The Journey – By Jessica C

One day my family went on a journey to the countryside. However we lost our way walking in the forest. Luckily we found a path leading to the mountain. We gingerly climbed the mountain and discovered the most remarkable view of the countryside. The bright yellow sun was shining in the sky. We had a picnic on the top of the mountain. We could see our car from the top of the mountain. It looked so tiny we could barely see it. After are little rest we walked back to our car. We really enjoyed are journey to the countryside.

Mum’s Remarkable Yellow Cake – by Hayden

Mum decided she was going to make a cake for my birthday. She wanted to make a cake so big and so fantastic that it would be so delicious everyone would just want to keep on eating it. She decided to put more mixture in it than she normally would, usually she would gingerly add the ingredients and go by the book,  however she put so much mixture in it that when it began cooking in the oven , we discovered that it rose so much that the remarkable yellow sponge started seeping out of the oven. and on to the floor. Needless to say it was a truly remarkable cake.

The Cool Treasure – by Ellen

One day there was, three girls named Ella, Ellen and Eve. They all said together ‘it is a lovely day today’, because it was a sunny day. A few hours later they decided to go to the beach. As Ella, Ellen and Eve were walking on the beach, they saw the bright yellow sun. As they got to the rocks, they discovered treasure. The treasure was remarkable cool to touch, they picked up the treasure gingerly. However there was more then one piece of treasure. There were seashells and bottles with letters. Ella said ‘the sun is starting to go down we better go home’.

The Maze Runner – by Darragh

He began his new life standing up gingerly, surrounded by cold darkness and stale, dusty air. His back was against a metal wall of darkness. Soon light shone on to him as if there was a God over him. It was like he was going up to heaven. The colour yellow was on him and the room
stopped moving. A door opened, he walked and then he discovered his name. His name was Darragh. He ran and ran. He ran into the maze but it was turning into night. The remarkable maze was filled with monsters. Darragh, however found the way out.

Surprise Party – by Caitlyn

It was a cold night. The moon was yellow. It was ten o clock when my mam called me. However I did not now were I was going. I arrived at school.

Mam said do you have your costume. Yes mam I said gingerly. We went into the classroom and hide in the toilet. Just shout surprise when your teacher comes in. Okay mam SURPRISE.

There was a witch at the party with a remarkable big nose and she turned a boy into a monster. When the party was over we discovered that the witch was Ms Costello in a costume…….

Casper – by Adam

Once upon a time there was a little ghost called Casper. He was very nice to everyone. He had three uncles and they were very mean to everyone. The uncles names are uncle Stinky,Fatso and uncle Stretch. However Casper was so nice to every one. Remarkably one day they discovered a very old house and they lived in it forever. There was yellow furniture  in the house. Gingerly the children  opened the door,  when they opened it they started to run into the house and started looking for ghosts. The three uncles started to hide and then Casper saw the children and  they saw him and they all got frightened and ran out of the house!

I’m Hiding in a House – by Niamh

Hi my name is Gingerly. I have eight legs, I am black, I am a spider.  I live in a house but the people don’t know I am here.  There are six in the house. Their names are Mark, Tish, Conor, Niamh, Liam and Eva. I spend  my night making webs. Every night I eat the flies that get caught in my webs. I thought it was remarkable that I managed to live in this house for five years without anybody catching me. However one day when the yellow sun was shining they discovered my web and caught me……..

The Trip to The Museum – By Mikolaj

Tom and his parents were going to the Museum. Tom was so exited as they went in. His mam gave him and his dad a page that had picture of a gorilla. A big, golden, yellow gorilla. They went looking for it, however they also found a lot of other cool stuff. “There’s the gorilla, and it’s alive” Tom shouted. It was chasing after them. Tom and his parents hid in the toilet as they shut the door gingerly.They discovered a place that they called a secret passage way. It was really unusual. Tom woke up and realised it was only a dream.


The Enchanted Wood part 3 – Lorcan

” I am coming to eat you!” shouted the yellow dragon. Lily woke up from her dream thinking she had imagined it. Just as she was about to start her breakfast Elk the elf came in to their tree house and asked , “did anyone hear ‘roar I am coming to eat you’?
Lily was surprised.
“Yes,” lily said. Then Elk thought that he discovered a plan. It was that they would do a remarkable attack. However Hagrid looked gingerly over at Elk.
“Ok Elk I am willing to come with you,” shouted Hagrid.
The next morning D.W.A.R.F army and E.L.V.E army stared training.

100 w/c – Julia

Bob opened the door gingerly. Three kids, one dressed as a yellow monster, one dressed as blue vampire, and one dressed as a red Frankenstein were there. However, instead of shouting “trick or treat” they said “we have discovered a black furry blob on your garden tree.” Bob went outside to check it out and as the children had said, there was a furry, black blob sitting in his tree. It was a remarkably dark evening and he couldn’t see what it was. “What is it ?” asked one of the children. “It could be a monster”, said the other. Bob picked it up cautiously… and sitting in his hand was a cute little bat!

