Feeling Left Out by Mia B

I was sitting in my pyjamas one Saturday morning when I spied my friends out the window. They sneaked by my house and did not call.

“They had a bag but where were they going? I felt very left out.

I kept thinking of them having fun without me. I asked them about it in school the next day and they looked very guilty.

Next day was my birthday and I was feeling really sorry for myself when there was a knock on the door. “Happy Birthday!” they yelled and handed a big gift! They had been buying my pressie!

Red Tracksuit Mystery – By Lorcan

Dermot and Adam were in the playground climbing on monkey bars.  Suddenly Dermot looked up and saw two teenagers walking round the corner to the harbour dressed in bright red tracksuits. He looked at Adam who had seen them too, they both started laughing because the teenagers looked a bit silly.  They saw two more, and two more after that, and two more again all dressed the same, but where were they going?  They crept round the corner and saw them going into the old lifeboat house.  Deciding to follow they snuck in the door but it was completely empty.

Milly – by Julia G

Milly and her grandfather were sitting in the living room, when suddenly they heard someone shouting
“but where were they going they stole my bag”!
Milly stood up and went outside to see what was happening . Then their cat started running and chasing the two men, jumped onto the thief’s back and scratched it so the men let go of the bag and ran away. The cat has been awarded for the bravest cat also he got his favourite juicy bun with extra sprinkles .
The cat licked his tiny lips, every body giggled.
The lady that was screaming for help asked “does this cat have a name “?
“No!” Milly said,
“I will call it Brave” whispered the lady.

100 w/c – Julia

I stirred in my bed. I had been having a nice dream but it was over now, because something outside had woken me up. What was it? I wasn’t going to just lie in bed and wonder about it. All mysteries need solving and I wasn’t the kind to go back to sleep. I pushed over the covers and gently slid the curtains open. I could just make out, through the darkness of the street, three strange people. They were throwing rocks at a car, then suddenly they turned around and started feeling on the ground, as if they were looking for a hole they could climb into…but where were they going? I felt a feeling rushing through my veins, I could feel something bad.

The Visitors – by Jessica C

One day, at NASA space station, Bob was just about to go home. When he spotted on the screen a ball of smoke shooting towards Earth. He rang the emergency alarm. Bob and his team jumped into the trucks and followed the smoke. They could not believe what they found. They found in the middle of the desert, aliens coming out of a broken down spaceship!
Bob was in shock. He kept saying “who are they? They crashed on earth, but where were they going?”.
Bob’s computer could translate alien language and he found out they were going to invade mars.

News Talk – by Jamie

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Max.
When Max grew up he wanted to be a news writer.
10 years later
Max fulfilled his dream of being a news writer, when he said tomorrow I am starting my dream job with Sky News.
Max’s first story writing for Sky News was about a robbery that took place in a sports shop in town.
During Max’s interview with the police man, the police man said the robbers were seen running down the road.
Then Max said to the police man, ”but where were they going?”
”We are still looking for them,” he said.

The Glowing Light – James

Once there was two kids named James and Ben. At night time they saw something glowing the kids ran down the stairs and mam and Dad said ‘but where  are they going?’ They put their slippers on and went out the door.When they were outside they followed the light and it lead to a big cave they  there was lots of slime and cobwebs. then James pointed out that they could go beside it and they did. They saw the light was just coming out of the cave . And the light was just a star then they went home.

The Teenagers – by Ellen

One day, there was a  boy, and a  girl. Their names were Mark and Sandra. They both were teenagers. Mark and Sandra go to school at Ardgillan Community College. Mark’s favourite subject is Maths. Sandra’s favourite subject is English.  One day they were in school, Mark and Sandra mysteriously walked off. One of their friends, Stephen, was talking to the teacher, and said but where were they going? Mark and Sandra did not leave school, they just went to their locker. Sandra’s locker had butterflies, flower’s and it was pink. Mark’s locker had footballs, rugby balls and it was blue.

The Grieving – by Darragh

They could feel the air blowing on him – the train was going fast as a griever. If only they new what happened. But where were they going? The train stopped. Every one got out and they looked outside the window , the city was scorched.
Then they broke out of the station building. A zombie was chasing them, it was like hell. One of them said “I wish that I could go home”.
“Help, help!” A sound from the other room. They went into investigate and they found a dead body on the floor.
They saw a bite mark…To be continued

Two Cats – by Carragh

Two cats were bouncing from roof to roof but where were they going? At this hour of the night they could only be looking for food. But where were they going to find some? They jumped down into a dirty back alleyway with lots of bins. They started rummaging through the bins, knocking the lids off and making lots of noise. They could smell something but just couldn’t find it. There was rubbish getting thrown everywhere. Finally they found an old dirty can of sardines. Just what they were looking for. They could sleep tonight on a full stomach.

The Mystery School Tour by Caitlyn

I woke up at 7.00 in the morning. I felt very excited and a bit nervous because today was the day for our mystery school tour. Mam, Dad and me walked to school I had a packed lunch and a change of clothes with me.

