The Very Horrible Day – Mia B

I woke up late for school, my toothbrush snapped, my toast burned and I thought, what a start!

I tripped over my bag and then lost my furry pencil case. My drink spilled all over my new maths copy and I forgot my lunch. The boy next to me sneezed in my face and then I felt very sick.

My friend gave me a lovely ham sandwich in yard but a seagull flew down and grabbed it from my hand. I slipped on a banana peel and almost broke my neck. It was the most horrible day I ever had.

Getting a New Cat – by Mia G

It was a new day again and Mia and Marta . Went downstairs to eat their breakfast .It was coco pops and chocolate weatabix .Mia said ”this is a very nice breakfast” .Then Marta exclaimed ”and I thought well what a start for the day ”.Mia whispered ” your so so so so so right ”. Mum came along and said ”girls it’s time to go to school ”. Mia and Marta said ”ok lets go ”. So off they went . Marta went with dad in the Budget Tyres truck . Mia went her self to school . After school mum and dad brought a new cat . Evry one was happy .

By Mia

World War Three – by Lorcan


100 w/c by Julia G

One day I came home very excited. In our school newspaper it said you could get an X-Box for ten euro! I ran straight into the kitchen to ask my dad if he’d buy me one.”Only if you’re good” He said.”Ok”, I said “I’m going to take the dog for a walk.” But five minutes later, In my front garden I accidentally let the lead go,and I thought “well what a great start to being good”. So now the cat next door has a scrape on his nose and I can’t get an X-Box.

Story of Scorpion and Sub Zero – Jakob

Once upon a time there where two men, who are best friends, their names are Scorpion and Sub Zero. Once Sub Zero said “c’mon wanna fight?” then Scorpion said “ok”, so the went to their practice arena, then their buddy Shao Kahn said “FIGHT!” Scorpion said “get over here!”. With his spear then Sub Zero blasted an ice ball and said “need more skills bro” and I thought well what a start. So after the match was over, Scorpion fell into a pit of lava and turned into a skeleton, that breathes fire. The same happened to sub Zero instead it’s ice and they both turned into fighters. And they had no hair, saw weird things digging during class and had no more pressure they also do demonstration of skills.

Football Camp – by Hayden

At Football Camp, we learn how to play Football . Some of my friends were there at the camp with me. I like to play in the goal as this is my favourite position in football.
I like to play as Manchester United in football camp, as this is my favourite football team. And my favourite football player is Wayne Rooney. In football camp we learn lots of new skills to play football. I saved a goal from being scored when I was in the goal, and when I was on the pitch I scored a goal. And I thought well what a start.

100 w/c by Carragh

The morning of the big race had arrived. I lined up with the other seven athletes on the starting blocks. As the starting gun went off I stumbled and I thought “well, what a start.” Straight away I remembered a bad race from before. I thought to myself “come on Grace, you can do this.” I began sprinting into second place. I could hear the crowd cheer my name when suddenly, the leader tripped and fell. I had a choice to make. Help or win? I didn’t win a medal that day but I made a new best friend.

Buddy Reading by Caitlyn

In school today I was so excited when the teacher told us we would be doing buddy reading. I was so excited my heart was beating very quickly. There was a knock on the door and then Ms Sullivan’s class came in to the room. I was paired up with a girl called Chloe. We filled out a form about things we liked. Things we liked were animals, colours, sports and school sports. I picked out a book called sunshine shimmer fairies and I thought well what a start to our buddy reading. I cant wait for next Tuesday to come.

Special Showcase

Congratulations and well done to Olivia and Evan. They have both won a Special Showcase.

Great work! ? ? ? ?

Enjoy your summer holidays! ☀ ? ☀ ? 

A Good or a Bad Day – by Oliwia

“Oliwia?” Hayley shouted while running up to me,
“What do you want Hayley?“I nicely asked,
“Do you now what a dream is?, I do!”,
“Mmm, no I don’t, but what is it?”,
“It when you go to bed and you think about something!”,
“Okay Hayley. Oh, and——I have to go home, All right?”,
“Yea, All right”,
I went home and I imagined what it would be like to have all I could see in my own own dream. A few weeks later I had a dream about my family having a fight, I couldn’t beilive that so I quickly woke up and”Houhouhou” I started to…………

Rich – by Sean

I went to my friends house who was rich and we went past the money room a tablet beside the room said €10,000,000 left in the room I imagined what it would be like to have all I could see, I would buy a mansion with a pool and massive garden and a quad bike to drive around in. I would also get a water-slide going from my bedroom to the pool. Then we went out side and we went on a sling shot into my friends pool. I’ll never be as rich as my friend but I can imagine what it would be like.

