100 w/c by Julia G

Peaky had a very important letter to give.
He set of with his big spaceship.
He was a robot that could not understand what love, friendship or a friend is. He was only a robot to do missions.
“What a colourful place with hills and lakes” said Peaky, then he saw a family and gave them an old bottle. Inside it there was a very old page, it said:I heard that you showed a lot of kindness, but I still don’t know what love is . The family hugged Peaky and said ,
“you’re going to learn very quickly.”
Then Peaky picked a red rose that was growing beside a tree and gave it to the family.
” What a wonderful way of greeting humans of earth, ” said the family and everybody laughed.

100 w/c by Julia

Greetings humans of Earth,
I am Peaky the Ohbot. It is really cold up here. I think I left my coat behind. I’m a robot get me out of here! Who turned the lights out? Oh I forgot I’m up in space. It’s really dark up here. The good thing is it’s really cool here too. I mean it’s awesome cool, but as I said, It’s BRRRR cool aswell . I can just about see a bit of earth. The ballon filled with helium is sooo big! I think I like it up here.

100 w/c Judge

Greeting humans of planet Earth, A message from Ohbot  Peaky. I am holding a competition this Christmas, In order to enter the competition all you need to do is write a Christmas poem and send it to the airport at the Cafe De Flore. The prize will a trip to the moon this Christmas and one family will be invited. At the moon we will learn about the secret of the moon, racing games and many more. The last day to bring in the form will be on the 20th of December. The trip will be amazing and enjoyable.

100 w/c Jamie

Greetings humans of earth my name is Obot peaky.
I am a robot that will be sent up into space in two weeks time.
I will be helped by a school called Pix More Junior School.
Two weeks later.
It is time for me to set off on my journey into space
in a helium filled baloon.
My mission is to travel to Mars and land on the red planet.
During my visit to Mars I will have to figure out more about
the planet.
When i come back I hope I have more for you and the world. Bye

100 w/c Hayden

Greetings Humans of Earth. I have come in peace. I have come such a long way, from another universe. I have come here because I wanted to explore new worlds and the possibility of  new species, I wanted to make sure that we were not alone in the Universe. I am happy to now discover that we are not alone.  My old planet was burnt up by the  sun, and we have no where to go. We  are a loving species and we would never hurt a human. We only wish to learn and grow from you and live in harmony.  We bring peace and love and will show your our technology. Please can we Stay?

100 w/c – Jessica C

Greetings humans of Earth,
My name is Obot,
I come from space where it is very cold and dark.
I got here three years ago by a balloon,
It was very fun but it got a bit rocky when it started to go up.
I wish I was a human so I could feel the way you feel, eat like you because all we get to eat is metal, glass and gas.
I am up in space with lots of other robots, I have a lot of friends.
My friends name are Slotbot, Gasbot, Lobby and Cropbot,

100 w/c – James

Greetings humans on Earth I am Ohbot the robot.Today I am going to the moon. Right now I am in a rocket ship the rocket ship is abought to take off in… 3.2.1 blastoff. The ship is heading for the moon . I am nearly there but still a bit to go. Yes we are at the moon now I can explore. First I am going to scout the area. There is nothing really here but some hills . Now I am going to go back to the ship to get back to earth 3.2.1 blastoff . I am back.

100 w/c – Jakub

Greetings humans of Earth…I really want to be a human, so I could do all the things that humans can do. I really want to create stuff, play sports and everything else. But I can only do one or two things. I want to have a cool artist personality. My favourite thing to do as a robot is standing and saying “hello” at the same time. Right now I am the age of a robot 21. My favourite movie is Suicide Squad. My favourite character in Suicide Squad is Deadshot. I hate Nuke stuff because there is poisonous bacteria. Bye

100 w/c by Ellen

Greetings humans of Earth,
my name is Ohbot Peaky.
I REALLY want to be a human, and I really like humans.
I am excited to go to space and nervous to go aswell.
My eyes are brown,
and my lips are white.
My nose is yellow.
My hoodie is blue,
and favourite colours are green and yellow.
My name starts with the letter P.
My favourite letter is P.
My face is in a sphere.
My face is white.
My nose is straight.
I have three teeth.
I have no hair.
I have no cheeks.
I have no skin.
I have no eyebrows.

100 w/c by David

Greetings humans from earth,
I’m Ohbot Peaky, and my mission is to go to space!
Hopefully you’re all okay back at earth,
How is you’re family?
Earth is no match compared to space!
A billion earths would not fill space!
It feels lonely up here,
I wish you could talk to me,
Space is quite nice to be fair,
But I like earth a lot better,
I think humans would like space because there is no traffic ,
There is no wifi up in space and no plants and the oxygen is different ,
Bye humans from earth .

