100 w/c – Noemi

One sunny Wednesday I went to school. There was a drainpipe. Me and friends saidv”Why is the drainpipe in our school yard?”. Suddenly Ms Brennock came and said “Why you all staring at the drainpipe?”. Although it was raining we looked at the drainpipe, it did nothing. We all thought that the drainpipe was cool but it wasn’t. On Tuesday we looked at the drainpipe and some things were coming out of the drainpipe. There were big tarantulas going down the drainpipe. We all ran home without asking. Then tarantulas came into our classroom. …it came down the drainpipe…

100 w/c – Ula

One day a girl called Cara, and her mom went to a SUPER busy town.She asked her mom could she have money to get ice-cream. Her mom said yes, and she gave her money. Cara said thank you. She went off to get her ice-cream. Guess what happened,HER COIN FELL DOWN THE DRAINPIPE! She went to get another coin but it came down the drainpipe again! She went the last time to get a coin and at last it worked this time! She got a yummy chocolate ice-cream. She loved her ice-cream!

10 w/c – Whitney

One day Tom had to babysit three children but they were really little and a bunch of stubborn rascals. Once they took Tom’s milk and poured it out of the window and it came down the drainpipe. They even once broke down Tom’s door. Tom really didn’t want to babysit but he had to. He tried to be very nice to them but they were just as bad as ever, they jumped, ran, kicked scratched and bit. Tom could not take it any more so he went to bed and didn’t talk to them. They were sorry.

100 w/c – Sophie

On Summer’s day we were going to where the make drainpipes. Quickly running to get in the car to go where they make drainpipes  I found a ball in the car. It was a colourful ball.

Finally we were there.  It was so amusing to see the drainpipes.  I brought my ball from the car. I bounced it up and down. It got stuck in the drainpipe. When the tour was over we were about to leave but my ball was still stuck in the drainpipe. We were nearly out the door when it came down the drainpipe and hit my dad in the head!

100 w/c – Cillian

One day a little boy had lost his cat called Smokey. Smokey was always going missing , but usually would come back within an hour or so. But today was different. He was missing over night. The little boy and his mammy were getting worried so they began to ask the neighbours. No one had seem Smokey. So they put up posters around the neighbourhood. The little boy was upset.  After days of the cat being missing the boy heard a noise. It came down the dranpipe and out popped Smokey, with two kittens, she had just had.

100 w/c – Whitney

One damp rainy day a man named Thomas had a job of selling souvenirs. Coming out of his house he saw three sisters, he asked if he could take their picture. They let him, but when he took the picture they turned into stone. He wanted to sell them but it would be lots of money, so he just took them for himself. Thomas was tired after all his walking and he went to bed. Suddenly Thomas heard wicked laughs, he was as scared as a little girl. But what he saw made him jump out of his skin….The stone sisters.

100 w/c – Noemi

One sunny day. Noemi, Anna and Chloe went for a walk. Suddenly they came up with an idea. Their idea was to make three statues in honour of their friendship. They would make the statues beside the resturant. Although they love colours, they would make the statues grey and white. They had to ask the government could they build it there. Luckily enough they said yes. The three statues were tall and skinny with long arms. People made fun of their statues but the girls did not care. They became popular in the town. They were so happy that they might make more statues in the future.

100 w/c – James

One day me and my family were going to France. It was so long to get there. But when we got to the airport… a man said “Come on up, come on up, take your picture, take your picture.”
So my mam said “Sure why don’t we?”
I wasn’t sure about it but I did it anyway. He only charged us two euro.
But when he took the picture we turned in to … penguins! We were frozen with fear. After a while we started to look for him, we ran for so long. When we found him my dad jumped him and forced him to change us back! So he did what the man said.

100 w/c – Hollie

Yesterday me my sister and my best friend walked to school. My sister’s name is Kayla my friend’s name is Caitlin. In school we were learning about stone and how it can be they can be recreated. On the way home from school me Kayla and Caitlin were talking about stone. We thought so much about it we turned into stone!!!! Until one day men started to dig under us and brought us to a museum. We became famous but one little kid touched Kayla and Kayla broke and she was Kayla again. She heledp me and Caitlin. We are back to normal, I think.

100 w/c – Dylan B

One fabulous sunny day I went to Liverpool and I saw three little poles. They looked very weird so I stepped away from them. Suddenly one of the poles moved. I got very suspicious. After a while we went to our big hotel. I looked the poles up and turns out the poles are people sitting on the floor. Although the poles were people they don’t look like people sitting down. 3 days after that we went home. Then when we got home it said on Google that they weren’t people sitting down. I was confused. But I don’t care.