My Dream – by Qasim

One night while I was getting ready to sleep, I saw a huge spider on the bathroom window. Running out of the room I fell into a hole. I searched and searched, and found a shovel.
It looked like it would be able to make me get out. I had imagined what it would be like to have all I could think of in my dreams. I finally made it out and walked into the bathroom, I looked at the window and the spider had grown!!! I was so scared. The spider had eaten me. ” Qasim wake up you are late for school” my mum shouted.

100 W/C by Clinton

I was in my house thinking of something. I imagined what It would be like to have all I could see. All I could see was a new jacket! My old one was a little bit ripped. Everyday when I went to the shop I looked at it. It was so cool and I wanted it, but my mum would not let me. I got an idea. I’m decided I was going to help my mum. If I finished all of mum’s chores I might to able to get that jacket. I went to tell my mum of my plan.

”Mum, can I help you with your chores?”

”Ok, There is only ten chores, if you finish the chores I will give you that jacket. You only have two days left.”

”Ok, bring it on!”…to be continued…

Happy Day – by Ryan

Once upon a time there was a great big bear who lived in the woods. He was cute and he was scary and dangerous. I did not know his name but it was very scary. The next day it was a sunny day but bears do not come out in the light because it will hurt their eyes. I imagined if it was real. I imagined what it would be like to have all I could see was a big bear it had red eyes and he said BOO. I shouted help there is a big fat bear in the woods. He came out of the woods but the sun came out and he ran back into the woods.

My Birthday Trip to Old Trafford – by Daniel

It was the night before my birthday, I was getting very excited. I had no idea what my Dad had got me. Just then he came into my room. ” Get ready I’ve a surprise for you,” he said. What could it be I thought. When I was ready he brought me to the airport. I was so excited I could have burst we were going to Old Trafford home of Manchester United. After our flight we went straight to Old Trafford and to the super store it was full of great stuff. I imagined what it would be like to have all I could see. It was like a dream.

Wonderland – by Ariana

Wonderland is a crazy place, everything is upside down.
“Some rabbits talk backwards, like the one I saw today,‘’ he said.
“Ih”, instead of hi.
Then there’s the flying reindeer, he wasn’t magical and he was just a normal reindeer, so that was just weird. Then there’s the fox who eats carrots on the magic carpet, then there’s the queen who was an elephant a big , huge elephant . Then after came the knights which were the lions. To be honest I didn’t expect anyone else to see the knights. I imagined what it would be like to have all I could see…………………………..

The War – by Evan

…A Bomb had landed right in the middle of the trenches…

Running around the corner with all my equipment I saw a skinny British solider hopping down into an empty trench apart from all the other dead German soldiers. The British solider had been taking out his bayonet while I was taking out my shovel. I threw it as hard as I could. It hit the soldier right in the shoulder and he collapsed dead. I knew the bomb would explode soon. I warned the army men in the next trench but they just laughed. The bomb exploded, and as I lay on the floor wounded, I imagined what it would be like to have all I could see in the kingdom of God and peace.

The Return of Sugar Rush Land – by Amy

Do you remember SUGAR RUSH LAND? It’s a land filled with candy canes, sugar plums, toffee popcorn, candy floss etc. Well, one day I was on my way home from school with my friend Alisha when suddenly we were transported back there!

And just like before it was a land filled with so many goodies that I imagined what it would be like to have all I could see…..

I imagined no more because I started to tuck in and eat everything I could see. It was delicious and so sugary that I felt ill after awhile and had to stop. Too much sugar wasn’t good!

The Sweet Shop – by Jack

One Friday my dad picked me up after school. He said to me that he has a surprise for me. I asked him what it was and he told me to wait until we got there. We drove around for about 30 mins until we finally reached where we were going. We stopped out side a very large sweet shop. When we went inside my eyes nearly popped out of my head. Everywhere around me there were all kinds of sweets. I could not believe there could be such an amount of sweets.I imagined what it would be like to have all I could see.

The Shops – by Leah

On Saturday my mam and I went to the shop.When we got there I saw everything there was pancakes,biscuits and ice pops I just wanted to buy everything after an hour we were finished our shopping and moved on to another shop.
“I want everything!”
“You can’t have it all it will be too much money!”
After awhile I imagined what it would be like to have all I could see and I realised what about poor people so I picked one thing and we moved on.I picked a pair of shorts.After all that shopping we went home and I fell asleep.