The Treasure Hunt – James

Once there was a boy called Sam however he wanted to be an explorer . When he was twelve he started his adventure, he went to the desert . First he went to a desert temple. Inside there was lots of gold and diamonds . While he was in the temple he discovered something remarkable, a secret passageway. He went down into the secret passageway.
In the secret passageway there was a chest which he opened. Inside the chest there was a shiny yellow trophy. Then he went all the way home as he had the best time and he was very happy.

100 w/c Jack

One day Jack and Adam discovered an abandoned old farm.  They saw a big fat yellow chicken with no legs. They went to the house and the the door opened gingerly. The house was abandoned. Beside the house there was a big oak tree.They made a tree-house carefully but  they needed  a  ladder. However Adam got a large thorn in his hand so Jack looked for a ladder. They saw a ladder close to a different tree, and carried it to the tree-house. Over the summer they visited the tree-house at the farm and decorated it themselves, it looked remarkable. The boys loved playing there.

100 w/c – David

There once was a girl named Julia .  She went to the shops to buy a costume for Halloween.  Her favourite costume was a skeleton.  However,  when she was coming home she discovered a remarkable cave at the beach.  She gingerly tip-toed into the cave .  As she walked further into the cave she found a hole in the ground.   She climbed down the hole in the dark. When she got down she could see  yellow sparks coming out of a chest.  She ran over and opened the chest.  “Yes” screamed Julia, “this is the best day of my life”.

100 w/c – Daniel

One morning Ms.Lola was opining her bakery. But someone with black clothes on, came around to her and boom! She was shot. It was a remarkable death. One day later, Ms.Noble called the detective. Mr.Mark was his name. He had on him yellow boots, a black suit and a red tie.
Mr.Mark was on a hunt to find the killer. He searched all over London. He did not go alone, he went with his 70 year old wife. However Ms.Noble had a son named Henry. He was 18. ”Sorry” he said gingerly. He discovered, HENRY did it.

100 w/c – Caoilte

Harry was with his worst relatives the  Dursleys. His mam and dad died by Lord Voldemort. He somehow survived Lord Voldemort when he was a baby. He is a really famous person because of his lightning scar. The Dursleys were so mean they put him in a cupboard. Harry however gingerly felt the wall. On the yellow wall Harry discovered a door and escaped and ran away. He got a very nice home and went to magic school because he is a wizard. Harry loved his new home because he met a friend from school. Harry lived the best life he’d ever dreamt of.

100 w/c Mia G

Once in a big calm city, there lived kind, friendly people. One day a man called Jeff came over with his bucket of black material and tubes. He was the only one who was bad in the city. Everyone ran into their houses. ”LOCK YOU DOORS, LOCK YOUR WINDOWS, HE’S HERE, HE IS GOING TO MAKE US LOOK LIKE BLACK CHICKENS !!! screamed one old man.

And Jeff built a BIG GIANT SPIDER in front of the happy childrens’ school .
When he was done everyone was scared as if it was going to come to life . ”AAAAAAHHHHH!” every one was screaming like mad. They were lucky and it did not come to life .

100 w/c – Daniel

It was Halloween night. There was a competition ,for the best spider in a web. Me and my mom won it last time. It was made out of old socks,shoe laces and died tissue. But this time me and my friend Jack did it. We won this year as well. It was finally  was Halloween. I dressed up as a spider. I would love to have won it last year, but this year I did. Me and Jack got a homework pass. I love getting homework passes. Just because I won the competition does not mean I am a good student.

Mr Spider by Lee

Far far under ground lived two spiders. Mr and Ms spider. It was their wedding day but they didn’t know where to have it. They went to Moley and Moley let them have it in his house. Two hours later they got married. But a human dug a hole and their web broke.

”NO !” shouted Mr. Spider. The human tried to pickup Mr. Spider but Moley bit him and Mr. Spider fell, but luckily, he was ok. The human got angry and swiped his shovel at Moley. His last words were “run, run far away!” That’s what they did, but they went up a tree and lived happily ever after.

100 W/C by Abigail

Milly and Ella walked along the path close to the beach. It was a sunny and warm day and the girls were happy to go on their first trip to the sea side. When they got there they sat down on the beach and they watched the waves for a while. Suddenly Ella saw a spider in the grass, it was big and black, but the girls were not afraid. They decided to bring the spider down to the rocks near the sand to meet all the other creatures. He made loads of new friends and Milly and Ella enjoyed their day.

Bitten by a Spider by Charlie

In a small town in Minnesota there was a boy called Seth Rollins who always wanted to be a wrestler, but he was to young. While on a school tour he was bitten by a spider who could kill you, or turn you into an adult. Luckily he turned into an adult, not just any adult but the strongest person in the world. He became a wrestler and won every belt except the WWE world heavy weight belt. He went to wrestle mania and won it. He was unbeatable. Everyone liked him, he was great.

