Me and My Brother Fight by Aaron

Me and my brother always fight after school and I always win. I beat him up and I am the champion of the house. I always beat him up and then my little brother tries to beat me up but he cannot. We have great fun fighting but it is only messing. We love each other. I like fighting with my brothers. My little brother always takes me down and stands on me.

Family War by Charlie

A long time ago in a little town called Trumpland  there lived a father and a daughter who were at war with each other. The father Donald and daughter Hilary could not decide who ruled the land. The town was split in two. One day a man called Jeff had an idea. The land would be better if there was two people ruling it. He got the father and daughter together and made them agree to share the land. All the people were happy and Jeff was a hero for bringing peace to the town of Trumpland.

The Nerf War by Lee

l woke up this morning and went down stairs. I watched my tablet but then my sister came down and she kept kicking me. I had enough. I ran upstairs and got a Nerf gun. I hid behind the door. When she came in, I shot her several times. She escaped and found my backup gun. It was the start of a Nerf War. It all went quiet and then I saw a bullet brushing past. There she was on the stairs. I was on my bunk bed and I was about to shoot, but mam stopped me. Mam made peace between us.

100 w/c Brother vs Sister by Zach

Zach said “I’m going to go and put on the TV”. Jessica was there before Zach and Jessica said “go away I was here first now go and wait while I am watching this program”. Just then Jessica needed to go to the loo and Zach tried to get the remote but Jessica got to it.

Zach ran out of the room and said”phew”. Then he got pay back. Getting his Nerf gun he said “pay back time”. He ran down the stairs and Jessica had a Nerf gun Rebelle and shot it at Zach. Zach shot at Jessica.

Dylan got the TV no one saw him. Dylan won.

The Deep by Jamie

Once upon a time there lived a family that loved exploring the deep under water. One day their ship got attacked by whale sharks. After about five minutes they got out in water suits. One hour later they were at shore and they went back home and his sister asked ”Who will you make peace with?” “Mmm, I had a fight with Jeremy, so him” said Momy. “But why do you want to make peace with Jeremy” asked Ant. “Because he’s the only boy I’m not friends with”. Do it tomorow at school” she said. ”Ok,” he replied.

100 w/c Niamh

In world war six. People were killed by the Nazis. Amy, Emma, Jessica, Jesica and Lilly got killed by the Nazis. The Nazis went to the shop. I was in the shop that the Nazis were in. I did not like the Nazis. The Nazis took people from the shop. The Nazis did not like the people who were mean to them. No one liked the Nazis because they killed you. The Nazis took over the shop. They killed lots of people.

Jeffland V.s Galaxyland by Mikoloj

There was a war in Galaxyland vs Jeffland it was very hard. Galaxyland were strong but Jeffland were stronger.
”Go”! said the leader of Jeffland, Jeff.
The war moved to the real galaxy there were a lot of rockets, ufo’s and aliens. Galaxy captain shot a alien but just then Jeff said ”what are those”? to the leader of Galaxyland. Then they were being killed by Jeffland and then someone said ”stop!”
It was the Galaxy King. Then they began peace and they came back to their own countries and everyone stopped killing people.

Molly in Trouble by Mia B

Molly was a cheeky little girl. She answered her Mammy back a lot.

One day Molly’s Mammy was sick. She asked Molly to get her some tea but Molly refused. She asked her to hoover but Molly said No.

Molly’s Mammy got worse and had to go to hospital. Molly was scared and sorry and made her Mammy a special card to tell her how much she loved her.

Molly’s Mammy recovered and came home and Molly LOVES making a cup of tea for her now and doing all the jobs she is asked. Mammies are special.

The Dance Off – by Mia G

A long long long  time ago .There  was a fight . Now this fight was a bit weird . I’ll tell you what happened .  There was a  school named St Molaga’s  school.  The principal wanted to do a dance  off with St George’s school . Both of the principals  wanted to do it . One day it happened . The students were trying to do a dance as a class  . Eventually the day came and both schools were very good at dancing . Both schools met at the St Molaga’s school hall . The dance off was about to start .Then as the both schools met, they all started to argue with each other . They kept talking about who was better . At last  Ms Brennock’s class said ”we say that every one make peace now ” . And it worked .

World War II by Julia

The world war 2 started in a dark and cloudy night. Every body was wet.I was one of the solders . I saw people shouting and crying . I hid in hay and I saw a shadow, so I shot with my gun but accidentally killed a woman .
I was fired for killing a person so I went home .
I went upstairs when I heard a German so I started to kill again. It was not the end . We all started to fight together and we won. I learned a lesson, to not let your friend down and work as a group .