The Awesome Dream – by Liam

One night I had a dream I imagined everything I saw I could have if I wanted it. One boy in my class was the same as me if he wanted something he would get it.” Yes” shouted the boy “YES” the boy was a greedy little pig indeed so at the end of class the boy would go straight to SMYTHS and would buy the entire shop. One day he had 8 trucks of toys, 7 cars of sweets, 5 jeeps of video games and 4 lorries of devices. Hurray that kid blew up because he ate too much sweets.

The Vault – by Josh

I worked in the bank for years it was very boring. One day I had a little peek in the vault and all I could see was money from top to bottom. Wow I imagined what it would be like to have all I could see, and all I could see was stacks of money. I thought of everything I could buy. I could buy a diamond blue lamborghini and drive all around the world. I could buy a huge mansion with 50 servants. Just then my manager yelled at me
“You’re fired Bob!”
“But why?”
“You’re always sneaking into the vault and day dreaming!”

New Pet by Molly

It was a bright sunny morning and I was going to the local pet shop to get a pet cat or kitten. I had saved up two hundred euro to buy a cat and everything I would need. As I walked into the pet shop I imagined what it would be like to have all I could see I thought it would be amazing to have all the toys and treats for my new pet, but I didn’t have enough money to buy everything. I chose a white kitten with grey patches that was ten weeks old. I called her Sparkle.

Aer Sean – by Sean

It was today we were going to America, we went on the big yellow airplane. As I sat down I put on my earplugs and watched the TV, but I had to turn up the volume as I could hardly hear as someone was playing the violin. My mum had given me a big bag of sweets but as we took off I had eaten all of them so I ended up with sore ears. As we flew over the Atlantic ocean a bit of thunder and lightening came and it struck the air plane and we crashed into the water. Everyone jumped out of the emergency door and then a massive wave came and I got swept away…

Surprise Holiday – by Ryan

Mum told me that we were going on an airplane.  I was so excited.  She said we were off to Spain.  I couldn’t wait.  When we arrived at the hotel, and unpacked, we went out for dinner.  After we had eaten we went for a walk and there was lots to see.  There was a man wearing and yellow and red suit playing the violin for money.  There was another man making things out of sand.  He swept the sand in different directions and he made a seal and an elephant out of sand.  It was amazing to see.

Airplane Holidays – by Qasim

I was finally going on holidays, I packed everything. I packed my violin my picture and my computer. As my dad drove us to the airport, we drove across a bridge. The sea swept in and was nearly at the top of the bridge.” Dad when are we going to get there?” I questioned,
“in a few minutes” he answered. We finally made it to the airport I got all my luggage out and went inside. I had eaten my banana and I wasn’t hungry. As I was walking across the airport I saw a huge yellow airplane. I asked my mam if we were going in it…

The Fun Day – by Oliwia

It was Sunday afternoon my mam was making dinner and I was upstairs playing on my small, yellow violin. After about half an hour when I finished playing on my violin, I was having a race with my brother in our house.
“Yes, I won!” I happily said,
“Noooooooooo” my brother shouted,
“Oh, yes I did win!”,
“Not fair”.
The next day our mam swept the whole house. Suddenly our mam found my brothers small red and white airplane under the sofa.
“Hey, Kacper your airplane is here and dinner is ready” mam shouted.
“Okay!” we answered.
When we had eaten our dinner we went to bed.

Polish Concert – by Molly

I had eaten my breakfast so it was time to start  cleaning up my mess, it took a while but in the end I swept up the mess I had made on the floor. In four hours it would be time for the concert I had chosen to wear my best yellow t-shirt. I was really exited as the concert was going to be outside because the singers and musicians were arriving from Poland  by airplane. Later on that day when the concert started someone did a solo on  a violin it was beautiful. I really enjoyed hearing the Polish music.

100 w/c by Leah

It was a sunny Sunday and my family and I were going to an opera show in Italy. When we got to the airport it was nearly time to board our plane.
“Our airplane is yellow!” I shouted in amazement.
When we got to Italy we went for dinner. We got dessert and I got ice creams. Then it fell on the floor before I even licked it.There was a dog near our table and he had it eaten. We to the opera show and there was a violin that had a rainbow on it. After the show the janitor swept up the confetti off the floor. I had a great time.

School Tour – by Josh

It was my school tour and we just arrived at Airplane the all you can eat restaurant, it was exactly like a real plane. The seats were blue and yellow and the windows were really small. Everyone was looking out the little windows because their was a terrible storm. We had just eaten our food and a big gust of wind swept through the restaurant and knocked the violin player over and the manager’s pants down.
“Who farted?” I said.
” Not me” everyone said.
The restaurant was wrecked and the managers face went bright red with embarrassment. We left the restaurant and everyone said it was the best school tour ever.