100 w/c – by Carragh

The McCarty family were going on a ferry to France for their first holiday. They were really looking forward to it. The car was parked below and they went straight up to the deck to look at the great views of the sea. After a while it started raining. Suddenly, as the weather changed, they saw lightening flash in the distance. The sea got very intense and the ferry started to rock from side to side. Everyone started to feel seasick and had to hold on tight for the rest of the journey. What a start to a holiday.

Cup Final Day by Aaron

It was Friday evening and I was getting ready for bed. It was a big day for me and my football team on Saturday.  We were playing in our first cup final. It lashed rain all night long.  The next morning I looked out my window and saw all the rain outside. I said to myself ‘the match will be off’. As the weather changed they called me on the phone and told me that the match was still on.  I was happy we were playing Skerries. We won 2-1, I scored one.  We had a great party that night. We are the champions.

100 w/c – Jakub

In the year of 2017 in Mexico Sin Cara found a secret time machine  in called T-PASY1000. Sin Cara sat down on a blue chair beside the time machine. Sin Cara’s outfit is: black pants with a white strip on each side, and a black  Lucha mask with white details. Then I came in the same place as Sin Cara. But when I looked in front and behind I saw nothing, just black and white. “Where are we?” I asked. Then Sin Cara replied “we are in 1624.” That’s why it’s just black and white.

100 w/c – James

Me and my brother once saw a building that we have never seen before but we never went to it.So today is the day we are going. So now we have every thing we need so lets GO and of we went. On the way we took a break and had a snack then we got up and started walking again.We now are at the building shouted my brother.When we were inside there was lots of doors. I looked in front and behind witch way then we just went home. I wonder whats in the hidden door.

100 w/c Jessica C

One sunny morning, I went out to play. I  knocked for Luke. I said to Luke “Lets play hide and go seek.” Luke said”Yes.” I  had to count first, I counted to 100. I  finished counting to 100 and I went to find Luke,I looked in front and behind. Which way did Luke go? I looked every where except behind this one wall. I looked behind that wall and I found him! We then played another round. Luke had to count to 100 as well. He found me hiding behind a car. It was fun playing with Luke.

100 w/c – Jessica M

Once there was a girl, she was a story teller.  Her name was Melody, she loved to read.  Melody went to a school called Saint Molaga’s.  Melody read a science story.  She began to read.

”Once there was a girl named Milly, she loved science so the next day she went to the science fair.  There was a boy at the science fair too and he said to Millie, ‘I looked in front and behind, which way did I look?’

Millie thought and thought but she didn’t get it. Then she went home.”

The children clapped.

My Friend’s House – by Lee

Today I was in my friend’s house.  I was having fun.  I had an idea.  I got a pillow and a blanket and went under the bed.  I was in the covers and lying on some blankets and the rest I pulled over me.  I was really hot, so I took off my socks.  A few minutes later I had to go home.  I looked for my socks. I found one but the other one was missing.  I looked in front and behind, which way could it be? After a bit of help I found out I was sitting on it!

Holidays in Spain – by Aaron

Last year I went on holidays to Spain with my family.  I met a now friend called Adam.  His brother’s name was Cameron. We played football, Frisbee, tag, pool and snooker.  We went to play on the astro and we played with my dad and Cameron’s dad.  The next day we went to the markets.  The man in the hotel gave my dad directions to get there.  He said it would take about forty minutes.  After an hour and a half my dad stopped the car. He said, ‘I looked in front and behind, which way?’ We gave up and sat at the pool!

The Maze by Zach

Once there were boys called John and Bob. John said ”can we go to a maze?”

Mom and Dad said ‘Ok.’

So they got in the car, forty minutes later Dad said ‘here we are.’ So John and Bob ran in the maze.

I looked in front and behind, which way?

Mom and Dad were given a map of the maze. John and Bob ran until ran right into a hedge. John said ‘ouch’ so did Bob.

Then Mom and Dad said ‘what are you doing out here’ then they went home and they boys were in lots of trouble.

100 w/c Abby

One day my friend and I went for a walk in Ardgillan Castle Park.  It was a sunny day and loads of people were walking.  We walked along a pathway into the forest, with loads of trees and loads of birds singing. We enjoyed the walk so much that we forgot what time it was.  We looked in front and behind, which way do we go to get back out of the forest?  We were lost and it was getting dark.  We listened to see if we could hear anybody.  We heard children so we followed the sound and found our way out.