At 9.30 teacher said it was time to board the bus. All the Mams and Dads waved and I heard someone say “but where were they going?”.

The bus stopped at Clara Lara it was amazing. All my friends and me had so much fun. It was the perfect Mystery School Tour ever…..

When I Was Outside by Adam

One Sunday it was a lovely weather outside.  I went out with few of my friends. We were playing hide and seek and then we played tag. We were having great fun. My friends names are Alex, Sam and Ben. Suddenly two of my fiends had to leave. Half an hour later  I said ” but where were they going? ” I asked my friend. He said they had to go home as they had to do something for their parents. Then my friend came into my house and we played on my Xbox. The game was called Fifa 16. Then he had to go home. When he went home it was very late and my mum told me to go straight to bed.

The Comeback of Kedi – by Mikolaj

Once there was a boy that loved ALL-WARS.  ALL-WARS was a T.V. show he watched it every day.  Once he and his mam went to the premier of ALL- WARS 7 but in the cinemas there were no more tickets. They went home and they heard a noise. They ran out and there was smoke that came out of a space ship. It was very dangerous.

“It smells like  sweet-corn” said the boy. But as the smoke cleared the Kedi flew off to the Galaxy and everybody was happy and the cinema didn’t believe it.

100 w/c – Daniel

One day when it was two nights before Christmas, Santa was getting lists, lots and lots of lists. One person asked for a motor bike. Santa sent back
Love santa.
It was finallly here. It was Christmas. It was time to pack the slay and he’d be off. He landed in Poland first. As Santa said ”Ho Ho Ho”, the smoke cleared from the chimney. One boy called Ruben, heard Santa and dashed to the drive. He had seen the one thing that no one had ever seen. Well finallly it was time to go to Ireland. And he had finished his job. FINALLY

100 w/c The Lost Temple – Carragh

The sun rose over the newly discovered lost temple in the jungle. Caitlyn and Lily were excited to be the first people to enter the remarkable temple in a very long time. They walked up to door gingerly because they didn’t want to set off any booby-traps. They searched around for some way to open the temple door. They found an old yellow statue. They pulled a necklace down from its neck. Suddenly the door opened slowly. They were expecting a dark room however what they saw shocked them. It was a busy hotel reception full of guests.

100 w/c by Abby

Me and Milly walked back to our house, we opened the door gingerly. We had been out trick or treating all evening.  My mam said there would be a surprise for us when we got back. When we got in we discovered a Halloween party for us.  There we yellow apples hanging from the ceiling, there were coins in the bottom of a basin of water.  Seeing all the games getting set up I was feeling happy and excited.  ~All our fiends were at the door for the party.  It was remarkable how much fun we had however scary it was.

The Lost Treasure – by Zach

Once there were two scientists, their names were Tom and Jim.  They were trying to discover a remarkable treasure.  However they could not find out where they lost treasure was. But one day they had finally discovered where the treasure was.  It was near the yellow bright sand in Ireland, on one of the beaches. The first beach was where the treasure was.  It was under the shore.  Tom said to his drilling men, ”Let’s dig here, but be quiet.” All the men said, ”ok!” quietly.  When they were 100 feet down they found the treasure and they opened it gingerly.  Then they put the treasure in the museum.

100 w/c – Jessica M

Once there were three sisters call Molly, Katie and Milly. They went to the park even though it was raining. They opened the yellow gate gingerly.  Then they went back home. Their mam cooked their dinner for them.  They ate it all so quickly and they got their dessert and they said it was remarkable. However they enjoyed their dinner more than their dessert.  Then they heard banging.  They were really scared.  Then they discovered it was just a party invitation in the post box.  It said ‘you are invited to Maya’s party in PJ’s laser party. ‘A party!’ they said.

Henry and Jack’sAdventures – by Lee

There were two boys .  Jack had special yellow hair. Henry had black hair. They were good at climbing. They went exploring one day.  They found a house and it was dark and it looked abandoned. Jack gingerly walked to the door, however it was locked.  They walked to the back of the house and discovered a window open.  Henry found a lock, he pushed it, the wall flipped over. ”Help!” shouted Henry.  He was trapped in a room with a zombie.  Jack’s hair sparkled and flipped the door.  ”How did I do that?”

”I don’t know.”

They were walking around and two monsters chased them.  They got caught .  They brought them to their master called Zach.  No one was watching. I was a remarkable escape.


Jeff and John – by Aaron

Once upon a time Jeff and John were in an athletics race in. They were best friends.  However when they raced against each other, they were enemies. Thirty minutes before the race it started to lash rain.  Then the big yellow sun came out for the start of the race.  Both of them gingerly headed off on their first lap .  They were neck and neck after the first lap.  They discovered that there was a big big hill in the race.  They headed out on their last lap and they were still together. When they were at the top of the hill, Jeff slipped and fell to the ground.  That left John with a good lead.  As he came around the last bend, remarkable Jeff was getting closer.  As they got to the line Jeff had just got past John to win the race. The two lads shook hands and stayed friends.

