100 w/c by Hayden

One day, on our usual walk in Ardgillan park, Mum, Dad Obi, (my dog) and I, came across something truly unusual.
“Mum, Mum, what on earth is that pot and why are there legs coming out of it?”, I asked.
“I think it’s the giant magical mystery pot that appears once a year, and if you’re lucky to see it you can make a wish and the legs will tap and make it come true.” Mum answered.
So I ran quickly to the pot and made my wish.
Mum said I shouldn’t tell what I wished for. But let’s put it this way, I’ll find out on Christmas morning if it comes true.

100 w/c by Darragh

One day there was a boy named Grunt . He was going hunting for the Feet Pot. So he got his
weapons and set off. He saw a farm but he also heard a noise in the woods. There were people
getting dragged by feet. Grunt ran into the woods. The people were dying. Their legs were cut off and then they were put in the pot. it was the Foot Pot. He killed it and went home and he went to sleep. In the morning he ate it with his friends and his family members were also there.

100 w/c by Carragh

It was a dark and gloomy night. A group of witches had been collecting lots of naughty children all day long. These were some of the worst of the town.
They arrived at their cottage all set for their magic spell. They got the fire ready and put the cauldron on top. They started to add all the ingredients needed like sour milk, rotten apples, bags of slime, a spider’s eye and finally the naughty children were thrown in head first. After they cast the spell, out came the most sweetest children ever seen. The spell had worked. Yippee!

100 w/c by Caitlyn

One day me my mam and my dad went to the park to play on the swings. When I got to the park I ran over to the swings. Where are the swings? Then I ran over to my mam and my dad. Where are the swings? I don’t know where the swings are. What are you looking at mam and you dad?Why is there a big pot there mam dad? I don’t know. I’m going to find out. All of a sudden we heard a singing voice from the pot and then long legs came out of the pot.

100 w/c by Mia G

It was a calm day in Cupling Land.  Everyone was happy. But no one realised that the brown cup, Natty, was evil.  She stole human legs and spread their veins every where.  Natty was always a shy cup to others.  She looks nice when you look at her, but she is not. If you drink out of her, you my friend, will get killed and she will take your legs.  So if you ever see a cup that is brown and looks normal, do not take it and drink it. You will get poisoned and killed straight away.

100 w/c by Abby

Once upon a time in Fairy-land there was a big pot right in from of a fairy garden.  It was a strange looking pot.  It was brown with black eyes and a big read mouth.  It had loads of unusual designs on it.  None of the fairies knew where it came from.  One day a little fairy called Isabelle decided to fly to the top of the pot to see what was inside.  She was surprised by what was in there.  There were eight legs in the pot. Suddenly the pot turned upside down and walked towards here.  ”I want to be your friend.” he said. Isabelle was glad he was friendly.

Legs in the Pot – by Aaron

Have you ever seen anything like this before?

I haven’t.

Upside down legs in a pot.

There must be four pairs of legs and they are stripey red, green and blue.

The face on the pot looks a little scared. The pot must be really full.

I wonder are they real legs? Wait a minute, something is happening. A show is starting, people are sitting on the chairs in the park.

The legs are moving to the music.  There are real, the dancers could be doing handstands in the pot.  The legs keep dancing.

At the end four dancers climbed out. Wow!


The Death Cup by Zach

Once upon a time there were boys called Darragh and Lorcan.  They found a big cup, it had eyes and could talk.  The cup said ”come over here little boys.”  But Darragh and Lorcan ran away.  The next day they went back, he was there but he told them, ” I thought you would never come, two other people came and I was hungry so I ate them.  Now I will eat you two.  Then he had legs which came out.  Darragh and Lorcan ran, but they fell over and were never heard from a again because of the Death Cup

The Wicked Witch by Charlie

Once upon a time there was a wicked witch who was so jealous of the princess Susanna, that she made a spell to turn her into an angry pot.  By disguising into a guard the witch crept in and shouted at the princess ”one, two three, an angry pot you shall be.  To break the spell you have to meet a gazelle”.

While going through the forest one day an injured gazelle ran her way.  Crash…her legs flew in the air and it looked so silly to see an angry pot with legs sticking out with blood on them, but the spell was broken.

100 w/c by Jamie

One day Bubbles and his friends were in Manchester.
They went to the park and saw a weird statue, ”that looks like a Halloween decoration” said Bubbles.
”Why are there legs in the pot?”said Bubbles.
”I don’t know” said Kim.
”Come on” said Bubble’s mam.
”Lets go to the playground” said Bubbles.
”Ya” said Kim.
”Lets go on the swings!” said Bubbles.
”OK” said Kim.
”Kids do you want to go and get ice- cream?” said mum.
After they went and got ice-cream they had to go home it took two hours to get home.