100 w/c by Daniel

Greetings people from earth. I just want to say to love your self, your family and friends. Say thanks to your teachers for looking after you for a whole year. I would prefer to live on earth. And I think you would prefer to live in space. I would love to meat you some time. One million earths are not enough to fill space. And I forgot to say this at the start believe in santa, the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy and Jesus. And I am really excited to go in a space ship.
Kind Regards,

Good Bye.

100 w/c by Carragh

Greetings humans of Earth. My name is Ohbot Peaky and I once had a dream of being the first robot astronaut to go into space. My dream came true and here I am. I was able to get here because of the hard work and great thinking of young minds like yours. Maybe some of you have dreams of being scientists, teachers, athletes or singers. Its important to have dreams and with hard work you can be whatever you like. Maybe sometime some of you might come to space? Dream big and I hope someday they will come true too.

100 w/c – by Caoilte

Greetings humans of earth. You should be grateful for what you have because you can taste food do lots of things but I can only do one thing. You have someone to love you have friends. I can’t love someone or be someone’s friend. You should not be cheeky to your parents for all they do for you they give you food when they could just give you nothing.I ‘m only programmed to go to space and make this speech to all the humans of earth. So be really nice to your parents. your robot, Obot.

100 w/c by Caitlyn

Dear human friends on planet Earth.
This is Obot speaking.
I want to tell you all about my trip to outer space.

The spaceship went really fast but I wasn’t scared.
When the spaceship went through the atmosphere it was very dark.
There are lots of twinkly stars and lots of very big planets to explore.

In space there is no gravity so I can float around in my spaceship. It is lots of fun in space.

So far I have not seen any other humans but the Millennium Falcon flew past the other day.

Over and Out

100 w/c By Adam

Greetings people of Earth.
It is a great pleasure for me to visit your planet and to meet you all gathered here. I come from a planet called Snickers. I am on a mission to gather as much information as possible about your ability to grow peanuts as our main food on the planet are Snickers bars. There is a lot of robots like me and our planet is too small to grow enough peanuts to feed all of us, so we need extra supply from other planets. I am coming here to ask you if we would be able to buy some peanuts of you as we have heard that they are very tasty here and you love Snickers bars too.
Thanks for your time. Do you have any questions ?

Sam’s Trip – by Caoilte

One day there lived a boy Sam, he was going to Portugal. His friend Dan said “but where were they going.” His mum explained it to him. So off Sam went to Portugal he had a great time. He got to swim, play football they had everything there like, chocolate cake and stuff. But most of all he missed home. Sam and his family had a great time. Sam got new shoes, a football it was great he played football every day.Soon Sam went home and played with his best friend Dan. He had the best holiday ever.

100 w/c by David

“Wake up” shouted mam.  “Why” said David.  Were going somewhere.  Where ? David asked.  I’m not going to tell you.  So they went.  But where were they going .  A couple of minutes later they arrived at the airport. Where are we going, please tell me, said David. Were going on a aeroplane .  I know that.  They got on the aeroplane .  He still Didn’t know where he was going until his mam told him, Were going to America .  YAY David shouted .  It was the best holiday ever and the best surprise ever .  They had a holiday of a lifetime.

The Old Story About Jack And Tim by zach

Once there was an old man called Tim. Two boys always knocked on his door so they could hear a story. The boys were called Jack and Tom. They knocked at 3:00. Tim let them in and he started to tell a story.

Once there were two boys called Jack and Tim who loved to explore the forest. They both went to explore the forest after asking their mum.

“Can we go to the forest?” they begged.

“Yes, only if you come home at 3.00.”

Off they went where they found 3 bears. Tom interrupted “but where were they going?”. Jack said “sorry Tim we have to go, bye bye.”

Bill’s Epic Adventure by Lee

Once upon a time there was a boy called Bill. He had brown hair and blue eyes. He went to the beach and saw weird green things. They had green eyes like rugby balls. Bill got caught when they got him with their laser. Putting him in their ship, they started to fly, but where were they going? The green things explained “we caught you because you saw us”. They were going to eat him for lunch. Luckily, Bill found an escape pod and he flew back home and lived happily ever after. He hoped he never sees them again.

Best Team In The World by Charlie

Bang’! Goal 1-0 to Liverpool Versus Watford at Anfield. Mane scored at the 27th minute. Three minutes later my hero, Coutinho scored a great goal. Liverpool are on fire thirteen minutes later  Can scores and Liverpool take a 3-0 lead at half time. As the second half starts, it wasn’t long before they get two more goals, Firmino and Mane making it 5-0. Watford manage to get one back but Liverpool score one more Wijnaldum making the final score 6-1 to Liverpool. They were third last week but where were they going next. all the way to the top.