100 w/c by Charlie

Over the Christmas holidays myself and my brothers went to a fun fair.  There was so many rides to chose from, but my favourite was the Glass Maze.  I took my younger brother with me and I never laughed so much to see him walk into glass walls, he could not find his way out. I looked in front and behind which way to get out, it was hard to find.  Then there was a funny noise which made us jump and then laugh some more. Finally after a long time we got out.

100 w/c – Jack

Me and my friends went to the woods on a miserable night. Suddenly we were in the middle of the woods.  I looked in front and behind, which way? Bang! went the storm. We were frightened because it looked like we had no way out.  I saw a way out but it was a dead end.  My friends said, ‘we’ve found a way out. Look! Over there.’

The storm was so bad, even worse than the last time. We saw a sign it said ‘Exit to the left.’

We walked home safely.


100 w/c – Niamh

It was winter time. The weather was cold and snowy. It was 8.50am time for me to go to school. My cousin Faye called for me and off we went to school. We were having fun sliding along the path in the snow, until I heard a dog barking.  I looked in front and behind. Which way was the dog coming? The dog was running up the road behind us.  We were scared because it was a very big dog. It chased us up the road. We ran really fast to our school that was just in front of us.

100 w/c – Mikolaj

Me and my family were going to Egypt. It was so frustrating because I had to leave my house and friends. But now were in the plane well that’s the cool part of the journey. So then I’m not sure how many hours later but now were riding on camels. Then I looked in front and behind.which way? Then my mam said
“I think its here”
“oh yeah the pyramids”said dad.
Then I asked “why is it so cold in the Summer here”?
Then we found a hotel and we all had the best time in the world.

100 w/c Lily

Hi, my name is Lily, this might sound weird but I have two faces, I know two faces but I can see back to front, so I can see everything. One day I went shopping to buy some vegetables and fruit. In the shop there was a robber but no one new he was there, so I looked in front and behind. Which way?…. Then I saw the robber robbing some ice-cream. I ran over to the robber and told him to stop or you will get in huge trouble, then then the robber ran away I tried to stop him but it was no use.

100 w/c – Mia G

Went Doctor Zach with his two feet.
”You’re mine now little girl. You’re doing what I say and I say you are having an injection,” Shouted Doctor Zach.
The littel girl said ”I will never let you touch me with an injection. YOU’RE TOO LATE NOW MY TURN IS OVER,” screamed the little girl running out of the door. She ran over to her mum and said “I looked in front and behind. Which way to escape. We’re going home now”.But the mum said “Oh what happened in there all I could hear was noise and noise”.

100 w/c Julia G

Lily was getting ready to go to sleep. She closed her eyes , there was silence no screaming and no talking. Then she was out of bed, big red shiny eyes were under her bed glazing at her.
” Who are you? ” asked Lily in a harmless voice.
Then the monster slowly came out from under Lily’s bed and started to chase her. Lily was running but it did not look like her house, she was trapped in a maze. She looked in front and behind – which way? she chose front, then there was a wall, Lily crashed into it. She screamed and opened her eyes and realised she had fallen out of her bed! It was only a bad dream.

100 w/c- Judge

It was a windy night. Wally and his dad where going to find gold. Wally found gold in a tunnel underground, he jumped down the tunnel without letting his dad know. Wally’s dad was calling him but Wally couldn’t hear him. As Wally was walking he saw a man digging out some gold. As he looked in front and behind,” Which way did the go”? he said. Suddenly he heard a noise he went to check where it was coming from. Wally found were the noise was coming from, and he saw his dad there. ”Wally” shouted dad.

100 w/c – Jamie

Once upon a time there lived a man called Janus, people say he had two heads. They say he had two heads because he could see into the future and the past. His friends were jealous of him but when they meet him they pretended to not be jealous. One day Janus saw an army with horses. Janus was in his house at the time. When he looked out the window they saw him and they went straight to him. But quickly he went back in time to see if they were coming then, but they weren’t because they were time travellers like him.

New Year’s Eve by Hayden

It was New Year’s Eve, we were leaving 2016 behind us and we were looking forward to the future. I was in London visiting my Uncle and cousins. We went into London town that evening to celebrate New years Eve. It was almost midnight, the streets were lined with people, it was so so busy. All of a sudden the crowd went near silent they all looked in the direction of Big Ben the largest clock in England and the count down began. We heard the loud Chimes of the clock. When it got 12am everyone cheered to my surprise I heard a huge explosion, I looked in front and behind, which way was the noise coming  from?, then I looked up and saw the most amazing fireworks I’ve ever seen.

