Trains by Darragh

One day my friend Dan and I were taking the train to work. Suddenly the train stopped. I was going to ask Dan what happened but he wasn’t there. I ran to next carriage but he wasn’t there either. When I got to the last carriage, I saw him. I was about to ask why he ran away but suddenly the carriage snapped in half. I grabbed Dan’s hand “I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted. “I almost have you up,” I said. I almost had him up but suddenly he slipped out of my grip and fell out of the train.

The Incident by Craig

Once upon a time there was a boy named John. John went to the bathroom and left the door swinging and it almost crashed into Brian. Brian said ‘get the door quick”I’m trying to hold on’ he shouted. Brian wanted to say what are you holding on to but it was too late and the door bashed into Brian before he said that. John felt guilty and ran away. When Brian came out of the bathroom he came over to John and said ‘ what were you holding on to that was more important than not letting the door bash into me.

The Loch Ness Monster by Cillian

Once, there were two boys named Mike and James that went to Loch Ness in Scotland to see if The Loch Ness Monster was real. Once they got there they were amazed by how beautiful the Lake was. One of the interesting things about the Lake was that you could drink the water because it was a freshwater lake! Although it was cold they went for a swim because the tour guide said they could. They were having fun until James was grabbed by something. He screeched and held on to Mikes arm. “Don’t let go Mike!”, he screamed. “I’m trying to hold on”, he shouted. But it was too late. James had drowned.

My Arch Enemy by Cian

When I was four I had an arch enemy. My enemy was the monkey bars and this story is about the reason why. I really enjoyed school in my first year. Especially yard time because we were able to play lots of different games. The only thing I didn’t like about school was the monkey bars. At P.E time we would have to start our activities by going on the monkey bars. I hated it because the bars were very high and I’m terrified of heights. Today I had to go on the monkey bars first I slipped and landed on my bum. It was very sore.

The Cliff by Charlie

Once upon a time there was a boy named Felix. He and his friend were walking through a forest, they were admiring the trees and the animals when all of a sudden a cliff appeared in front of them. Felix did not realize and fell off but his friend grabbed his arm “I’m trying to hold on,”he shouted. Their hands started to sweat and Felix fell but then out of nowhere an alien ship flew through the sky and caught him. He landed on the ship and got knocked out. He woke up with aliens surrounding him.

The Old Car by Aaron

One day me and my friends found an old car with the keys in it, so we took it for a drive. When we got to the turn it said one way street but we took no notice of the sign. Then we accidentaly hit a car and they got very mad so we got out and ran away. 1 hour later we made it back to my house and my mam said we were all over the news because of the crash. My mam grounded me. Then me and my friends had to go to juvenile detention for 1 year.

My Family by Jessica H

It was a typical Saturday morning and I knew I should’ve set an alarm. Because I’m the youngest out of my 6 siblings and they eat all of the food straight away in the mornings, then there’s nothing for me to eat. I walked downstairs knowing I was going to have to go to the shops to get cereal or something. I walked in through the sitting room and into the kitchen. I looked in the cupboards and although it was Saturday nothing was opened I thought I was dreaming. I closed the cupboard and opened it again and still nothing was opened so I made the best breakfast ever.

Closed Shops by Darragh

Fred got up. He checked what day it was. It was Saturday. He went to get some breakfast but when he opened the fridge there was nothing there so he decided to go to the shop. He went outside and started to head for the shop. He got to the shops but the door wouldn’t open he tried to open another door but nothing would open although it was Saturday nothing was open. He grabbed a bin and tried to break a window but the glass was bullet proof. He was waiting for a while but know one came so he went home.

The Crime in Footballia by Charlie

Once upon a time there was a country called Footbalia. In Footbalia everyone gifted each other footballs wrapped in luxurious wrapping paper on Saturday, but one Saturday something terrible happened. A visitor from Rugbyland smuggled in a hideous ball it was a rugby ball. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened. The man was arrested and sentenced to life in prison after his crime was checked on VAR. Now all visitors are searched upon arrival of Footbalia and no gifts are given on Saturdays but are now given on Sunday in remembrance of the mans crimes.

Horrible Holiday by Jessica M

“Hurry up!” The plane is leaving in ten minutes stated mam. As we arrived at the bording gate the lady told us we were extremely lucky as they were just about to set off. We rushed on to the plane and took our seats. We were going on a holiday to Spain for a week. When we arrived in Spain we got the bus to the hotel. The next day we went out for a walk but although it was Saturday nothing was opened and we didn’t know why. Just then we heard a siren and realised that there was a warning for the whole of Spain to stay indoors as there was a storm approaching!