100 w/c – James

One day there was two kids named Jack and Lucy they wanted to discover new things that nobody has seen before .Then they set off . They were walking on the path and then they found a great big cave inside there was a big pot of gold .Than next they were going to the village they searched all around the village but there was nothing there. Next they went to the city . They checked down the first lane and they found a secret tunnel and in the tunnel they saw a big pot with legs they had a great time.

100 w/c – Mikolaj

Once there lived a boy called Tim. Tim loved going to school when he was doing science. He loved Coke and Mentos the most. Once he went to his granny. His granny told him  that they should go to a park so Tim said “why not?” they went of and just then they saw a giant cup with legs in it and there was coke in it as well so Tim said can I put mentos and then granny said “no” its gonna explode and Tim didn’t believe so then he put it in and it exploded all the legs went up and it seemed that they were people.

100 w/c – Jakub

“Hi, I’m Jayden and this is my sister Dory.
Dory and I love visiting the park, in fact we are going to the park today!
“Yay”! said Dory.
“Jayden, Dory were going”! said Mammy and Daddy.
“Ok”. “LETS GO!!!” said Jayden.
Half and hour later we arrive at the park.
“What is that?” asked Dory.
“I don’t know” said Mammy, but Jayden knows what this is: “IT’S A POT WITH LEGS!”.
“How did it get there?” asked Daddy.
Jayden replied by saying: someone put it here with people dressed up and showing there legs. Then the family came home and drew what they saw in the park …..

100 w/c – Jack

One day I went shopping in Dublin town. Suddenly, I arrived in Dublin. I went shopping in Tesco. It was Christmas eve so the Christmas  lights were up. It looked lovely in Tesco. Where  I went shopping  there was Santa and an elf. I needed a new cup and I found one and there was a leg in the cup. It was very strange the legs were moving and it looked scary. In the cup there was a weird smell of vinegar. I put the cup in the trolley. I went to the till and the person at the till was dressed up in a snowman costumes. I was very excited for Christmas.

100 w/c by Adam

One day I was in the botanic garden with my parents. There was lots of beautiful flowers and plants. We were walking around and we saw a big pot standing in the middle of the garden. It looked like a huge unusual Dracaena plant so we wanted to take a picture. When we got closer we discovered it was not a plant but something weird.  There were plenty of legs in the pot with an African face.  I tried to touch the pot to see what would happen. I touched the nose and than the eyes started looking at me, the mouth laughing and legs started moving. Than I could see that legs were coming out of the pot and I could see four funny clowns. They were actually talking balloons. They said ‘thank you for releasing us,’ and they flew away.

100 w/c – Ellen

Today I am going on holidays, to France. I am staying, in France for a month. I think France is a lovely place to stay. Tomorrow my family and I, are going hiking. We are on the hike, the hike is one hundred meters. It is a new day and we are going to the park, because it is a lovely day. We are waking to the park. A bit of the park is a playground. But what caught my eye was, a big pot with legs sticking out of it. The pot had a unusual face and the legs had bulled the colours were red, green and blue.

100 w/c by David

One day I went to super value in Drogheda but I got confused when I saw a weird statue in the bushes.  It looked like a cup.  I know it’s weird but I wanted to take a look but two men were carrying a strange man shape bag going into the bushes .  Of course I wanted to take a look.  I’m a mad man.  So I went in and of course the two men were there. So I ran to the nearest bush.  The cup spoke, ‘Hello’ he said.  I got the freaks . I ran home. I was scared.

100 w/c by Daniel

One day, on the way back from school. Tom saw a poster.
The poster said
Who ever gets the most stamps on their sheet will win a plant.
And Tom said to Billy ” But who would want a plant.”It is not
an normal plant. It has legs coming out of the buds. Tom ran home and begged his mum to let him go with Billy to the funfair.”Fine” said his mum. ”As long as your back back by seven. Off he went to the Christmas funfair. He won the weird plant and was home by eight.

100 w/c by Caoilte

Once upon a time there lived a witch. She was making a potion it involved a lot of work. The ingredients are lots of peoples legs, toe nails, a frogs spit, a dogs bladder. This was a very important potion to her. She had all the things she needed for the potion. It was meant to turn out as a big blob that can destroy anything in its way. Then it will sell so much that she will be rich. The most important ingredient were people legs. That’s how you make an indestructible blob.

100 w/c By Julia

Yesterday my granny took a bus to town. She disappeared for the whole day.
She went to the garden centre to buy a statue for her garden.
“This garden needs a makeover.” She said and off she went. The garden centre she went to is owned by a bankrupt shoe maker, Mr. Leggin and he gave her a special deal.
This is what she came home with.
Now granddad wants to move out because the garden statue reminds him of his aunty who only fed him turnip and wore red stockings.