100 w/c – Caitlin

It has been a brilliant day. Me, my brother Matthew and my mam had been out all day. When we were on our way home down a very busy road and we could hear very loud horns going all around us. Nobody was around except for a suspicious looking man wearing dark clothes. He was carrying a very strange looking camera. It was HUGE and was black with green dots. He turned to me and pointed the camera at me and said “Beware you’re in for a scare”. I turned to my mam to tell her and she had been turned into a statue. Matthew was turned into a statue too.
“Run, before you look like the rest of your family” the man said.
The flash went off and I could not move.

The Family of Stone Robots – Cillian

Today the 100 word challenge is about a picture of a family. It is not your normal picture of a family. It is a picture of robos turned to stone.  There is a mammy, a daddy and a young child standing in the middle of a town. Tey seem to be talkig to each other. I imagine them standing there giving out to each other, blaming each other as to why the king of Singapore turned them into stone robots.  I also thing that they were probably turned into this because they robbed food, because they were hungry and poor. This is against the law.

100 w/c – Ben F

There was a boy named Josh that lived in the country side. He looked forward to going to the city once a month with his parents to go to the shopping center. One time while he was there he was asked by a beautiful lady to take a photograph of her family. But there was something strange about them. When Josh went to take the photo, they appeared through the lens to be stone statues. Josh got a fright and dropped the camera! To his surprise when he looked at them, they were not stone statues at all. Josh was confused. The mother laughed a little at Josh and winked 😉

100 w/c- Ben H

One day there were three people outside of a restaurant. A mysterious man came over and asked if he could get a picture of them.
They though it was weird but said yes to the man, so the man took a picture of them but when he took the picture suddenly they all turned to stone. They were stuck in one spot and could not move. The man who took the picture with his magic camera ran away from the scene. The three people were doomed to stay as stone statues forever until somebody could find a way to break the curse.

100 w/c – Benito

One Fabulous day there were three people. They were all statues, there names were Brian, Steve and Kevin. One day they were having a conversation, “I wish we could travel to places” said Brian.

“Me too” said Steve.

“Me three!” said Kevin.

Suddenly a boy came along and he said hello to the statues. The statues said hello back to them. Although the boy was horrified,

“So you guys can talk” said the boy,”you guys are silly statues!”

‘Yep!’ they replied.

The statues said “Do you want to be our very special friend?”.

The boy replied ‘sure thing’ And they all became best friends. They lived happily ever after.

100 w/c – Bobby

It was a sunny afternoon in Singapore. We had planned to go to dinner with all our family on our first day of our holidays. On the way to the restaurant we came across a family of three marble statues, a very large statue, a medium sized one and a small one. They had no eyes, mouth or nose. They looked sad standing together in the small scorching sun. They looked like they were discussing what they were going to have for dinner, as they were standing outside the restaurant we were going into. I had lasagne on a marble plate, it was delicious.

100 w/c – Dale

Long long ago, in a magical mystical land called Wizardworld there lived a family called the Smiths. The youngest boy in the family “Jordan” was very bold. One day he went out spray painting. He did it on a wizard’s wall and he got caught by the wizard. The wizard was furious and he cast a spell on him and his family. The spell turned Jordan and his mam and dad into stone and banished them from Wizardworld for ever. Somehow they ended up in Liverpool and became a showpiece. They became very popular with the locals and the local pigeons.

100 w/c – Dylan S

One very stormy night, there were three stone statues at the park in Tipperary. All of them got struck by lightning and came alive.
They were getting bored of the park, so they got a train to Dublin city. When they got there it was the morning time.
They were really hungry so they decided to go to the biggest restaurant they could find. As they were so tall, it needed to be one with a VERY big roof! Finally they found a place to eat. It was very modern and fancy. Not only did it have the best mashed potatoes in the world, it had their favourite dessert… Rocky Road!!!!!

100 w/c – Jody

A few weeks ago Emily went to a beautiful restaurant with her family. There were some strange statues outside. They were grey and black and in the shape of small people. Emily wondered why they were there. She asked the waitress and she said “they move in the middle of the night”. Although she wasn’t afraid she was very confused. When she got home she decided she would go back to the restaurant the next day. Emily and her friend Isabella returned and the statues had moved places. Emily said to Isabella “lets come back tonight so we can see them moving”. “Ok” said Isabella.

100 w/c – Kyle

One Saturday my Dad took me into town to buy my Mam a birthday present. We must have gone into 20 shops and we still could not find anything. Then we walked by a shop that you can make your own little ornaments from clay. My Dad said that was a great idea because she would have something that she could keep forever. We made 3 statues. To represent her children, myself and my 2 sisters. When she opened the box on the morning of her birthday she was so happy with them she cried. Anyone that sees them and asks about them she says, ‘oh! they are my children, aren’t they lovely?’

