100 w/c – Julia

Once, a million years ago, there was a great, big sea in the middle of the earth. And in the middle of that sea lived a ray called Frank with his best friend Flipper.
Flipper was the smallest fish and he was showing Frank his new trick. “Skipping with seaweed is awesome”, Frank said. “Why don’t you try it” said Flipper.
Frank tried it and he cut the seaweed from the sea floor off with his fins. Well, he thought he cut the seaweed but he had actually pulled the plug, holding in all the water. As the water gushed through the plug-hole the land became dryer and dryer. All the boats were stranded. Year by year trees grew until there was no sign that there had ever been a sea.

100 w/c – Carragh

All the boats were gathered in a strange forest. They had no idea how they got there in the first place. Bob was the oldest of the boats and remembered this happening to him before. He told the other boats not to worry that it was just a storm that washed them there. They all asked Bob how do we get out of here? He replied “I can call Terry the tractor to come and pull us out”. After a while Terry came and towed them back into the water. Bob said “Let’s go ride down the wavy river”.

100 w/c Jamie

In a far away land called Twinkle land ,it is full of fairies and little colourful trolls that lived in a castle. The fairies were different because all they liked to eat are carrots  and mostly stuff made out of steel. One day a new baby fairy was born and her favourite colour was mauve. One day the fairies mam saw a sad programme and tears started to come out then she said don’t be so tearful. One day the baby was playing hide and seek and hid under the table so she wouldn’t get caught and she won.

100 w/c – James

As it turned dawn the sky went a mauve colour . I went outside and I saw these glowing things in the sky . I went further and they turned out to be fireflies . I went back inside to get a jar and ran back outside and caught one. I ran up to my room and I put the jar on my steel shelf . The light on the fireflies went out. I took the firefly outside and I was tearful as I released it.

I went to the my bowl of fruit and  vegetables and took two carrots .

I will always love the dawn.

100 w/c – Lee

Hello, I’m Charlie and I have met the most amazing man in the world! Mr. Wily Wonka.

He is making new sweets, Jelly Carrots, that are healthy and covered in a mauve wrapper.

When Wonka showed me them they made me tearful! I went home and had my dinner.  I went to bed starving. The next day I told my mam and dad about the new sweets.

They were starving too so they went immediately out the steel gates to the shop and got one Jelly Carrot for each of us.

”Ummm’ said mam, as she ate it.

100 w/c- Aaron

I was in bed last week. I was tucked up under my duvet. I was watching a sad film and I was very tearful. I was so tired I fell into a deep sleep.  In my dream I was in the country side and I was walking great fun running through the fields full of mauve flowers. There was a farm nearby and the farmer was feeding carrots to the horses.

In my next dream I was in Florida on my holidays. I was in Universal Studios and I was screaming my head off because I was on a big steel rollercoaster. Wow! What a dream!

100 w/c Zach

It was the day of the great Carrot Pick Off.  There was a farmer called jack. He had been collecting carrots. The day had finally come.  Jack went to the Carrot Pick Off with his carrots in his mauve van.  Jack finally got there. Under his van he spotted a carrot , if he took it he would have cheated because it was not his carrot.

The judges counted up all of the carrots, the winner was Jack.  The judge gave Jack the giant steel carrot trophy.  One of the other farmers was very tearful because he had lost some of his carrots.

100 w/c – Jessica M

Once there was a girl called Laya. She went to the shop.  On the way to the shop she saw a steel coloured cat.  Laya looked up in the sky, and it was mauve. She was almost at the shop but she had to crawl under the tunnel.  Then she was at the shop.  She had to get carrots but then she fell and started to cry as she was very fearful.  Then she paid and went home.  ON her way home she fell again and hurt her leg.  Her mam asked her was she ok. She said she was and her mam put a plaster on it.

The Undertaker Vs The Bunny

Ding! Bing! Ding! One of the funniest matches in WWE I have ever seen just started.  As the Undertaker stepped into the ring, behind him was a big white and mauve polka dot bunny with a carrot in his mouth.

Well, I was laughing so much I was tearful. But the mood changed when the Undertaker picked up a steel chair and hit the bunny on the back.  Following with a ‘tombstone’, the match was all over for big bunny who just lay there chewing his carrot.

I thought WWe was full of surprises but now I’ve seen it all!

100 w/c – Mia B

Eloise was making dinner for her family. She took some carrots from the fridge and got the big steel knife from the drawer.

She began cutting the carrots into slices. Just then her cat Pixie jumped up onto the counter and startled her, she jumped and the knife slipped and she cut her finger.

She was tearful as she held her finger under the tap and called for her Mum.

Her Mum managed to stop the bleeding and put a bandage on the mauve wound. She also threw the carrots in the bin as nobody wanted bloody carrots for dinner!

