100 w/c by Emma

hi my name is gill I’m a giant I live up in the cloud on a cloud island earlier today I dropped my mettle iron off the island and so I decide to brain storm what will be down there maybe more giants or maybe pig cow men or monkey lions then. I decide to jump down there and … there was tiny people walking around and melbas as they call them cars every looked so scared then I saw a sigh that said new York what’s that then I found my mettle iron and jumped back up to the clouds

The Chase by Eden

Bob decided to look at an iron shield on display. Out of nowhere a museum tour guide appeared and began to tell him about it. Suddenly, mid conversation, it started glowing. Both of them backed up slowly. It began to levitate. The lights went out. Through the glass roof a man dressed in all black jumped down, grabbed the shield and made a sprint to the door. Bob ran out after him and got into his police jeep. He called for backup as soon as he could. He was going to make sure that the criminal was caught and arrested.

The Giant Iron by Donnchadh

‘I don’t understand modern art’ said Mum looking at the giant iron installation. ‘What is this even supposed to be’?

Tom shrugged his shoulders. He was happy to be off school. He didn’t mind that when he went into the city his Mum always had to visit somewhere grown ups love to give out about. He just liked to get to go on the train and watch everything go by really fast.

‘Shall we go and get a bun?’ asked Mum her eyes all crinkly.

‘Yes please’ said Tom Finally an end to all the walking around.

The Lamest Robbery Ever by Daniels

It was a dark day and me and Tom were going to rob the museum. We scouted out our plan of stealing the only iron in the world so I can iron my clothes. We went in and we were surrounded by security. We went as close as we can I could smell my clothds getting ironed. “When Tom is about to grab the iron the guards saw him take it and started to chase us. We ran as fast as we could we barely lost them and we hid behind a box and a emergency exit was in front of us and we got out “I cant wate to try this out”.

Assassination by Daniel

The police officer got out of his car and arrived at the scene, an iron on the path, the victim being asked questions. He asked another officer what happened. “The victim said the iron landed right in front of him.” He said. After that, the officer walked into the hotel room, where the iron supposedly fell from. He investigated the area and found pictures of people, and the person who lived in the room. Later the supposed suspect was arrested and interrogated. He said he was the one who committed the crime, and was then sent to jail for his assassination attempt.

That Was Close by Ben

I was walking to football training on a warm Wednesday evening and while I was I seen a very big metal object on the floor. At first I was just going to leave it alone and walk away but instead I decided to pick up. Suddenly, everything rose up in the air, cars were floating in the air, buildings and houses were going miles in the air. I knew as soon as I picked the object up I made the wrong decision. But then I thought I should smash the object on the floor and see if anything would change. It did. Everything was back to normal like nothing happened.

The Problem by Ashton

One day there were 2 siantist Mark and Steven they loved bored games like love. They made a robot base of an monopoly character they taught the world would love it.

But since it was there first robot they didn’t know the side effects.

It could harm so many people see the robot was 6’3 it would go fast as light. It could crucially hurt someone . They were young so didn’t realise. The first victim was guy called Jake he sued 1000€ Steven and Mark knew they had to close down.

But there was still one more????

The Dream by Amy

I woke up on a saturday afternoon at 2:23pm. I saw that I accidentally slept in. But it was ok because i didnt have anything important. I went downstairs and saw that it was really nice outside. So i decided to iron clothes outside. And then all of a sudden the iron got really big and I dropped it. I looked at it and i saw that it had no front. It looked like one of those monopoly pieces. And when I tried to pick it up it was very light. Lighter than a normal iron. And then I woke up. It was all just a dream. And I saw that it was 2:23pm.

The Child’s Wrath by Alfie

Eoin was visiting his nanny in Greenland. After an unbearably long flight he and his family had landed. They got a taxi to go drive to their nanny’s house where they would be staying for the next few days. They decided what to do in the house was they were going to play Monopoly. So they agreed. The game went on and on and on. Until Eoin’s little brother landed on Eoin’s spot “you have to pay me 200€!” said Eoin. then Eoin’s little bother flipped the table the pieces scattered along the floor. They could only find 1 piece.

Long Trip by Tadhg

Greg and David were heading of on an enormously long trip to Sardegna on their miniature pink but sturdy boat. They packed a load of delicious food so then they wouldn’t get hungry. As they set of on their long trek from Rosslare Harbour in Wexford they noticed they forgot something… FUEL!!!

David had to quickly jump and then sprint as fast as the wind to go grab the fuel. After 4 short minutes he arrived at the hotel they were staying in. He didn’t go through the revolving door because it was too slow he ran to the room grabbed the fuel and ran back again. He became so exhausted when he appeared into Greg’s sight, he collapsed and land head first on the rock hard concrete floor.