Shopping by Leon

Today me and my family were planning to go to the new shopping center down the street . It was Saturday so all the shops should be open, we were supposed to meet up with all my friends, BUT when me and my friends met and came into the shop guess what happend… although it was Saturday nothing was opened, NOTHING was open!!!! Me and my friends were devastated. We were supposed to have a very good time time but it was ruined by, well , who knows. So there we were walking back home all sad. When I came home my Mam asked me how was it. “Wellllllll,” I started.

Confirmation Dress Shopping by Niamh

It was Saturday. I was going shopping with my mam to my confirmation dress. We went to Drogheda to have a look in Monsoon but it was closed so we went to have a look in River Island instead but it was closed too. We went to four other shops and they were all closed! I was thinking in my head although it was Saturday nothing was opened. Then we realized that it was a bank holiday weekend and all the shops were closed. I was disappointed but my mam said, ” We will go next week.”

Alone by Oliwia

Sally woke up, it was a Saturday morning so it meant that no one was home. She went downstairs to make some breakfast. She opened the fridge to take out the ingredients she needed to make some pancakes but realised they were out of milk. So she put on some clothes and made her way to the shops. As soon as she set foot outside she noticed something was off. There wasn’t a single person around. The streets were deserted. But Sally just shrugged it off and figured most people were probably still asleep. When she reached the town square where most of the shops were, there still weren’t any people around and although it was Saturday nothing was opened. Now she began to get worried.

Stranded by Mia

Balbriggan was a ghost town. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened. I looked to Mia . We were so confused. It wasn’t a bank holiday and it wasn’t a Sunday. We walked around town for about an hour. To our dismay there wasn’t a soul around. We went back to Mia’s, nobody was home. Same for my house. We turned around and there was a letter on the ground. We opened it. “Mia Casey and Mia Bethel. Along with everyone else you have been drafted for world war 3.” Wish us luck.

The Beach by Cillian

Yesterday my friends and I had decided to go out. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened so we ended up going to the beach near the train station. We brought a football, a volleyball, some food and a litre of homemade lemonade with us. It was around 20 degrees Celsius outside and we were all roasting so once we got there we jolted towards the sea and jumped right in. After we cooled down we played some football and volleyball and had a little picnic. At around 7 o’clock it started getting dark but we stayed to watch the sunset and were in awe when we realised how beautiful it was. We all had an amazing and fun day!

Santa’s Elf by Aaron

One Chirstmas Eve it was my turn to help santa deliver the presents it was very hard but fun. When we got to the last house we said we done well but the problem was when we got back we looked to see if the kids liked their presents. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened we thought we done something wrong but it was just because it was two in the morning. A few hours later we checked on them again and they were jumping with joy with their toys. We were really happy because we done a good job.

Abandoned House by Ben

Yesterday my friend and I went to an abandoned house. On the way there we went to Tesco to get torches. Before we got into the house we saw a chair move outside the back. In the house we found a note and it said don’t open till Friday the 13th. Although it was Saturday and nothing was opened we took it home to see what’s inside it. It said that someone was going to kill the everybody by sending killer drones around the world and that he was in a lab making them.

The Strange Country by Holly

It was a Saturday morning. My friends and I were going to another country. We arrived at the airport feeling exhausted. After a few hours o waiting, we finally arrived in the country. Well we thought it was a country, but this place looked different. This place was like a ghost town. My friend Hannah decided to go get a drink but although it was Saturday nothing was opened. All of a sudden my friends and I realised we were the only people in this strange place. It was silent. My friends saw a plane that had crashed. We were in that plane. Did something happen that we can’t remember?

The Zombine Apocalypse by Emmanuel

It was a very dark and grey Saturday when I looked out the window so decided to go to my mum and brother but they were gone. I went to make some cereal as I was very hungry but to my surprise the cupboard was empty. Finally I decided to go to the shops on my bike. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened. On my way home I saw my mum and brother in the distance, so I ran towards them but when I got closer to them I realised that they were zombies. I tried to run but then another zombie grabbed me by my shoulder and before I knew it there thousands of them.

The Robbery by Zach

One day there were a bunch of thieves were planning a robbery on a local shop named The Donkey Shop. It was the day of the robbery although it was a Saturday nothing was open but one shop the Donkey Shop the three thieves entered the shop. One of them told the shopkeeper to empty all the money into the cloth bag he was holding.The shopkeeper did what the thief told him to but in doing so pressed a green button under the desk.Within seconds the guards arrived and the thieves were banished to the haunted island and none of them ever returned.