100 w/c Daniel

One evening, some friends were playing football. The sky went from mauve to black. The next morning they went to the farm to pick some fruit and vegetables. They picked some berries, carrots, grapes and turnip. They went home and crashed into the steel fence of the school. At twilight, their  mum got very tearful of the beautiful sky. And all of a sudden someone screamed.  “A small mouse. A small mouse”. And then their mum got up went up stairs like an elephant going for a walk. “What was that for?” said mum. And she did not see that site ever again.

100 w/c- Julia G

As the sun rose, it struck right at our hands, it was twilight . All the farmers cuddled  together in a tight pile like steel.The farmers were working all night and day to deliver and make vegetables. After a few weeks there was a tight wind from the enchanting  wood. “That meant only one thing  it’s nearly Christmas, ” said one of the farmers in a tearful voice. The sun looked  like burning flames and the sky was like mauve .The farmers were working  so hard under  huge pressure to make it on time. It was time to start the  amazing  carrots show, they put every thing in  place .

100 w/c – Abby

Oscar was a small grey cat, he lived on a big farm
with loads of other animals. Thomas the farmer always took care of him and knew that Oscar’s favourite food was carrots. One day Thomas brought Oscar in for some food and accidentally spilt mauve dye on his fur. Oscar was very tearful but Thomas didn’t mind, he liked that colour. As an apology Thomas allowed Oscar use their new steel cutlery to eat his dinner. After dinner he went out to the other animals, they all loved his new look so Oscar didn’t feel so under the weather.

100 w/c – Ellen

One day, there was a little girl called Abigail. Abigail lived with her mam Jenny, dad Paul and her older brother Tom. Jenny said to Abigail “Tom does not know this, but we are going to get a bunny tomorrow”.  Abigail was very, very, excited for tomorrow! She was that excited she could not even sleep. Today was the day Abigail got a bunny, because she was getting a bunny she wore her mauve bow. Abigail called the bunny Carrots. Tom got tearful because he didn’t pick the name. Then Tom hid Carrots under the steel table. Abigail got upset and Tom got in trouble.

100 w/c- Darragh

One day there was a man named Jack. He worked in a factory.  He hated it. He acted stupid to get  fired. He got fired and he got a new job in E.D.F. The people had steel armour and he was a soldier. One day there was a meteor shower. The sky went mauve, he ran under a tunnel. But the meteors turned into carrots. The people ate them then they were tearful. Jack did not eat them. The people turned to zombies so Jack ran home to rest. The zombies were knocking on the window. Jack ran. To be continued.

100 w/c – Jakub

On a cold windy day, Ben went to visit his Granny and Grandad, that live on a farm. The farm had only carrots, a few minutes later Ben saw a steel ingot where a carrot used to be. Then Ben’s mam said Ben “time for school”. Ben hates school and was very tearful so he began crying. Then he went home and saw a mauve  bag for school, but under it was an action figure of  John Cena. When Ben went home he saw his bedroom full of wrestling toys, his bed turned into a wrestling ring. He also saw a big carrot and a lego set of a carrot farm.

100 w/c – Jessica C

It was a sunny Saturday morning. Zoe has a  younger sister Emma. Zoe is  14.  Emma is 6. Zoe and Emma share a room. Zoe is getting her own room tomorrow. Zoe said she wants a mauve coloured wooden desk in her new room. That is all she has on her mind. A few hours later she thought of something else, a steel bin under her desk. Emma did not like the sound of Zoe getting a new room, Emma was tearful. It was then time for lunch they had a carrot sandwich, a apple and a small  chocolate bar.

100 w/c – Jack

I saw my new garden. It was a dawn morning. The clouds looked like steel. The garden had a weird smell of vinegar. Suddenly, I saw carrots growing at the edge of the garden. I saw the shed I looked inside it. At the edge of the shed there was a spider. YUCKY! I got a fright and  after I was tearful. Under  the spider there was a beautiful bike it was mauve. There were lots of nettles in the garden. The nettles were spikey. Suddenly, I saw a swimming pool. The last while I was swimming around it was so cold.

100 w/c – Mia G

“MUM MUM MUM “Tom cried .”What is the matter with you Tom, you shout every minute?!” said mum anxiously.
“All of my carrots have disappeared from the fright”. Tom screamed .
As you see Tom loves carrots he can’t even spend a day without them . Mum was getting ready for a party at her friend’s house . It was a mauve party with pink. Mum was kind of scared of her friend because she had a steel house. Under Tom’s bed there was his small cuddly teddy. If Tom would feel tearful, teddy would always smile and cheer Tom up.

100 w/c – Lily

It was a dull cloudy Saturday day. The sky was the colour steel and the grass was a very very dark green, a girl called Mia went out to play with all her best friends. The girl’s name were Alex, Leah and Sophie. Sophie’s granddad owned a farm. Mia and her friends went to the farm to play and pet the animals. As they got to the farm the sky changed to mauve. They saw a load of vegetables like carrots, tomatoes and many more. Sophie’s granddad dug under the ground to show the girls how plants grow. When they got home twilight began. Mia and her friends were tearful with happiness.

