100 w/c Lorcan

In Azgod, Thor was training for the war against The Frost Giants. What Thor didn’t know was that his best friend, Janus, was fighting for the The Frost Giants.

The next day the war started , it was snowing . Thor’s brother Loki was part  human part Frost Giant. Thor saw Janus attacking his Father and threw his hammer at him. The weather changed. As the weather changed, they got more powerful. They defeated the Frost Giants leader and took the biyfrost. They had won the war. Just then Janus attacked Loki but Loki’s Father exploded Janus away.

100 w/c -Jack

WOW! It was a unbelievable day. I said to my mam can we please go to the beach? My mam said YES. Yipee ! Suddenly I arrived at the beach. It was jam packed full of people. I put my swimming suit on. Mam said look there is your friend Abraham.
What football team do you play for Abraham?
He said ”Liverpool?”
”Oh. I don’t like Liverpool.”
I stayed at the beach over night. As the weather changed the next day it got windy. I left to go to have breakfast next morning. I had a great time.

100 w/c Zach

It was a nice sunny day in a small town called Green Town.  There were two boys called Tom and Philip.  One day  Tom and Philip both said ‘How about we go on a hike?’

They set off at 3.00  in the rain, as the weather changed they shouted out, ‘look a rainbow.’ Two hours later they arrived.  They started from the bottom to the top they went up 11km when they got to the top they could see a rainbow.  They went  back down the mountain and back in the car and the tow boys fell asleep.

100 w/c – Jessica M

Once it was a sunny day, and two girls called Milly and Molly were going to have a picnic. Milly brought the picnic and Molly brought the balnket, but as the weather changed they had to go back home.  Milly and Molly were very sad.  They decided to play a game of snakes and ladders.  Milly’s brother came in and stepped on the board game and ruined the game.  They they got very annoyed.  Then they decided to watch telly. Milly’s mom came in and gave them sweets.  They may have had a bad day but it ended well because Milly’s mom gave them lots of yummy sweets.

100 w/c – Abby

There once was a little girl called Caoimhe.  Her mam told her to go to bed on a cold and windy night.  Caoimhe cuddled into her blankets and started to dream about snow.  The next morning she jumped out of the bed and looked out the window and saw snow.  She grabbed her coat and ran outside to build a snowman.  The rest of the family came out to help but as the weather changed they had to hurry, otherwise the snow would melt.  Everyone rushed around and helped each other. In the end they made a huge snow-woman called Abby!

100 w/c – Niamh

It was a rainy day. Some of my friends came to my house and we were going to play Shopkins. Suddenly there was lots of snow falling and it began to stick. As the weather changed they decided to wrap up and ran as fast as we could outside to the snow. We had a snowball fight and made snow angels it was great fun. I said to my friends “let’s make a snowman” they all screamed ”yes!”
Matilda had a big round belly, a carrot nose, eyes made from coal, a big smile and I put my pink hat and scarf on her.

100 w/c – Lily

Once upon a time there was a cheeseburger called Cheesey and a hotdog called Sausey. One day Sausey and Chesey went out to the playground. When Sausey and Cheesey got to the playground suddenly the sky went all dark. It looked like it was going to rain as the weather changed they…. ran home as fast as they could because Sausey and Cheesey were made out of bread and when bread gets wet it gets all soggy and mushy. Sausey and Cheesey finally got home after that long walk and they went inside the oven to dry themselves off to get crunchy again.

100 w/c – Julia G

Tasha and her little brother Erik were going to see their grandma in Scotland. Mum an dad decided to take a boat.
The sea was very calm that night and everyone fell asleep very quickly . After couple of hours, the boat started to swing up and down, everyone woke up quickly. The waves were huge and very angry looking .
As the weather changed, they had to turn back. As soon as they got off the boat everyone sighed with relief.

“Uffff, it feels wonderful to be on the ground!” said dad .
“You look a bit green dad, don’t you like the sea?” laughed Tasha.

100 w/c – Judge

It was horrible day, the clouds were black, the streets were wrecked and worst of all, it was lashing rain. No one was outside, except for two boys Yan and Nina. Yan and Nina were shocked they couldn’t believe their eyes. Bang! the noise came from the lightning up in the sky. ”What’s that!” shouted Yan. ‘
‘Run! it’s lightning,” shouted Nina.
The weather kept on changing, it was a storm than a tornado.
”Is that a tornado?” shouted Yan.
”Run!” shouted Nina. As the weather changed, they kept on running faster and faster until they were safe.

100 w/c by Darrgh

Boom! Darragh and Zach ran from the army of monsters.
Crash! Their way out was blocked. The monsters’ captain came to them, he said ”the king will eat you two for dinner”.
They took them, then as the weather changed the monsters died.
Darragh and Zach ran home and got weapons to kill the King. They went to the castle to kill him and then they went in. They went into the King’s room, he was asleep, so they killed him. They ran home and told their story to people.
The weather changed again but this time it was raining tacos and they both had fun!

