dream. There was a friendly, orange crocodile with a wide mouth coming for tea.

I had made 300 fairy cakes and 569 ham sandwiches for him. He arrived at midday and sat down to eat. He ate and ate until both plates were empty. He looked up and smiled and then collapsed.

I was very scared that I had killed the crocodile by overfeeding him. I tried opening his eyelids but there was no life within.

I began to cry and some of my tears fell on his face. He woke up smiling…widely.

100 w/c – by Lorcan

School has struck again, an evil SNA  her name was Ms O’ Blood. If you talked you would be fed to her crocodile called Bill he had an orange collar he lived within her desk. It all started when she was helping in class pupils started talking she went mad and one by one they where fed to her crocodile, the other pupils started crying out for help. One of them even collapsed and froze with fear. With a bang MI6 busted in and blew the door so wide it fell off they arrested her and tranquillised the crocodile………………..more to come!

100 w/c by Jamie

SNAP! CRUNCH! SNAP! was all she could hear ,splash splash splash. ”I want more food!” said a deep angry voice.
In the jungle lived a crocodile called Victor , he was a big old mean crocodile and his favourite colour was orange. He was very wide and chubby.
He went to a school called St. Swamp he was so mean that he had no friends. One day Victor heard shaking, after a while the children had to evacuate the school. The next day there was no school as it had collapsed from a massive earthquake.
When Victor got home he told his mam and dad.

100 w/c by Niamh

It was a sunny day and I had an early start.  I was going to the Zoo with the Brigíns and we were meeting at 9am sharp.  We arrived at the zoo and started our tour. First stop the scary crocodiles were getting fed. I couldn’t believe my eyes the zookeeper left the gate wide open. I near collapsed when the crocodile started to chase after me.  Luckily the zookeeper caught the crocodile within a few minutes. They said it chased me because of my bright orange top. It was a good day at the zoo even after the fright  I got.

100 w/c by Ellen

STOMP, STOMP,STOMP, went the  crocodile crossly as he walked around the river very crossly, in the jungle.  The  cross crocodile saw the yellow and orange sun.The cross crocodile stomped into the wide river. Then about a month later of the crocodile being under, and being above  of the water a tree collapsed. It was a very old tree. The tree fell down within five minutes. When the crocodile saw the tree on the ground, the crocodile got very, very, very, very cross. The crocodile was so cross, he opened his mouth wide and bit an other tree down.

100 w/c Hayden

“Agggghhhhh!” someone screamed, “run run as fast as you can, its a crocodile”.  I looked behind me only to find a large, fierce, crocodile with his mouth wide open coming towards us. He had somehow escaped from within his cage and was on his way to get us.  A woman with orange hair, screamed so loud that the crocodile collapsed and fell in to the pond beside her.  The zoo keepers came running with their nets and recaptured the Crocodile and put him back into the enclosure. Phew thank god for that safe for another day. Never a dull moment at the zoo.

100 w/c by David

One day I strolled along the museum with my family and as far as we could see it was astonishingly epic.  I saw a crocodile in the place called Jungle Palace and when we were walking further and further into the corridor we could barely fit within the walls.  Because the walls were not  wide enough we had to go the long way around.  After a while we went to the movie room to see star wars,  and the orange bridge that Luke Skywalker was standing on collapsed but he did not die.  It was a good day after all.

100 w/c James

There once lived two kids there names were Alex and Ben . Once the two kids were playing in the fields and they heard crunch . The kids were scared . Then they saw something in the distance and it was a jungle . Then they started walking to the jungle . Once they arrived at the jungle they heard the same noise as before they came to the jungle . They heard  crunch  as a tree collapsed and there was a crocodile chasing an orange bird. The crocodile opened his wide jaws and ate the bird, and within a few seconds they were back home.

100 w/c by Lily

One day a girl called Ellen went to a jungle, she saw a river beside her. There was a crocodile in the river. Ellen was really scared. Ellen saw an orange on the ground she thought the crocodile wanted to eat her so she threw the orange at the crocodile. He opened his wide mouth he also had really pointy teeth. The crocodile went after Ellen while they were running a tree collapsed on the crocodile, so Ellen wasn’t chased anymore. Within the distance Ellen saw her way out of the jungle she was happy that she is going home,but she wonders how is the crocodile doing.

100 w/c by Jack

Last year, a strange thing happened to me . I was cleaning my house with a  hover it was wide and heavy . First I hovered my bedroom and it took for ever.  I starting cleaning the kitchen. Suddenly, I looked out my letterbox and there was a fat crocodile. I ran into my kitchen and I got an orange within it there was a big seed . Then I starting hovering the kitchen floor. I looked back out of my letterbox and then the crocodile collapsed. In the kitchen there was a orange copy in the orange copy there was a lot of colouring.

100 w/c by Adam

One day I was in the jungle. I saw a very big orange, I picked it and then I pealed it and  I ate it. The orange was very juicy and it was great. Later in jungle I  was walking through the wild forest and I got to a very wide and deep river. There was a very old wooden bridge. I went across the old bridge. I was almost on the other side of the river as I saw a big crocodile crawling out of the riverbank. I got very scared and ran back to that old wooden bridge. As I got to the end of the bridge it collapsed.

100 w/c – Jessica M

Once there were four elves.  They went to Ireland disguised as people. They went to the park and played on the swing. They shouted, ”this is so much fun!” Then they went onto the slide.  They said ”this is very slippy.” Then one of the elves saw something, it looked round so she went into it.  Then the other three went inside.  Their legs were sticking out of the pot.  They weren’t able to get out.  A girl came to the park.  The elves were shouting ‘help!’ The girl heard them and came to help.  They got out!

100 w/c Mia B

Aggie was a black witch. She was very powerful. She had a spell to take over the world.

She needed 54 legs from young ladies to do it but how was she going to do that? She did not want to kill anyone, she was not that evil. She thought and thought and then came up with a great idea.

She waited till it was dark, broke into Penney’s and stole 54 legs from the shop dummies, put them in a trolley and ran home.

She called her pet bat Pox to come help her. The spell was ready.

100 w/c – Judge

It was a sunny day in London. Aaron and John were going to the park. Aaron spotted a big pot with dancing legs. They wondered were it came from. Aaron went to the shop to asked were the big legs come from, but the shopkeeper  didn’t know. Aaron went outside to find out. One man told him it came from Japan . Aaron asked the police if he knew about it but he didn’t know. Suddenly out of no where a thief came and stole the pot. Aaron and John chased after the thief but couldn’t catch him.

100 w/c by Hayden

One day, on our usual walk in Ardgillan park, Mum, Dad Obi, (my dog) and I, came across something truly unusual.
“Mum, Mum, what on earth is that pot and why are there legs coming out of it?”, I asked.
“I think it’s the giant magical mystery pot that appears once a year, and if you’re lucky to see it you can make a wish and the legs will tap and make it come true.” Mum answered.
So I ran quickly to the pot and made my wish.
Mum said I shouldn’t tell what I wished for. But let’s put it this way, I’ll find out on Christmas morning if it comes true.