I’m Hungry by Rose

I was walking to my dad’s office across town and it’s so cold, I shuddered underneath my scarf . My stomach started grumbling. I was hungry. I stopped at a nearby shop and bought a few snacks for me and my dad, but I saw someone in all black walk up stairs in the shop. I didn’t think much of it.

It wasn’t too busy so there were a lot of kids playing jump rope on the side walk or football on small patches of grass.

I arrived at the building my dad works in and opened the revolving door. I always liked these doors but also found them confusing. I walked up the flight of stairs and when I saw my dad he looked delighted to see me. He walked up to my and rubbed my pink cheeks, ”They’re so cold, I’ll get you a warm drink!” He said warmly. I thanked him and gave him the snacks.

When he left, I looked outside the window, the concrete roads were freshly paved and I drew my attention to a different building. I saw something very unsettling, I saw someone try and lit a fire.

100 w/c By Rorí

I was so happy at this point my life was revolving around this thing. It was pink concrete. It was layed down on my driveway today. But one thing I don’t like about it is that we have to jump over it so we don’t ruin it. As I was walking on my phone to my house I accidently stepped in the concrete and ruined it. So I panicked and told my mam and dad that I was going to the shop because I was hungry. Little did they know I was actually going to get more pink concrete.

Chase by Nathan

‘Hey stop there.’

‘They caught use.’ shouted Beast.

The chase began Beast and his gang got the head start by making a four feet jump over a wall on to the concrete. Him and his gang kept on running pasting a pink food shop making them hungry. Bump!!

Beast had left himself speechless by tripping over a rock which made him bang his head against a wall.

‘Finally this city will be finish revolving around Beast.’ proudly said by the gard.’

‘What about the rest of hi gang? ‘asked the other gard

‘We will get them next.’

Toby’s Totally Top Trip by Mya

There was a young boy named Toby. He was small, with pink hair and blue eyes. Toby was very hungry so he ran to the shop. As he jumped into the shop he fell onto the concrete. The shop had a revolving door, this is what made Toby fall over because he wasn’t expecting the door to hit him. He got up and went over to the deli to get food. He got a chicken fillet roll and ate it while walking home. On his way home he met his friend and they talked for a while. When he got home he finished his homework and then went to bed.

The Weird City by Matthew

My friend Peter and I were doing our stretching to get ready for our jog of the day. I put on my pink running shoes and so did Peter. When we were jogging the city seemed really unusual, every time we passed someone their eyes would roll, we were frightened. Suddenly everyone started to jump and roll their eyes. We saw a hotel so we went through the revolving doors, it was normal in here. We were both so hungry so we ordered chips and chicken wings. When the waiter gave our food it was rock solid concrete, we looked up at the waitress, he screamed at us and we ran home scared.

Board Games by Luke

For all my life I have liked board games. My favourite board games are monopoly, Jenga, connect four, Operation and the best is hungry hungry hippos. Whenever I play it I win with my lucky hippo it is pink. One day my brother was losing miserably and then he knocked the hungry hippo game on the concrete. The game broke. I knew it was an accident so we went inside and got monopoly when we were playing my brother got really lucky and was revolving around the board. Every ten minutes he would just jump past me and that’s why I like board games.

The Future by Kyle

‘Isn’t it crazy how it is already 3,000AD’, I thought to myself as I flew the short trip to the galaxy of Umberus. I just couldn’t believe that people used to actually have to WALK if they wanted to go anywhere, on that thing they called concrete. My revolving spaceship, which gave me an excellent view of all the stars, made a strange whirring noise. A pink light started flashing in the distance. I had to jump off my spaceship, activate my wings and fly as quickly as possible back to Lamkorino. That light meant that the aliens which people ages ago thought weren’t real has returned again… hopefully their leader, Hungry Harry, wouldn’t attack my galaxy again…

Little Red Riding Hood by Kayleigh

Blanchette was walking through the woods to her grandma`s house. On the way she seen lots of beautiful flowers scattered all over the grass. She decided to pick some to give to her grandma along with the cupcakes her mam sent her to give. She seen lots of beautiful trees too. But then suddenly 2 arms wrapped around one of the trees. Blanchette started running, but then eventually every tree had arms wrapping around them. Without her noticing one of the arms grabbed her and pulled her in. She ended up dropping the basket of cakes and the flowers…

The Pink House by Katie

Mam called me in for my dinner it was lucky because I was very hungry. I was after being outside mixing concrete with my dad for my new drive way. We are doing up the house and the colour theme we are doing is pink. Pink upstairs, downstairs and even a revolving doors. You would never have guessed you could have so many ideas for one small house. Every time my dad would come up with a crazy idea we would jump up and down with excitement and happiness. This is what makes my dad so unique and utterly mad.

100 w/c by Jasmin

A gloomy Friday afternoon, New york.