100 w/c – Caitlyn

It was the morning of my sister’s first holy communion and the sun was shining. Our whole family went to the church. When the mass was over we went to the Balrothery Inn for dinner. The weather had started to change. It was rainy,windy and stormy. When we came back to the house for the party the garden was ruined. The bouncy castle had blown over. The gazebo was broken.

Suddenly the sun came out and as the weather changed they went out and fixed the garden so that all the children could play. We had a great day after all.

100 w/c – Lee

One day John and Lee were out playing.  They played tag, they had a lot of fun.  Lee looked up.  the clouds were dark.  As the weather changed they ran inside.  They were very bored until their Dad came home.  He had a surprise.  They hopped into the car. They were very excited. they wondered where they were going. Standing in front of the cinema, they ran in and had a good day after all.

100 w/c – Mia B

Susan was going camping!

She waved at her Mum from the bus and they set off. It was a bright summer,s day and she was excited. Some of the kids were singing songs and Jack was being sick into a bag as he had travel sickness.

Everyone else was in great form and were talking excitedly about what goodies they had packed. The bus was noisy and happy. Just then tiny little drops of rain hit the window, they got heavier, the kids got quieter, as the weather changed, they stopped speaking altogether. Would they be camping in a storm???

100 w/c – Mia G

There was a country far far away, you might not even know this, but there was a weather changing disaster.
Ok enough dilly daly. I am going to tell you a story about a boy called Tim. Tim loved the weather he would dream about the weather, eat with the weather and even sleep with the weather. He would go outside and say “Good morning old weather what are you going to be today?”
Suddenly Tim’s friend came over. “Are you ok Tim?” And suddenly as the weather changed they stopped to look what was going on. Rainy to sunny – this was a miracle .

100 w/c – Julia

In a wide, wide grassland, not far away, lived the Impy Limpies. The Impy Limpies were the cousins of the now famous Oompa Loompas. All the Impy Limpies im the Impy Limpy Tribe were jealous. Of what? Of their Oompa Loompa cousins. “Wyhugfgygfgsdgfhgghuvgghj!” The leader said. You are probably wondering what wyhugfgygfgsdgfhgghuvgghj means. I will gladly transalate for you. “If we go outside we might find a Wonka and we can take him home with us!” the leader suggested. They looked out of the window and it was lovely and sunny. They stepped out as the weather changed. They went back in from the now soaking grassland. Then it was sunny and as they went out again it turned to rain. It went on like this for a while until the leader decided, “We can’t have a wonka after all…”

100 w/c – Jamie

Bzzzz! went a bee on a nice Summer’s day children playing in the park on the swings and slide in t-shirts and shorts. Birds singing, not a cloud in the sky. As the day went on it got cloudier and colder and as the weather changed they went to the circus. Before the clowns come out to perform they queue up for cotton candy and jellies. After the clowns finish the children go down to where they perform and have a game of tag or buildup. Next up is the lion with sharp sharp teeth that can rip off your hand.

100 w/c – Jakub

On a sunny Tuesday morning Tom and his friends Alice, Jayden and Mayor decided to play hide & seek at the beach. Tom was on for the first round and found everyone in under two minutes! Tom was very surprised, considering the beach is massive. About six minutes later the weather went freezing and very stormy.
“Oh no what happened to the weather?” everyone shouted.
As the weather changed, they all went to Jayden’s house. Ten minutes later Tom decided to go to Mrr Weather to talk about this sticky situation.
“Oh! Tom glad to see you” said Mr Weather.
“What about this weather changing thing?” asked Tom.
“Oh! I’m so sorry, it’s just my machine went out of control and I tried to make it better” said Mr Weather.
“its ok” said Tom.

100 w/c – Hayden

Yeah! happy holidays is right but not from the beginning.
Mam and Dad decided to take us on a holiday to Spain, as Mam would say “I’m so tired of this Irish weather I so need a bit of sun”. Off we went to what we thought was going to be paradise, more like wet-adise, as soon as we got off the plane, it rained and rained and rained. We were stuck in our hotel room, everyone was. I was looking out the window and there was hardly anyone to be seen, however, when the weather changed they were all outside by the pool and we got dressed so quickly and ran down to our pool. Thank God the holiday’s about to start, but oh! wait were going home tomorrow .

100 w/c – Ellen

One bright summer’s day, Mimi, Katie and Jodie were in a taxi  going shopping, to the Pavillions. First they went River Island, then they went to KFC for lunch. After lunch Mimi, Katie and Jodie went to Penny’s. When Mimi, Katie and Jodie were finished in the Pavillions. They went to dinner in Weatherspoon’s, as the weather changed, they decided to put on their coats and hats. They got garlic bread and chicken wings for a starter. For a main they got chicken burgers and chips. For dessert Mimi got a Mississippi mud pie, Katie got an ice-cream sundae and Jodie just got ice-cream.