Bank Holiday by Bartosz

Last Saturday it was the bank holiday that means although it was Saturday nothing was opened I was kinda sad because I wanted to pick up snacks and go to the cinema with my dad . I stayed in my bed until 1, my dad came in furious ‘come on ‘,he said. He brought me to a field and we played football for ages and we were going home we passed a McDonald’s it was opened I looked at my dad with a grin,’ ughhhhh fine,’ He said. I ate a meal he hadnothing since he’s on a diet. It went from the worst day to the best.

The Weekend Hotel by Cian

My family and I were going on a holiday for the mid term. So we decided to go to the Weekend Hotel. We got our key and we went to our room on the seventh floor! It was quite late so we so we went straight to sleep. We got up and went surfing since there was a beach nearby. The beach had golden sand a clear blue sky with the sun smiling down on us and a deep blue sea. We finished surfing and went gift shopping in the hotel but although it was a Saturday nothing was open. So I asked the receptionist “why is this called the Weekend Hotel”.

The Devastating Moment by Emily

It was a boiling hot day.

My friends and I decided to go to Tesco. When we got there, all of the shops were closed! We were devastated because we couldn’t buy the sweets we wanted to make us hyper.

We left Tesco in a huff. We were not sure the reason why they were closed. Our vicinity was Applegreen. We all wanted to go there but Louise didn’t want to. She was defiant.

Finally we decided to go Morelli’s the ice-cream shop. Ella and I got milkshakes and the others got ice-creams and after that we all had a brilliant adventure.

A Day Out To The Shops by Brian

One morning I got up and decided to go to the shops. I was walking to Dunnes but I saw that on the way, although it was Saturday nothing was opened. I was really confused. I still walked to Dunnes, but now my surprise it was closed too. I walked home and told my parents. But they said it was a Bank Holiday. Now I know why everything was closed. I decided to go outside and play football. I played for about three hours. But then it started to rain so I went inside. It was a weird day.

The Nightmare by Oliwia

I let out a blood-curdling scream as I arose from my bed. I remembered the petrifying nightmare I had just woken up from. My mom rushed in and asked me what had happened. I told her everything. Firstly I was in a class room but everyone there was reptile person I let out a gasp and everyone’s head turned in an unnatural way to stare at me then they all let out a high pitched scream and started charging at me. So I jumped out the window and hopped into someone’s car but it was SO slow I decided it would be faster if I ran but the reptile people were running at a supersonic speed so it wasn’t long before they caught up to me, but I woke up right before they did.

School by Oliver

I woke up this morning in my lovely room.

I got out of my bed and went for breakfast, I had White Coco Pops.

When my mom told me I had to go to school I asked could I go on my bike.

We had said that we would meet in the yard before lights out so I got ready.

My mom said to take the bus. I said,“but it is so slow”.

‘No buts,’ she said and I was so furious.  Then I remedered that my uncle could take me to get ice cream instead of going.

On The Way to Wexford by Niamh

I was going to Wexford for a few days. We were on the M1 and the traffic was very slow. My family and I played eye spy. We had so much fun playing but then Eva didn’t want to play anymore. We stopped playing and I was very bored. I asked my mam “How long until we are there?” My mam said “About 30 minutes,” so then I said “Ok but it is SO slow I just want to get there.” My mam said “We will, it will just take a few minutes.” I fell asleep and when I woke up we were in Wexford.

WiFi Be Like By Mia

In my Nan’s today I pulled my phone out of my pocket, the reflection smiling back at me. I pressed the ‘on’ button and after what seemed like an eternity the 3 logo flashed on and then I realised. I had no data left. So I logged on the the WiFi but it was SO slow I swear you’d be able to make a roast dinner by the time it loaded one page. I went to investigate and found that the plug was hanging out of the wall. I plugged it all the way – in problem solved, like HONESTLY my Nan is such a boomer.

A Train Ride by Jessica M

“Hurry up Layla you’re going to be late for the train, it’s leaving in ten minutes”. “Okay mam”. Layla rushed down the stairs and into the kitchen to grab her lunch. She ran towards the door and looked at the time before she left, she only had two minutes that was not enough time to run down, it takes at least five minutes. She asked her mam for a lift but she couldn’t because she had to leave for work too. “Take your electric scooter,” suggested mam, “but it is SO slow I will not make it on time, remember it’s broken it’s a lot slower now”.

The Journey by Jessica H

My family and I decided to go on a fun car trip. It was me, my mam my dad my sister Katie and my brother Adam. We all packed our stuff and got into the car. I was in the middle seat which I hated because I was stuck in the middle of my siblings. My dad finally started to drive the car. It was an hour and a half in the car but it was so slow I thought I was going to be in there forever. At last we finally made it to the hotel where we were staying the night .