100 w/c – Mikolaj

“Hop hop,” came a noise from my garden. I quickly put on my filthy runners and ran outside. I had a look around, and something caught my eye . It was a rabbit that was mauve , tearful and homeless . We immediately took him home and gave him a carrot, it was really shy . But when we were reading the news paper on page 12 there was an announcement that a farmer lost his rabbit . We ran to our car and drove to the farm , we were there and we saw a sign, under it it said:
“Welcome to our farm”.
Then some funny old man came out and said:
“You found the rabbit , thank you”.
Then the rabbit hopped away into a steel barn.

100 w/c – Niamh

It was a very hot day, so I went to check up on my pet rabbit Elsa.  I brought some fresh water and carrots for her they were her favourite food.  She had beautiful mauve coloured eyes and her fur was snow white and so soft.  She was only one month old, I loved her so much.  When I reached her hutch I got such a dreadful shock.  Elsa had dug a hole and got trapped under the steel of her hutch.  My poor Elsa was not moving she was dead.  I was so sad and tearful.  It was a bad day.

100 w/c -Adam

One day I was in a little beautiful, magic village. When I was  walking I saw a big garden of carrots. Behind it there was a big hidden entrance to the cave.  The cave was under the village. I wanted to go  into the cave but it was locked.  I looked around and I saw a big stone. I moved it and than I saw it… Big steel button. I pushed it  and the cave door opened. It was beautiful inside it. There was big secret garden full of  mauve flowers. It was a bit tearful when we had to leave the cave.

100 w/c – Caoilte

Jamie and his friend Jack were going on a colour hunt to find mauve. When they were on the colour hunt, Jamie  pointed to the silver steel. They checked the image that they had in their backpack. No ‘not mauve said Jack. Off they went again on the colour hunt. WOW! cried Jack maybe that’s mauve. Unfortunately Jack spotted a carrot that was under the ground mostly but it was orange. By the end of the colour hunt they had not seen mauve. Jack and Jamie were tearful. As they were walking Jack shouted there it is! Mauve! It’s the sky. Sure enough it was.

100 w/c – Lorcan

At dawn and dusk, twilight slips through the gap. On one special dawn a little Angel girl looked up at the mauve sky. She got very tearful because her brother had died at dawn. She decided she would grow three carrots for her  brother Steel. She grew them because that was his favourite food. She sang a little song every dawn it went like this, “under the mauve sky I can see my brother flying on a carrot ship.” Her two dogs would sit beside her, Milly and Steel Jr. Sometimes even the robins would join in, this would make her smile.

100 w/c – Julia

In a little town, that not many people knew of, was a farm. This farm was the main farm which fed all the people. Those who lived in the town, always had steel plates laden with food.
But one day that all changed. All the food had disappeared. The people assumed it had been done under the cover of night. The whole town was tearful that all their lovely food was gone. Their plates were empty and everyone thought they would starve. Until a strange man wearing a mauve cloak appeared in the farm. He claimed he had a magic carrot and he would magic up some food. Would you believe him?…

100 w/c – Carragh

“Squeak”. I followed the noise to see where it was coming from. I think it came from a gloomy alleyway. I was first scared, then I pulled myself together. I went in and found a  rabbit under a box! It looked frightened. It made me tearful thinking of it all alone. I brought it  home and asked my mam could I keep it. She said okay. I wrapped it in a mauve blanket. I then asked my dad could he build a house. He did and the rabbit had a safe home. He made a steel plaque that read “Carrots”.

100 w/c Jessica C

It was a stormy night, Lara and her family were on a boat  to England. The boat shook side to side in the wind and as the weather changed, they looked up at the stars. It was almost midnight Lara and her family were getting tired. “Don’t worry we are almost their Lara” dad said quietly. Everyone on the boat was awake. By the time they reached England the storm slowly calmed down. “Time to get off the boat everyone” said mam to the family. Lara got to her hotel and she loved the last bit of the trip.

100 w/c – Daniel

One day, some brothers and sisters went to the playground to play. But as the weather changed they went home. Their mum brought them home. They went home and watched a movie until the rain stopped. And then they went out to play football. Their mum said she would bring them back to the playground. And she did. They went back the next week. And got a lot of exercise. They played hide and go seek, football and bulldog. They had a great day. There mum and dad had a good day too. Well all most every one did. Well the people that got in the car did.

100 w/c – Charlie

It was a sunny day in July.  Two boys, Jack and Jim decided to go swimming at the beach near where they lived.  The summer holidays had just begun so everyone else had the same idea.  When they got to the beach the waves were high – perfect for surfing.  The two boys were only in the water as the weather changed, they looked ahead to see a tornado sucking up people.  With all their energy they made it out ok and escaped the tornado.  The storm was over in minutes and the tow boys were just happy to be alive.