100 w/c by Jessica M

Once there was a girl called Lucy, she worked in a museum in New York. There were lots of creatures there was a spider, an ant and a creepy crawly. The spider was a robot spider, but Lucy didn’t know that. Lucy thought that the spider wasn’t a robot. The spider was so big that Lucy though that maybe it was a robot.

”It cant be!” said Lucy.

I love the museum it is so fun. The ant is very small and thin. Ants are tickly and taste horrible, creepy crawleys are tickly. Lucy figured out that the spider was a robot. She still loves the museum.

The Crazy Scientist by Zach

There was a crazy scientist. He had a serum that could make small things grow very big. A spider was over where the scientist poured the serum on the spider. The spider grew and grew. The scientist said, “giant spider is coming!” He screamed to all of London. Every body laughed and said “ha! ha! he is crazy”. They kept laughing. While they were laughing the giant spider came around with 100,000,000 baby spiders. The spider thought the people were flies and drank their blood.

Earth became Spider-land forever.

The Hairy Spider – by Mikolaj

It was night time, Joe was still in bed ,when she heard really loud footsteps. They went *boom boom*. She jumped out of bed, and hid under her mams and dads bed. They asked her:
– “what is wrong Joe”? ,
-“there is a monster outside”!
Her mam went downstairs, with her, she looked through the window, and she saw an huge hairy spider. Its teeth were very long and its chest was hairy so they called the police. The police came and blocked the spider. They said :
“put your hands up now!”.
The spider did nothing so the police took him to the zoo and they all lived happily ever after.

The Enchanted Wood – part 2 by Lorcan

“We are going to die” said Lily.

“What do you mean?” said Gary.

“Of Course we are not going to die” said Ron. “We fell out of a Plane and some little weird guy told us to hide quickly and now we are being attacked by a Giant Spider!!!!!!”  What else do you think is going to happen to us guys????”

All of a sudden there was the sound of trumpets and the Dwarf Army came riding through the woods on the backs of badgers and frightened the spider away.

“Hooray, we are safe” exclaimed the three with huge relief.

The Giant Spider – by Judge

Saturday evening 3pm Liverpool against Man City, it was a stunning match. The crowd was shouting as loud as they could, as the players came out the door. Near the Liverpool goal post, was a giant eight legged spider hanging comfortably in its web, but yet very scary. It appeared to be made of metal. But a bit strange, it came from London to Manchester  City,  just to distract the Liverpool goalkeeper. A Man City fan is controlling it with a remote control in the crowd. Liverpool lost to Man City 3-0 as the goalkeeper conceded the three goals.

Big Scary Spider – Hayden

It was a school day.  Jakub and I were out in the yard. We found a spider. We picked him up and showed him to our teacher, he was a scientist he knew lots about them. He took the spider from us and told us to go to class. Next of all we heard screaming. Everyone was running about. We ran out and saw a huge scary spider. He was enormous.  He was trying to eat people. Jakub and I led him back to the lab where the scientist gave him the antidote to shrink him back to size. It was such a scary day.

100 w/c – Darragh

There was a boy called Darragh. He went to the spider zoo.
When Darragh got there he ran to the tarantulas.
He was allowed to pet them. He put his hand in the cage, he picked it up, it felt hairy. Then right before Darragh’s eyes the tarantula bit him. Darragh fell to the ground.
He woke up in his room. He jumped but when he jumped he was stuck on the wall. When he got down he had an idea to become a super hero. He named him Dead Rider. He saw on the news… continued…

100 w/c by lily

“Hello, my name is Katie, I have blue eyes, freckles all over my face and I have red hair”. One night when Katie was sleeping, a big hairy spider with eight eyes crawled into Katie’s bedroom. When Katie woke up she saw the spider and screamed. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!” Katie screamed.” Hello, my name is Ruby the spider, how are you keeping?” explained Ruby. Katie was surprised that Ruby could talk. “Hello, my name Katie.” Then they started to chat. After a few hours Katie just realized that spiders are not so bad after all. Ruby and Katie are now BFFs.

The Giant Spider – by Carragh

Jessica and Mia were friends who were walking in Dublin when they saw a giant alien spider.It was big, black and was very hairy.They saw people running, screaming and hiding. Everyone thought that the alien spider was mean because he a was wrecking the city but he didn’t mean to. He was just so big. They went to hide in the nearest building.It was a cafe.  They saw the spider heading towards the cafe and they were frightened. They didn’t need to be scared, the spider was friendly and just wanted a cup of coffee.

100 w/c by Ellen

One day, there was a little boy named Tom and a little girl named Abigail. Tom and Abigail lived with their older sister named Jenny. The week after they moved in it was Halloween. Tom and Abigail were so excited. It was a cloudy night. They had their costumes on. When they were trick or treating, Tom,  Abigail and Jenny saw a spider, a very, very big spider. The spider had big red eyes and big black legs. The children got such a fright. They got such a fright, they nearly fell down. But actually the spider was a plastic spider.