100 w/c – by Jakub

Once upone a time in a NBA court Ruaben the spider was watching the match of basketball. Ruaben loves his owner Ankle Breaker. Ankle Breaker is part of the NBA team. Then Ankle Breaker scored two points. After the match Ruaben bit a basketball player, by accident. Then Ruaben’s grandparents (Mrs & Mr Spider) done youtube video  of the game  called “NBA 2K17” . That video got 2000 views. After the video of the game Mrs & Mr Spider took Ruaben for a walk on the beach. They had lots of fun and bought some ice-cream. After the walk they went back home and went to ther bed.

100 w/c – Jamie

Once upon a time there was family of five three kids a mam
and dad and a pet .The kids were called James,Kevin and Adam, the mam and dad were Mark and Pam. James always wanted a pet spider.He asked his mam if he could get one for his birthday , his mam says”Ok what type of pet?” ”A spider James tells his mam ”aaaaa!!”was his mams reply.The day after Jame’s birthday he went to the pet shop.He was looking at the spiders ”woo mam look at this one” said James.
”I think it’s a bit to big’.

100 w/c – Niamh

It was the longest day of the year and it was my Birthday.  My friends Amy and Emma came over  to have a sleepover  for my Birthday. We had pizza and chips for dinner. After that we watched a movie and had sweets and popcorn. My mam and dad surprised me   with a cake the cake was chocolate with sprinkles on it.  We played Shopkins and Mams and Dads and teachers for a while. Then we went to bed. We were asleep and a spider was on my face. I did not know but Amy woke up and screamed and screamed until she woke everybody up. Amy was so terrified of spiders!

100 w/c by Mia B

It was a normal Monday morning but when we arrived to school, there it was, in the school yard, reaching high up in the sky, a HUGE, Iron Spider!

Everyone stood around amazed, one boy even touched it, he said it burned his hand. Just then the sky opened and an enormous spaceship hovered in the air. “We have come for Norman the spider, he went missing from Planet Underpants” they said.

With that Norman began to rise up and up until he floated through the door of the spaceship and in the blink of an eye they were gone.

100 w/c by Julia

One night Jess woke up with a start. She could feel a crawling sensation all over her leg. But then the crawling stopped and she saw a black blob running onto her brother Bill’s bed and onto his head. “Oh no”, she muttered.

“AAARRRRGGGHHH”, Bill screamed as he woke up and his parents ran into the room. They turned on the light and sitting on Bill’s forehead was a big fat hairy spider with fangs, and yikes it looked like the spider was opening his mouth to bite him!

But instead it said in a rather kind voice, “My name is Larry”.

The Beach – by Caoilte

Once upon a time there lived two brothers. Their names were John and Sam. They were going to the beach this Sunday with their Mam. It was Saturday so John and Sam were getting ready for the trip. Then when they were done packing, Mam said “I think it’s time for bed.” So John and Sam brushed theie teeth and went to bed. John and Sam woke early in the morning. They Brushed their teeth and went to the beach. They went in the water and felt the sand and said the material felt like mud. They loved the day.

The Great Escape by Hayden

One day Mam, Dad, Jamie and I all went to the zoo. I love the Zoo, I love getting the map and finding my way around the Zoo, like I’m some kind of explorer I can pretend I’m like Indiana Jones on my own crusade. Speaking of adventures we were walking by the Flamingo’s when I heard a big hullabaloo. We went over and the zoo keepers were running like lunatics after a pink flamingo bird I liked her, she was adventurous just like me, I decided to name her Florence, after my brothers favourite band, Florence and the machine,(who ever they are), anyway Florence came running towards me, she just stood and stared at me, the zoo keeper handed me the capture net , the material felt like it was silky on the net but yet strong enough to hold the bird without hurting the bird.
What a day.

Halloween Night – by Charlie

In a dark house on Halloween night, in the Big Apple, there were three boys called Tim, Ben and Brad, who thought they were brave.

Rumour was, that this house was haunted.  Many years ago the house was hit by lightning at midnight.  Every person was turned into a monster.

With a torch in each hand they tiptoed down to the basement and saw something strange.  Brad reached out and felt the material and the material felt like a mummy’s bandage.

All three of them saw the Mummy and disappeared, never to be seen again.

But where did they go?…to be continued.

Jack and the Dragon by Lee

Hello, my name is Jack.  I live in Wonder Land. There is a happy side and a dark side.  That’s where the dragon lives. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

Legends say on year the dragon will come, and I want to be the hero.  I was playing and the ground shook. ”The dragon!” I shouted.  Thank God I had my magic jacket, the material felt like leather.  Then I found a sword, and with everyone’s help I took the final hit. ‘Yay!’

And we all lived happily ever after.

100 w/c by Abby

My mam wanted to treat me to a new dress.  we went to that magical shop I always wanted to go to.  The shop was sparkly and colourful.. The ladies that worked there were wearing colourful princess dresses.  They were exactly like the dress I was hoping my Mam would buy for me. I searched through all the dresses for the right one and suddenly I found it.  It was perfect, it was long, sparkly, and had a big pink bow on the side of it.  The material felt like silk when I tried the dress on. I turned into a real princess.