As I was walking home from a long day at school I was doing my usual, observing people and what they are doing. For example today as I strolled down the sidewalk, I observed a hungry child jumping and yelling at their mother to hurry, a lady with a neon pink hat with a yellow ribbon at the side, and lady whose painting got wrecked by the downpour of icy cold rain. I like to observe people while I’m walking home it really shows how much we evolve over the years. Suddenly I got thrown back to reality as I slipped over the crack in the concrete pathway and fell right into a revolving door to my apartment building.

100 w/c by Emma

This is what I did to today at home.

First I woke up, I was hungry. I decided to make toast for breakfast then I got dressed into my new pink skirt and jumper.

Then I went for a revolving walk around the park and then went home and lay on the concrete down in my back garden.

After that I was eating my lunch and then I decided to pay football. It was going good until the ball went into the tall bush so I had to jump up and get it.

Finally I watchd the movie on the sofa and I went to bed afterwards.

The Meeting by Eden

I stood on the concrete path and looked up at the tall building. I decided that I shouldn’t just wait around so I jumped through the revolving door. The receptionist told me where to go. I went into the room and sat at the table.

Eventually, the boss came in. We greeted each other and since we were hungry we had lunch. Once we were finished we got down to business. “So”, he began, “you want me and my company to publish your new book, The Pink Dinosaur?” “Yes”, I replied. After a minute on thinking he seemed very happy to publish my book.

Conrete Jungle by Donnchadh

The hungry pink poisonous frog had to jump onto the revolving roundabout. He wanted to see his mates but he was lost in the concrete jungle that some people call London town. He went past the fancy place where some old lady lived. He saw a red bus and hopped on board. When he saw the sign for Piccadilly Circus he flicked the bell with his tongue and the bus stopped. He stopped when he saw the statue, he could see his feathered friends sitting on top. They flew down when they spotted him, because who could miss a pink frog!

My Holiday by Daniels

It is a summer day and me and my family are going on holidays. Later that day we got dropped out at a hotel it was pink it had a concrete foundation. Wen I went to the door it opened itself oh I said well I never seen a revolving door before. Later that day I got hungry so we all went for some food I was so shocked that I jumped in excitement it looked like I never had seen food in my life. We waited at our table for our food it took at least 10 minutes to get here but the food was ok I guess after we ate we went back to our room.

100 w/c by Daniel

The hungry bear roamed around the woods looking for food.

He did try to catch a deer, but it jumped away. And he did try to catch a Squirrel, but it ran up the tree. And he tried to catch the pink salmon, but it was revolving around the lake.

The lonely bear was starving. Suddenly the bear tripped and rolled down the hill. He hit the concrete path, he looked up to see the Oak Wood Town!

He roamed around looking for food. Eventually he came across a boy with a ham sandwich, the boy screamed, dropped his sandwich and ran.

Curbs by Callum

My friend and I were playing curbs outside our house. My friend fredo broke the rules and tried to score by kicking the ball. He hit the ball really hard and it hit my knee. My head felt like it was revolving. Fredo jumped from one side of the curb to the other side to see if I was alright. I said I was OK but a bruise was already appearing on my knee. The bruise was pink and painful. We started to get hungry so we went into my house. We ordered pizza, milkshakes and chips. FYI I won the curbs game.

Mr Revolving’s Horrible Day

One day there were two boys they always wanted to be a scientist .There parents were very supportive and rich. So they bought them the right gear and a little pink lab it even had a revolving door. This lad was basically there 2nd home they would be in it 7 hours a day . There was only 1 thing they didn’t like and that was the concert floor. If they were ever in there socks they would have to jump around that’s how bad it was. The boys got Hungry easily they had a mini fridge full of goodies

The Lab by Ashton

One day there were two boys they always wanted to be a scientist .There parents were very supportive and rich. So they bought them the right gear and a little pink lab it even had a revolving door. This lad was basically there 2nd home they would be in it 7 hours a day . There was only 1 thing they didn’t like and that was the concert floor. If they were ever in there socks they would have to jump around that’s how bad it was. The boys got Hungry easily they had a mini fridge full of goodies.

100 w/c by Amy

It was a normal day in the winter. Until all of a sudden it got cold. I turned on the fan and watched it from the couch. It was revolving slowly and then I got hungry. So I asked my friend if she wanted to go get lunch. She said ok so I got ready and went out the door. When we got to the cafe some workers were putting pink concrete in the ground?! What? I ignored it and when we got our food there was bugs jumping all over it! All of a sudden I woke up… it was all a dream.

Dinner Time by Aaron

We have been driving for ages and it is now 7:30pm and my brother and I got hungry. My brother and I started begging our parents to stop at a Mcdonalds or a Burger King. Eventually they agreed and said yes. As we pulled into Mcdonalds there was a huge queue in the drive-thru so we decided to jump out of the car onto the freezing, icy concrete. It looked like a normal Mcdonalds until we realized it had a revolving door. My brother got chicken nuggets with a coke. I got a burger that came in a pink box.