100 w/c – Julia G

Joe was going to the museum of art with his mum.
He saw some paintings “whats that one, whats that one?” he called out. When he saw a cup with legs he said “that monster is trying to eat a bunch of girls like in my comic book.”
He climbed on the statue and started to show his karate moves . When security saw him they shouted
“HEY! get of the statue !”
They put Joe behind the museum front door . Then Joe saw a window opened so he jumped through it and found himself at the restaurant where his mum was just placing an order at the counter “Mum I’m fine, what did you do in that time ?” asked Joe.
“I was getting a cappuccino and a lollipop for your braveness ” said mum
“It was only a statue, I’m sorry !” and they hugged each other.

100 w/c by Lily

One day I went on an adventure. I went to the forest and found a big pot, I saw legs sticking out of the pot. It was really strange. I went over to the pot to see what was in the pot that made the legs come out of it. I looked inside of the pot it was……… my mam and dad. I asked them why were you in the pot? They said they were practising handstands. Then we went home to have our dinner and a bath. I’ve finished my dinner and bath now I’m in bed, good night dairy.

100 w/c by Lorcan

Once there lived a evil teacher her name was Ms O’ Death,  she was the most evil teacher in the world. Every time someone talked there legs got chopped off and Ms O’ Death would put them in a giant pot, in her garden. One day the whole class talked and all there legs and hands were chopped off . Just then there was a loud bang and the police came in and arrested Ms O’ Death and she was sent to the highest maximum security prison for the rest of her life. The children cheered and shouted ” good riddance Ms O’ Death!”

The Secret Pot by Niamh

One day I went to see an art show with my Mam and Dad.  I met Tish, she was an artist. She loved to work with clay, her art was very different.  We bought raffle tickets and had a chance of winning a piece of her pottery.  It was our lucky day we won.  Tish gave me the pot and told me it was a magic pot.  She told me not to tell anyone the secret password. She whispered “Fox, Fox please make…….” she said fill in the last word with whatever you put in the pot, say the password and see what happens……..

100 w/c- Jack

Greetings humans of Earth.  Hello, I’m going on an adventure to Earth.  I’m so excited.  It’s Sunday. Then the Sunday came. I went on a rocket to space.  It was in  the sky and it was so much fun.  Two days later I finally arrived.  It was cool because the planets looked like balls. It looked like you fell.  I floated to America or I thought I went past Mexico.  It turned Wednesday. It felt like I went around the world, but I only went past two countries or three countries. I would like to go again. I will try to go past 5 or 6 countries.

100 Wc by Charlie

Greetings humans of earth. I leave this beautiful planet and head to space so that one day maybe humans can also travel there. I want to tell you I will do my very best in exploring life in space. I will study the air and wil l finally put an answer to the question are there aliens in space. With all my technology and knowledge I will send back all the evidence so the scientists can have a better understanding of space.  I hope my journey will help such a great planted and mankind. Thank you, good bye and good luck.

100 w/c – Jessica M

Greetings humans of Earth.  My name is Ohbot. I think you are so lucky because you have a heart. You should be very happy, because you have a family.  I on the other hand have no family because I was made in a lab.  I find it very lonely in space because no one lives in space.  That’s why you are so lucky. I wish I could stay on earth because there is beautiful things to do.  I loved my owners because they were very nice. I will be sad to leave them.  I can program myself to forget about them.

100 W\C by Zach

Greetings humans of earth. I have been on a long journey to space to deliver on important message. If I had a genie my three wishes would be, that I had a heart, I could smell roses, and I could have a family. That is why you people are lucky people. And you are not built from metal. But I am a robot so you should think when you see a robot. The robot will be jealous of you, that is why you are very lucky indeed. And you can eat. Well that is the end of the message.

100 w/c by Aaron

Greetings humans of Earth. I’m Ohbot Peaky. From up here in space, I can see many things going on in your world.  Some good and some not so good.  Please slow down on the roads, be more careful.  Do not use mobile phones when driving.  Help old people in their homes in the cold winter.  Help poor people, give them food, clothes, medicine.  Keep earth clean and do not litter or pollute the oceans. Keep the fish healthy.  Stop the wars.  Please look after your beautiful planet Earth and be kind to each other and make your home a better place for everyone.

One hundred word challenge by Abigail. d

Once upon a time there was a robot called Peaky the Robot. He looked like a moon with tiny feet and hands. Peaky the Robot decided one day he would visit the real moon so he built a rocket for himself. He flew up through the sky and onto the moon. The moon was bright and had loads of holes. While peaky was on the moon he began to feel very lonely, there was no one to talk to or play with. He shouted down to earth “greetings humans of earth, be grateful for your family and friends, you will always have someone to play with”.