100 w/c by Jessica M

Once there was a girl called Ally.  She lived in London with her mum.  Katie was her mum’s name.  Katie worked in a material shop.  ally said the material felt like soft fur.  One day the shop got stolen.  The police got them the next day, they got their shop back.  They were very happy.  They said ‘thank you’ to the police. They went back home, and got the keys for the shop, but they weren’t there.  They went to the shop and found them, they went into the shop and lots of people came in.  Ally loves the shop.

The Spooky Sleepover by Zach

Tom and Lucy had to got for a sleepover with their aunt and uncle because their Mom and Day had to to go to Canada.  They had never been before.  To get there they had to go through a spooky forest.

Tom said,” are you sure this is the right way?”

”Yes”, said Dad.

”Here we are,” said Mom.

When they went into the castle they went to their room. The wardrobe door opened and Tom and Lucy went into wardrobe and they said ‘WOW!’

The materials felt like saggy clothing.  They went into  another room and then a big brick fell and they were squished.

Materials – by Aaron

When I go to visit my Nanna I wear my fancy clothes.  I wear my jeans. The material feels soft.  It is called denim. For football I wear by Balbriggan kit.  The materials feels soft and smooth.  My football is hard and round and it is made of leather.  The material feels smooth and it is waterproof. My school tracksuit is made of material called cotton. This material feels soft and cosy against my skin.  I like my comfortable tracksuit the best.  There are a lot of materials used for building. Some of these things are wood, bricks and tiles. The brick is made with concrete and this materials feels rough and hard.  Tiles are on your roof and on your kitchen floor.  They are shiny, hard and smooth.  I like my kitchen floor.

The Magical Sword by Judge

John and his friend Arthur were visiting Sweden to compete in a sword fighting tournament. When they arrived in Sweden, John had just remembered that he had forgotten his sword on the ferry. John was worried as the tournament was starting in two days time. When John was on his way to tell Arthur what happened, he found a  strange looking sword stuck into a big rock, he pulled it out but it was magical looking as the material felt like wood but not metal. John was happy he found the magical sword for the tournament that gave him win.

The Crazy Day by Jessica C

Once upon a time, there were two little children and a big brother.  They were outside playing on the swing, the material felt like stone, until their mother and father called them and said”get in the car”. So they did. When they got in the car their mother and father were about to bring them to the playground but they couldn’t because the car CRASHED!!!!  Sadly the mam and dad died in the crash but the three children were still alive and were very sad. Just then Bonnie woke up and realised it was all just a bad dream.

The Crash by Daniel

CRASH! A plane has just crashed in Egypt. David and Jon are two brothers from Hong Kong. They are in Egypt. They’re mothers body has just washed up on the sand. There dad was at a game. He was at the world chess championships. But Jon and David’s bags were out at sea. They will have to find crabs to eat and rain water to drink .  After 5 weeks in Egypt,  Jon was going hunting for crabs and then got dragged out to sea! “Help” yelled Jon. But a helicopter came and in their socks the fabric felt like some fur off a dog or what the carpet was made out of.

Zach and Lily in London City – by Ellen

Once upon a time, there was a little boy called Zach and a little girl called Lily. Zach and Lily were quite rich. Zach and Lily lived with their mam and their dad. Zach and Lily lived in London city. One day Zach and Lily got lost going to the material shop. Two hours later, Zach and Lily found their way  back to the material shop. When Zach and Lily opened the doors, they saw millions of  different types of material, Some of them had rainbow colours, some were pink and some were even yellow. They found a piece of pink material the material felt like a teddy bear it was that soft.

Shopping for My Communion Dress – by Caitlyn

I woke up at eight o clock and I was very excited. I ran as fast as I could down the stairs to my Mam, Dad and two sisters. This was the morning I was going to buy my Communion Dress

The whole family drove to town to start shopping. We went into a big Shopping Centre in Dublin that sold lots of different communion dresses.

Suddenly I spotted the one for me. The material felt like silk and when I twirled it puffed out so far you wouldn’t believe it.

The shopkeeper wrapped it up and I took it home…..

Jurassic World – by Darragh

One day there were five kids. They were going to Jurassic World. The five kids’ names were James, Zach, Heyden, Jakeub, and Darragh. They got on the plane it took one hour to go to America from Ireland. They landed. They got on the train and they were so excited that they could not stop jumping. The gates opened and every one ran in side. Darragh said “let’s go to see the T-Rex”. They smiled =) and ran to the T-Rex they got to pet it, the
material felt like leather but the T-Rex ran…
to be continued…

My Play Date – by Niamh

It was a cold rainy day. My parents let me invite some of my friends over to play. Myself, Amy, Emma and my little sister Eva were playing Mams & Dads. We then decided to  play teachers. I was the teacher and I was sitting at my desk beside the window. I moved my chair and Bang the curtain and pole fell on me. The material felt like a tonne of bricks. My friends ran down and got my parents they came up straight away. My Mam and Dad were strong enough to lift the curtains up off me. I was hurt  and I had to go to the hospital.