100 w/c – Adam

One day I was in my friend’s house for 2 hours. We got really got bored. We went outside to play. We played hide and seek for an hour. I won hide and seek. Then as the whether changed to a stormy, crashing, lighting storm, my two friends ran into their houses. Suddenly, the storm stopped and we went back outside. Then my friend Ben knocked on my door. I answered him he asked if he could come into my house. I asked my mam and he asked his mam and they both agreed. So he came in and we had some fun.

100 w/c – by Carragh

The McCarty family were going on a ferry to France for their first holiday. They were really looking forward to it. The car was parked below and they went straight up to the deck to look at the great views of the sea. After a while it started raining. Suddenly, as the weather changed, they saw lightening flash in the distance. The sea got very intense and the ferry started to rock from side to side. Everyone started to feel seasick and had to hold on tight for the rest of the journey. What a start to a holiday.

Cup Final Day by Aaron

It was Friday evening and I was getting ready for bed. It was a big day for me and my football team on Saturday.  We were playing in our first cup final. It lashed rain all night long.  The next morning I looked out my window and saw all the rain outside. I said to myself ‘the match will be off’. As the weather changed they called me on the phone and told me that the match was still on.  I was happy we were playing Skerries. We won 2-1, I scored one.  We had a great party that night. We are the champions.

100 w/c – Jakub

In the year of 2017 in Mexico Sin Cara found a secret time machine  in called T-PASY1000. Sin Cara sat down on a blue chair beside the time machine. Sin Cara’s outfit is: black pants with a white strip on each side, and a black  Lucha mask with white details. Then I came in the same place as Sin Cara. But when I looked in front and behind I saw nothing, just black and white. “Where are we?” I asked. Then Sin Cara replied “we are in 1624.” That’s why it’s just black and white.

100 w/c – James

Me and my brother once saw a building that we have never seen before but we never went to it.So today is the day we are going. So now we have every thing we need so lets GO and of we went. On the way we took a break and had a snack then we got up and started walking again.We now are at the building shouted my brother.When we were inside there was lots of doors. I looked in front and behind witch way then we just went home. I wonder whats in the hidden door.

100 w/c Jessica C

One sunny morning, I went out to play. I  knocked for Luke. I said to Luke “Lets play hide and go seek.” Luke said”Yes.” I  had to count first, I counted to 100. I  finished counting to 100 and I went to find Luke,I looked in front and behind. Which way did Luke go? I looked every where except behind this one wall. I looked behind that wall and I found him! We then played another round. Luke had to count to 100 as well. He found me hiding behind a car. It was fun playing with Luke.

100 w/c – Jessica M

Once there was a girl, she was a story teller.  Her name was Melody, she loved to read.  Melody went to a school called Saint Molaga’s.  Melody read a science story.  She began to read.

”Once there was a girl named Milly, she loved science so the next day she went to the science fair.  There was a boy at the science fair too and he said to Millie, ‘I looked in front and behind, which way did I look?’

Millie thought and thought but she didn’t get it. Then she went home.”

The children clapped.

My Friend’s House – by Lee

Today I was in my friend’s house.  I was having fun.  I had an idea.  I got a pillow and a blanket and went under the bed.  I was in the covers and lying on some blankets and the rest I pulled over me.  I was really hot, so I took off my socks.  A few minutes later I had to go home.  I looked for my socks. I found one but the other one was missing.  I looked in front and behind, which way could it be? After a bit of help I found out I was sitting on it!

Holidays in Spain – by Aaron

Last year I went on holidays to Spain with my family.  I met a now friend called Adam.  His brother’s name was Cameron. We played football, Frisbee, tag, pool and snooker.  We went to play on the astro and we played with my dad and Cameron’s dad.  The next day we went to the markets.  The man in the hotel gave my dad directions to get there.  He said it would take about forty minutes.  After an hour and a half my dad stopped the car. He said, ‘I looked in front and behind, which way?’ We gave up and sat at the pool!

The Maze by Zach

Once there were boys called John and Bob. John said ”can we go to a maze?”

Mom and Dad said ‘Ok.’

So they got in the car, forty minutes later Dad said ‘here we are.’ So John and Bob ran in the maze.

I looked in front and behind, which way?

Mom and Dad were given a map of the maze. John and Bob ran until ran right into a hedge. John said ‘ouch’ so did Bob.

Then Mom and Dad said ‘what are you doing out here’ then they went home and they boys were in lots of trouble.

100 w/c Abby

One day my friend and I went for a walk in Ardgillan Castle Park.  It was a sunny day and loads of people were walking.  We walked along a pathway into the forest, with loads of trees and loads of birds singing. We enjoyed the walk so much that we forgot what time it was.  We looked in front and behind, which way do we go to get back out of the forest?  We were lost and it was getting dark.  We listened to see if we could hear anybody.  We heard children so we followed the sound and found our way out.