100 w/c – Lena

One sunny day me and my family went to a big restaurant . Because it was such a sunny day we decided to sit outside . After we ate the food we went home. On the way home a family asked my dad could he take a picture of them. The man handed the big black camera over to my dad. Once my dad took the picture of the family the family turned int statues. “What just happened?” Said my dad. My dad tried to take another picture thinking that it would help. But it didn’t . After a while we decided to go back home. The next day we went back to the place where my dad took the picture but there was no sign of the statues.

100 w/c – Luke

One day myself, mam and dad went out for a walk we decided to go along the coast, On one side there was the sea and beach and the other side there were  shops and markets.We went walking along and saw this beautiful restaurant. My dad saw the price of the food and thought it was too much but then he looked at my mam and said ‘let’s eat here’. My dad asked me what I would like. I said ‘fresh cod’ then he said ‘so will I’. My mam said ‘ I will have ham and turkey, then we all laughed because we were made of stone.

100 w/c – Nicol

One day me and my family were going to a restaurant , the sun was shining the wind was blowing. Boom ! We turned into stone. my sister looked like she had no eyes . I thought that someone must’ve put a magic spell on us.

”I know the wizard of oz ,he can save us.” So the wizard of oz saved them . But they don’t know who put the magic spell on them . They searched high and low but they could not find who had turned them into stone. But all that they did know was that they looked silly .

The Snake’s Curse – Sophie

One cloudy day a snake came past the wizard’s castle. The wizard was mean.  He saw the snake and cast a big spell on him. The snake turned into a person and the wizard said, ‘you have 24 hours to become a snake again, you will have to go and pass a test. You have to go to the dark, red bridge.  There will be a monster there. You must cycle across.  If you do before the clock turns 8, you will come back to your self.’

So off he went to the red, dark bridge on his bike. He knocked the monster over and got across before the clock turned 8. He was soon back to his normal self again.

Red The Snake by Cillian

Once there was a snake called Big Red. The reason for this was because he was a bright red, big, fat snake! He decided to loose weight. Before he could loose the weight he had to get fit. He bought himself a bike and he cycled everywhere, up the hill and around the park.  The bike had a clock on it and this showed the snake how many miles he had done.  At the end of the week of cycling everywhere he lost two stone! His friends now call him Little Read and he is very happy!

100 w/c – Ula

Hi my name is Red Hen,and my friend Snake is being weird lately. You see, he has been making and saying weird noises,like,”clock”or”,cakoo”or ”malook”and all weird noises. Yesterday he cycled over to my house before lunch and said,”Oh Red Hen,plunk plunk plunk I nunk think loo I…..”

I stopped him right there,”Ok,maybe…can..you…please write what you wanted to say on the page,….it would really help,”I said,with a cute face.

”ok roke”he said,and started to write. When I read what he wanted to say in shock,”I could tell,”I said, and gave him a yummy sweet, and it made him all better! He said I was a great friend!

100 w/c – Noemi

One sunny Monday. Everleigh diden’t want to go to school. Everleigh was sleeping but the clock rang. When Everleigh came back from school Everleigh thought she was at the park before. The next day Everleigh woke up. Everleigh went to school but on yard she saw a big red roses. Everleigh was suprised Eveleigh loves roses. Suddenly Everleigh cycled down the hill with her best friends Noemi and Lily.
Although it was dark Everleigh with Noemi and Lily went to the night zoo. They saw so many animals in the night zoo. There was a snake in the cage Noemi took the snake home it was very friendly.

100 w/c – Nicol

One day a snake called Jim cycled to” Red Clock town” . Before he went there pig John , pig John was his best friend they both had bikes . Then they went to Red Clock town . Finally they were in Red Clock town , then they met Cow . Then they went to the shop to buy some milk shakes . The next day they went to the park . Jim got stuck on the swing . John and cow were pulling and pulling and they got Jim out. Then they finished their milk shakes and went back home .

100 w/c – Nico

One time in Spain there was a very dangerous snake.It was red and had white spots on it.When people see it the just run as fast as they could.Before in the early 80’s it didn’t do a lot of harm now it can kill you.And they made a clock to not forget how the snake looks like.When people are cycling on the road they see the snake and run it over that’s the only way to kill them.Then when the people kill them they make it into the clock.

100 w/c – Matthew

A long time ago, when a clock was not invented yet. It was well before God and Jesus. This is The Stone Age. Where people went to eat bears,snakes,elks and much more, people keep on saying that it’s a cycle, the same thing happens everyday. It’s not like the Playstation needs an update. Eventually, my annoying little brother squeals “Mom, the bear ate the food” and actually he was meant to take care of the food, so they put me as the person who looks after the food. My face turned as red as a tomato. I was never as sad in my little stone age life.