Halloween – by Mia G

One damp, lonely night  a girl  called  Jessica  was getting ready to go trick or treating . But she  was not any  monster  – her costume  was  a box . But however she dressed up she was still happy . Last year she was a gingery, yellow furry  monster and she did not get a lot of comments about her costume. But she was still happy. She always got  a lot of candy from grandma Georgina by showing a dance to her . “WOW! it is a remarkable  costume, how did you’ve discovered a beautiful costume holly !” exclaimed Jessica .  Holly went over to Jessica  and gave her a hug . “Thank you” and off they went .

Halloween – by Jamie

Once upon a time it was Halloween night. There were a few children called Max, James, Caoilte, Aaron and Adam. When they went trick or treating they came
to a scary looking big tree story house. Then Caoilte knocked on the door gingerly ‘knock knock.” Who’s there ?” said a creepy voice. Who dares knock on my door? A yellow long finger came out of the post box. They discovered an old grey haired elderly man holding a black bag of 200 year old sweets. However the remarkable old man was as nice as the man on the moon. That was the best night in a long time.

The Arkham Cat – by Jakub

“Vrooooom!”said the cat-mobile.
“Hahahahahaha!” said Joker.
“Stop it right now,” said Ronnie the cat and Caoilte.
“No, I’m gonna blow this yellow Lamborghini to pieces!” said Joker. However he didn’t do it in time, because Ronnie knocked Joker over with a single punch. The red Lamborghini was saved. “YAY!” said the crowd watching the battle. Then Ronnie’s helmet said “there is a emergency in 45 Drogheda Street “. Then he discovered that was his house! Then a bad guy from Joker’s team set fire to Ronnie’s house.
Ronnie said “Caoilte, blow the fire off with your water breath”. That was so remarkable.

Mr Shivers – by Mia B

It was Halloween night and I was very excited, however I was running late so it was a mad dash out of the house to meet my friends. I discovered them around the corner outside Mr Shivers house.

Everyone was afraid of him because he was always shouting and angry. They dared me to call and do Trick or treat. I accepted.

I knocked gingerly on the big yellow door. I thought it was quite remarkable that I could actually HEAR my heart beating!

The door opened slowly and a big voice boomed out “Who dares knock on MY door!”

The Rock – by Lily

Breaking news two sisters from American called Bella and Sophie discovered a yellow rock that was the size of a watermelon. They lifted the rock gingerly so all of the paparazzi can see the rock. After all of that then Bella and Sophie went to the Ellen Show to show all of a America. They went home and have some dinner however they were so tired they fell asleep straight after dinner. It was a remarkable day, everyone enjoyed themselves and Bella  and Sophie are now big celebrities, all because of that yellow rock it was all the yellow rock.

Polly The Cat – Judge

It all started when I got up from bed in the morning. Getting ready to go to work however I heard a strange noise coming from the kitchen. Ooh! it was my pet cat called Polly. She was jumping with such an excitement. Then I discovered that Polly, my pet cat, had covered herself with all the yellow paint. Not finding it funny, I shouted, ”ooh Polly, what have you done now?!’
As soon as she saw me she sat down very gingerly. Instead of getting angry at her, I was very impress of her remarkable behaviour this morning.

The Journey – By Jessica C

One day my family went on a journey to the countryside. However we lost our way walking in the forest. Luckily we found a path leading to the mountain. We gingerly climbed the mountain and discovered the most remarkable view of the countryside. The bright yellow sun was shining in the sky. We had a picnic on the top of the mountain. We could see our car from the top of the mountain. It looked so tiny we could barely see it. After are little rest we walked back to our car. We really enjoyed are journey to the countryside.

Mum’s Remarkable Yellow Cake – by Hayden

Mum decided she was going to make a cake for my birthday. She wanted to make a cake so big and so fantastic that it would be so delicious everyone would just want to keep on eating it. She decided to put more mixture in it than she normally would, usually she would gingerly add the ingredients and go by the book,  however she put so much mixture in it that when it began cooking in the oven , we discovered that it rose so much that the remarkable yellow sponge started seeping out of the oven. and on to the floor. Needless to say it was a truly remarkable cake.

The Cool Treasure – by Ellen

One day there was, three girls named Ella, Ellen and Eve. They all said together ‘it is a lovely day today’, because it was a sunny day. A few hours later they decided to go to the beach. As Ella, Ellen and Eve were walking on the beach, they saw the bright yellow sun. As they got to the rocks, they discovered treasure. The treasure was remarkable cool to touch, they picked up the treasure gingerly. However there was more then one piece of treasure. There were seashells and bottles with letters. Ella said ‘the sun is starting to go down we better go home’.

The Maze Runner – by Darragh

He began his new life standing up gingerly, surrounded by cold darkness and stale, dusty air. His back was against a metal wall of darkness. Soon light shone on to him as if there was a God over him. It was like he was going up to heaven. The colour yellow was on him and the room
stopped moving. A door opened, he walked and then he discovered his name. His name was Darragh. He ran and ran. He ran into the maze but it was turning into night. The remarkable maze was filled with monsters. Darragh, however found the way out.