100 Word Challenge by Jessica C

One day I saw a big gang of aliens with jelly guns and chocolate space ships! I got scared and ran away. They caught me, I said”Please let me free, please do not steal the people let us be free”. They said ” NO!” and took us away into their space ship. We went so high past the sun but not too close to burn. It was such a rocky ride we all fell side to side, luckily  no one got hurt. We finally landed and it looked like all jelly trees that were pink tall bobble things.

The Lion and The Tiger by James

Once there was a Lion called Sam . He thought that he was the fastest animal in the forest he won every race. And one day he found a tiger named  Zach who thought that he was the fastest in the forest. Then they started to have a fight after the fight  Sam  said they should  have a race to see who is the fastest and the best. Zach  agreed to the race.  The race began and it was a draw . Nobody won . Sam and Zach decided to make peace with each other. They were both the fastest. They were happy.

Me and My Sister by Jack

I was playing on my ipad  and then my sister came along and grabbed my ipad.  She ran upstairs and locked her door. 15 minutes later ,she unlocked her door.After I screamed at  her then  she screamed back at me and I grabbed her arm and pulled her again and again . But she pushed me and I got knocked on  the floor, my mother came the upstairs and shouted  at me and my sister then I went and I got back in will back in peace with my sister . Then we became friends . I played my ps4 with my sister.

3 Little Girls by Ellen

Once upon a time there were three little girls named Ellen, Sarah and Lily. One day Ellen, Sarah and Lily were playing in the garden and suddenly  Ellen and Sarah stared arguing. Then Lily came down and said stop arguing but they kept arguing. Then Lily got involved in it but then they separated. They were all very sad. The argument was about who was older and who was taller. Then two mouths later they got back together. A week later it was Ellen’s birthday party and all her friends were there. Ellen’s birthday party was in p j’s.

My Life in Syria by David

One day I went to a war in Syria. I went with the rest of the army and then I met my friends Zach, James and Darragh. I took a rifle and kept on shooting and then came the greatest at fighting.  The Patimoco”s had taken over all the  countrys in the world (exept Ireland) but we still would not give up. Then we got rockets to anywhere we want. We blew the Empire State building down and also the Eifel Tower . We flew to space. The Patimoco warriers were big angry  men. Now Ireland owned the whole world.

Republican Air Force by Darragh

Once the army were testing something on me and it made me strong but a person shot the doctor.
So I ran after him and he got into a car and he had a bomb. It exploded near a gas station and the rest of the gas station exploded too.

I found a top of a bin and I used it as a shield. I threw it at him, then
he was dead. After that they called me Captain Ireland .
I had a shield and I used it as a weapon.
I went into a jet I crashed on Italy I fell into water.

100 Word Challenge – Daniel

Daniel was born in Past Land.He was the leader. He was in war with the UK . All the boats in the sea that he sent over full of cargo were attacked. So he sent over jets to bomb them. And he did. Big Ben was bombed.There was one man that was unstoppable.He survived bombs,rockets and missiles.Past Land were sending lots of children and parents to Ireland.So when the UK came to attack they did not have a lot to attack on .In the end they made peace.Happy world peace day.

Milly by Caoilte

It all started in France with a little girl called Milly. Her mam worked in the dentists so her father had to mind her. One day an army of soldiers came marching into the small village were they lived. Then, as her mother was walking across the street, pow! she got shot. Milly’s dad was a doctor so he ran to her and brought her inside the house to heal her. After a few hours the army left the village so Milly went outside were she saw a scared cat so she took it in and lived happily ever after. And that’s the story of Milly.

Peace by Caitlyn

One day I had spent a lot of time on my mine-craft world on my phone. I had built a whole city with a School, Hotel, Hospital and Houses. It was fantastic.

My sister picked up my phone and went into you tube and then all my city disappeared. All hell broke out. I was so angry with my sister I was roaring crying.

My mam came into the sitting room and gave out to both of us. My sister for taking the phone and me for over reacting.

Mam got my game back and then there was peace in our house.

Pillow War by Adam

There are fifteen people in my family. I have no brothers or sisters but I have six cousins. We play together very often every time I’m in Poland. Once we were all playing hide and seek. My cousin Barbra was hiding under the bed and no one could find her. It was not funny so we decided not to play any more. Then she got very angry with us and came out of her hiding spot. She started throwing pillows at us and out of that, a pillow fight begun. It was a big war between girls and boys. The girls gave up and that was the end of the war and peace began.

100 Word Challenge by Julia

I slammed my bedroom door, threw off my shoes and jumped into bed to sulk. I was sulking because me and my big brother, Jim were having an argument and I had lost.

It all starded when I ACCIDENTALLY spilled my drink on his pokemon cards. ” OH, LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE NOW!” He roared. Then he gave me a glare and went to tell dad. I ran after him but he got there first. I got told off by my dad and I felt it was unfair.