100 w/c – Ellen

One day, there was a little boy that lived called Harry. Harry lived with his mam Cathy, his dad Philip and his sister Orla. Harry’s mam said ” tomorrow you and me will go to the shop”. Harry was in the car going to the shop. Ten minutes later he was at the shop. He pushed a big trolley. He got lost and the shop was huge. He looked in front and behind the shelves. Which way shall he go, to find his mam? He was s0 scared. His mam must have been so scared to.

100 w/c – by Darragh

One day I went to Rome and I saw a statue, then it talked. It said, ‘I looked in front and behind. Which way did I look?’

Then a man ran up to the statue and took it. I ran after him. He threw three stones on the ground. Then right before my eyes my life flashed before me. Then I looked around, there was a wall and then a door opened. I went in, there was nothing, then I saw the statue. It said ‘help me’! So I went home and I put the statue back to the museum.

100 w/c – Daniel

One day, in Egypt. I was looking for the town thief. My wife told me to go to bed. I woke up and heard a clash. Someone has stolen my crown I looked in front and behind. Which way did he go. I sent guards out to find him, it was not only the castle that he was robing. He was robing tombs. The guards had found him in the airport. Getting a plane to London. They followed him to London. We found him in his apartment in London. We brought him back to Egypt and he got put in jail.

Jack’s New Game – by Caoilte

BANG! Jack and his family were playing Pebble. They always have game nights on Friday. Today after school Jack did his happy dance and shouted HURRAH!. Jack’s favourite day of the week has come, Friday. When Jack came home from school he saw a package for his mammy at the door. He brought the package in for his mammy. Jack’s mammy called and said that there would be a package arriving soon.
‘ No,’ said Jack, ‘it’s here I have it’.
‘Ok then open it and see whats inside?’
Jack opened the box. ‘A brand new game!’ cried Jack.
He looked in front and behind but which way it was a very hard maze game.

The Cave – by Caitlyn

Wake up Caitlyn, said mam.

Why do I have to get up mam?

We’re in a cave!!!!

Why are we in a cave mam? Mam it’s very dark . Mam, I’m scared will you hold my hand?

Ok Caitlyn, your hand feels very boney!

Mam… but I’m not holding your hand!

Caitlyn then whose hand is this???!! Oh! my God it’s a skeleton ahhhh! Come on Caitlyn, lets keep on walking!

Ok mam! Which way?

I looked in front and behind. Which way will I go mam?

I don’t now! Look I think see a way out let’s go.

Then I woke up that morning.

Night At The Museum – by Adam

One day I was in the Dublin Museum, it was really fun. I said really loudly, ‘I don’t want to go to the dinosaur section,’ because I was too scared of the dinosaurs. Nnoody heard me so we went to the dinosaur section. Every way there was a dinosaur, I was really scared. I looked in front and behind and I said, ‘which way did the class go?’  I turned left then right and I could not find them. I went straight ahead and I found them. The day was nearly over so we went to the Egyptian exhibit. The Egyptian exhibit was really fun. Then we went home.

The Dangerous Forest

Today I went through the Dangerous Forest. Inside I met a giant panda. It tried to attack me,I ran so fast away from the giant panda. I saw a temple in the distant. I went in, just then I heard a loud bang. The doors had shut. Then two crocodiles had cornered me. I looked in front and back which way? Just then a hatch in the floor opened, I fell through the floor . “Aaaa I’m falling”. Then I met Janus the god of past and future. I said”” Hi Janus”.
To be continued.

Flappy by Julia

Flappy, my pet dragon, had gone missing. The last time I saw him, was when he was playing a game of dragons and ladders. I had looked for him EVERYWHERE… apart from the forest. I decided to go and have a look. I followed the dusty, gravel track until I came to a clearing there were two paths, I looked in front and behind. Which way? First thing to think about was which way a little dragon like mine would prefer to go? I knew the one behind me led to the old mill, and I also knew that Flappy was afraid of the old mill,
so I headed the other way, towards the mountains…

The Forest Hike by Carragh

I was walking through the forest. It was spring and all of the animals were coming out of hibernation, flowers were blooming and the sun was shining. I heard a noise and I went to go investigate it. I looked in  front and behind. Which way should I go? I think it came from the left. I saw a big scary bear! The bear asked me do I want to go to KFC? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. A talking bear! What sort of forest was this? Had I discovered some sort of magical world?

100 w/c – Darragh

I hope in 2017 I hope there will be world peace. I think there should be no homework. And Santa should stop going down the chimney. And I hope no one will be bullied but be buddies. And Donald Trump will knock down his wall. And no one will get hurt. And no one will be homeless. And no war. And I hope it will snow. And no one will get hit by cars. And no one will be bombed. And no one will get shot. And everyone will be best friends. fin.