100 wc by Abby

Once upon a time, in the middle of a snowy winter night, a young girl called Topsy was lying in her bed. Suddenly she heard a noise in her garden so she looked out the window. The snowmen she had built were calling her, “come with us Topsy.” So she ran to her garden. The snowmen were sneaking through the bushes but where were they going she thought. She followed them through the bushes. She saw an amazing ice palace, there were ice slides ice swings and lots of ice toys to play with. She had lots of fun with her new snow friends.

100WC by Jessica M

Once there was a family of six. There were two adults and four kids. The kids names were Jessica Rebecca Katie and Kate. Their friend was moving house but Jessica didn’t know about this. Jessica is best friends with Emma. Jessica and Emma told their Mammies that they were going to the playground. Emma was acting strange . Emma’s mam called her back to the house. When Jessica turned around she saw a moving truck in Emma’s garden. Jessica went to Emma’s house and thought “but where were they going” and then she knew.

The Dream Of The Sad Family – by Mikolaj

Once there was a sad family, that all had a dream to go to a place that they could rest in. Their names are Gill, Bill, Molly, Holly and there parents names are Gavin and Lucy. They were reading a book called ‘Holidays’. The people in the book were driving their car but where were they going?  It seemed that they were going holidays. They were going to Malta they had to go to a Prom. They were  living beside a pool and the beach. The beach had sharks and sea turtles everyone enjoyed the holidays. They  had the best time in the world.

The Big Bomb – by Lily

Boommmm! went a big black bomb. “What was that huge noise?” asked Alex.
“I don’t know” said Alex’s mum.
“Mum can I go to Emma’s house?” asked Alex.
“Yes!” said Alex’s mum.
Knock, knock went the door. “Hi” said Emma.
“Emma come with me,” said Alex.
“What is so important”? cried Emma.
“There was a big bomb explosion outside” cried Alex.
“Lets go and explore” said Emma.
“Lets go!” said Alex.
Alex’s mum was looking out the window. “Hopefully they are going to be ok, but where are they going?”
“I hope it’s nowhere near those big dark woods.”

The Treasure – Judge

Jack and his mum Grace, when on a holiday in the Caribbean.  They visited a cave, Jack found something strange in the cave and was curious about it. So they were both puzzled about what they found. Jack quickly ran out of the cave to tell everyone about the good news, but his mom shouted “Jack don’t! where do you think you are going, we are keeping this to ourselves.”  They both gathered up the treasure they found and went back to their country, sold the treasure, and became very rich. They both lived very happy.

The Unknown Assassin by Jakub

One night in a dark place an assassin was wanted for murdering a person. It was easy for the assassin, because he’s the number one assassin in the world. ” It’s time to track another opponent”, said the boss.
“Ugh” said the opponent.
Then the assassin was wanted again but got away with it by shooting his grappling hook. “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!” said the boss. By the way, the assassins name is Scarper. Scarper went to another mission with his team-mate and then Scarper said “….but where are we going?..
” You are going for a mission, to help the SWAT to look for a bad guy, Scarper’s boss said.
“The bad guy is called Deadshot”.

To be continued…

We Are Going To The…? by Jack

Last Thursday, me and my sister Kate and brother Patrick went to Pavillions. We live in Howth so we got a bus to Swords. We were late for the bus so we got a train. However, there is no train station in Swords so we went to the Malahide train station. We ran all the away to Swords. We arrived at Pavillions, I was very tired, but where were we
going next? I decided to see a movie called The Trolls. I got popcorn and sweets. The movie ended suddenly. At 6pm we got a bus home, it was an enjoyable day and we ve plans to go again soon.

100 w/c by Daniel

One day there was a family. All of them were going camping. They had to stop for a bathroom break. But when dad was not looking, someone got in and drove away but where were they going? Sara said to call the AA and get a taxi to follow their car. Sara had spotted that their car had gone to town. They got out of the taxi and tried to get in to their car. But it was locked. They had to go in to the shopping centre. They had found the people. But it turned out to be their aunt and uncle.

Escape from School by Hayden

One day at the very start of school, my friends and I decided at yard time we were going to play hide and seek. I was on at hide and seek and my friend hid. I counted to 50, but, when I was finished, I turned around, I didn’t see anyone, they must have escaped from school, but where were they going? where could they be?. Me and my other friends told teacher that my friends had escaped school. Teacher told me then, that while I was counting with my eyes closed, she called my friends in for choir practice, and I didn’t know. So that is where they are now, Phew, that’s a relief I thought they had escaped from school.

The Four Friends by Niamh

It was a very cold day and it was snowing but my school was still open. I was sitting at my desk doing maths. I couldn’t really hear my teacher talking anymore. I was busy on an amazing adventure. It was with four
Green creatures they had ten eyes and really long fingers. I told them “My name is Niamh” Who are you? They said ”we’re Ding, Dong, Ping & Pong” and waved their long green fingers at me and I waved back. Then they clicked their fingers and disappeared into puffs of glitter. Wow this was amazing to me BUT where were they going?…..