But now, after I’ve thought about it I’m going to apologise.
I went downstairs and said sorry. Now peace is between us.

My Brother and I by Hayden

I have a bigger, older, taller and grumpier brother and his name is Jamie. He is almost 18 years old.
Jamie and I have been in a lot of fights and arguments, I feel that he starts a lot of fights, he thinks that I start a lot of fights. He annoys me a lot and I annoy him, just a little.
Even though we do fight a lot, we still love eachother as he is my brother. I want to make peace with my brother Jamie, and hopefully he will make peace with me. Who will I make peace with, It has to be my brother Jamie.

100 Word Challenge by Carragh

Once upon a time there were two countries at war again.    Carraghland and Racheland. Carraghland was a very happy place to live. It was full of green houses. Racheland was also a very happy place to live  but it was full of blue houses. This was the cause of the silly war. They met each other and had a long conversation to try and come up with a way to get on with each other. After many cups of coffee and slices of cake they came up with a genius plan to get keep everyone happy in both towns. Stripes.

100 w/c by Zach

Once upon a time their was a boy called James. James wondered why their was always big big foot prints in the woods and the reason why food was missing. Until one day James followed the foot prints and found a giant and said “it is true their are giants.” Another giant grabbed him and said “shhh! you don’t want to wake him,” said the giant.

James asked “why?”  The other giants’ foot steps and ran right into a tree then James said “no” but they went right through into another world. Then the other giant twit 2 snatched James but giant 1 and 2 and ate James but then James woke up and said “phew it was all just a dream.”

100 w/c by Niamh

Mr Happy lived in a small flat high up in a tall concrete building. He lived alone. He had always been a lonely man and now that he was retired from work he was more lonely than ever. There were two loves in Mr Happy’s life. One was the flowers he grew on his balcony. they grew in pots and tubs and baskets, and in the summer the tittle balcony became a riot of colour. Mr Happy’s second love was was a secret he kept entirely to himself i love Roald Dahl. I am a big fan of Roald Dahl.

Ms Wormwood by Lily

After Ms Wormwood an Mr Wormwood gave Matilda to Miss Honey they went on holidays to Spain. Then they went to their hotel room. They loved it so much. They went out for pizza Matilda got dressed to go out. They went out for pizza Matilda got pepperoni and Ms Honey got plain  cheese. … and i thought “well what a start”. On the way to the hotel they saw Miss Trunchbull. Then they ran as fast as they can. But Miss Trunchbull saw them. Then miss Trunchbull said “hello Miss Honey and hello Matilda” Hello replied Matilda and Miss Honey. then Miss Trunchbull said bye girls.

James and his Friends by Lee

James and his friends where playing at the beach. Where they were playing in the sand they heard a weird noise “eagles!!!” said Sam. They ran as fast as they could but it was no use , the eagles where too fast. The eagles brought them to a cave. “what is that sound?” asked Dan. As bats flew away they where brought to a old temple or pyramid. There was a voice but they couldn’t see who it was. The person was laughing. They realised there was a door. they looked every where for a key and there it was in a chest. The door opened and the man was chasing them. James fell and Bang. He woke up and found himself on the floor in his bedroom. It was all a dream.

Matilda by Jessica M

Once there was a girl named Matilda and she loved to go on adventures. so she went on an adventure to the arctic. In  the arctic she saw a penguin. Then she flew back to Ireland and then she flew to Spain.  T then Matilda found a 20 euro note on the ground. In Spain she went to the beach and swam in the water. It was very salty and warm. Then Matilda went to the hotel and played a board game. She had lots of fun she went to bed and woke up bright and early to go on another adventure.

James the Giant by Jamie

Once upon a time there lived a giant. He was James from the story James and the giant. But then the giant put a spell on James, to grow and grow until he was the size of a giant. one day James met a little girl called Matilda. her favourite thing top do was read. “hi” said James “hi” said Matilda in a scared voice. “oh don’t be scared” said James “I’m a friendly giant” “ok” said Matilda “you know anything that can change me back into a boy” James asked. “to my house just sit down close your eyes and count to ten and say i wish i wish to turn back into a little boy” it worked. “I’m a little boy again” said James.

James and the Giant Peach by Mia

Have you ever been told the real truth . Dose your mum ever known you have been listening to stuff that is not true? Well, I will tell you the real story of James and the Giant Peach. Once there lived James a very naughty boy .He threw a chair at his sister and scribbled on his mum’s document . One day he woke up and he had to go to school . He said ”ooooooooooooh mum were are you I need help packing my rubbish school bag? ”. Mum came along and asked, ”don’t you care about others for once you do know that I am not going to help you any more . And James learnt his lesson