The Pyramid – by Mikolaj

“Tom” said mam,”yes” he asked,”come here are you watching t.v.” .   There was an call that all the people from Egypt  will  look for a dog that has gone  missing. The newsman also said that it is gonna be hard.  Tom and his mam went the pyramids. Tom went in with his mam . Tom was scared because it was dark and he felt some material, the material felt like fur. He found the dog .” Everybody I found the dog” shouted Tom, he was the hero of the newspaper he was the best. His mam was very proud too.

The Enchanted Wood – by Lorcan

Crash bang! “we are  falling! ” screamed Ron. “I know that” shouted Gary. With that they fell to the ground they had crashed into what looked like a rain forest. “Who is there?” shouted a tiny little man. “Sorry” said lily in shock. “We just fell from that plane” said Ron. Just then he said  “quick hide behind that tree”. Suddenly flashes of light came out of nowhere and they fell on something the material felt like silk. What was going on and we’re they brave enough to go and find out what was happening Ron looked at Gary and lily and said “let’s go”.

Under Water Kitten by Julia G

When Milly  was walking to go fishing she found Ms log. Ms  log said ” a kitten is under  water “. Milly saw a cat , his tail was stuck by a chunk of materials . The materials felt so soft and fluffy . The kitten was screaming  for help.  She took the materials off the kitten’s tail.  He was alive, when she took him out, he breathed. She was so worried  about the kitten,  she said “I think that I am going  to be a  animal rescue “she giggled  to the kitten. Then she took the  kitten home and named  him Milky and  they became best friends.

The Clothes Shop – by James

Once my Mam got a new job in a clothes shop. The day  she was starting her new job for the first time she was so excited. Then  she got in the car and drove of . As soon as she got there she went in and went to her till . Her first  customer wanted to buy a dress the material felt like plastic  she handed it to the customer the next customer wanted a new top and two pairs of leggings . Then she went home. She loved her brand new job  and when she got home she lay on the couch.

Jamie and Darragh in the Woods by Jack

Jamie and Darragh were in the woods in 1914. “A minute ago I lost my coat” said Jamie . It was a cold, dark night.  Jamie found food but it was out of date.  ” We need to find something to keep us warm “, whispered Darragh. He found an old blanket behind a tree. The material felt like really soft wool and the boys felt better being warm. They continued to walk. Suddenly Darragh spotted a light ahead and they were very happy.  Jamie and Darragh ran as fast as they could. They had found their way home.

The Football Match – by David

Yay Sarah shouted when she woke up the day we were going to a football match . My dad said go on England .  I am 100 percent sure he was faking.  After dinner we went to the Aviva Stadium to watch Rep of Ireland vs England.  I was so excited.   It was a nail biting game and it was 0-0 ,  then Shane Long came on, I knew he would score.   In the 6th  minute of injury time Shane took a shot  and scored a cracker . Shane threw  his jersey into the crowd .  The material felt soft.  I was so happy.

Magic Snowflakes – by Adam

One morning a little kitten called Frankie woke up and was very surprised. Something outside was very white , bright and was falling from the sky. It was absolutely magical. It looked like a thousand suns shining together straight onto him. He was shocked and amazed. He was sitting still and was afraid to go outside. He thought that it was a dream. Then his mum said “It is winter, Frankie. Lets go out to play.” Frankie and his mum went outside. He was very careful when making his first steps on the unknown surface for him. He touched it. The material felt like fluffy cotton balls but was very cold. His mum said ” The white flakes are the snow. Let’s make a snowman.”

The Ugly Dress – by Mia B

The school disco was on and Amy was excited! She wanted a white skater dress so she went home and asked her Mum.

Her Mum said that they had no money but that she would make her one. Amy was nervous and hoped it would turn out well.

Amy’s Mum worked hard and eventually the dress was ready. She held it up for Amy to see. It was HIDEOUS! The material felt like toilet paper. The kids were going to laugh at her if she wore it but she could not hurt her Mum. What was she to do?

The Weird Material – by Mia G

‘Let’s go to the wood’s to find something new for the shop!” shouted Jessica .
”WAIT do you know there was a legend about the red deer? ”. replied Ella .
”OOHHHHHHHH! you do not want to know about that!” exclaimed Ben.
”Don’t remind me about that day”. Mia said .
Marta whispered, ” If you want to go to the woods you’ve got be careful.”
”Are you mad? ”said Ella.
”Mad about what? Tell me the truth lads.” Jessica replied .
”Well a month ago me, Ella, Marta and Mia went to the woods and we saw a red deer it had red eyes and it had this material and it dropped it and ran. We picked it up and the material felt like plastic mixed with some cotton .

A Spooky Halloween Night – by Lily

One spooky and foggy Halloween night two girl called Sine and Tara were getting ready for their party at the TGI Friday’s.
Tara was dressed as skeleton and Sine was dressed as zombie. When they arrived at the party they saw people dressed as witches and killer clowns. One scary clown came over to Tara and Sine to say hello. They really liked his costume and the material it was made from. The material felt like cotton wool and was soft and fluffy.
Suddenly the clown got very angry that they were touching his costume and killed Tara and Sine.