Millie’s Birthday by Katie

It was a Thursday morning and it was Millie’s birthday. She was going to a restaurant with her family she was going to an Indian restaurant. She was getting ready and she was wearing shorts, t-shirt and white shoes.

She went to her car and got in the back she was going to collect her nanny and grandad. They arrived at the house then when her nanny and grandad got in they head to the restaurant. They arrived they went in and sat down.

The waitress came over and Millie ordered the curry. When it arrived she had a taste it was so spicy the heat was unbearable, so she ran to the bathroom.

My Weekend by Emma

This is what I did on Sunday.

First I woke up and got dressed and went out for breakfast and and went back to my nana s to get chairs for the garden.

Then we decide to buy a pool and pump because the heat was unbearable and then we had to get a hose for the back garden

Next we blew up the pool the and filled it up and got in are swimsuits and flip flops and sunglasses.

Finally my cousins came over and we played in the pool and splashed then we got a takeaway for dinner then they went home and I went to bed.

The Spicy Challenge by Eden

Juan, the world champion of eating spicy food, was getting ready for the hardest challenge of his life. He had flown to a far away planet to attempt to eat the universe’s spiciest curry. He sat down as the chef brought out the curry. “The challenger has 1 hour to eat the curry. He can drink as much milk as he needs. Let the challenge begin!” The chef announced. Juan began eating. Even for him the heat was so unbearable, so he began drinking milk. Slowly he began getting rid of the curry. After a tiring 59 minutes, he won the challenge.

The Rescue by Donnchadh

We were in the hummer heading out of Kabul after our scout mission. The heat was unbearable, so we parked in the shade to get a break. All of a sudden we got a mayday call on our radio from the helicopter commander. He’d been shot down over enemy territory and he needed help! We had to get there before the enemy. We drove as quick as we could to the crash site. When we got there a dust storm in the distance told us the Taliban were on the way. We got there just in time. We pulled our commander to safety and raced back to base.

The Zoo by Daniels

I was chilling in the freezer with the peas and the rest of the waffles. As usual the human came in and brought one of us to “heaven.” Today it was my turn, I was so excited. The human picked me up and lifted me across the kitchen. A few seconds later I was put beside a machine, then he turned it on. Suddenly he picked me up and dropped me inside, the heat was unbearable, so I tried to climb out. After some struggling I gave up. I was then put on a plate with rashers and peas. I thought Heaven was nicer.

Waffles by Daniel

I was chilling in the freezer with the peas and the rest of the waffles. As usual the human came in and brought one of us to “heaven.” Today it was my turn, I was so excited. The human picked me up and lifted me across the kitchen. A few seconds later I was put beside a machine, then he turned it on. Suddenly he picked me up and dropped me inside, the heat was unbearable, so I tried to climb out. After some struggling I gave up. I was then put on a plate with rashers and peas. I thought Heaven was nicer.

Benalmadena by Callum

My family and I went to Benalmadena four years ago and it was my favourite holiday ever. We got to the hotel very late at night so we went to burger King. The heat was unbearable so I got an ice cream. The next morning we spent most of our time in the pool. In the afternoon we went to the harbour and I tried a vr. There was a restaurant there called Jack’s if was America styled. We left to go back to the hotel. We sat in the hotel room listening to music and playing games.

The Life of a Piece of Toast by Ben

There I was, about to go to the hottest place in the planet, the toaster. I was ready, to be burnt alive and eaten. I entered the toaster, the heat was unbearable, so I started to panic. I was on fire. I knew as soon as I was put in the toaster it would be the end. A few of my descendants have told me very scary things about the toaster, it’s worse than being eaten alive. Suddenly, I heard clicking, maybe it was the people noticing that there was a fire. It wasn’t. I popped straight out of the toaster, like nothing happened.

The Fire by Ashton

It happened 5am yesterday a tragic fire that would change the Tood’s life.

The heat was unbearable so the firefighters had to get more than they had at the station. It would be a miracle to put out this fire. All the family were out except the 7 year old girl. No one knew were she was. The mam and dad started crying, luckily the brother was a firefighter he ditched the fire and just looked all over the house. This was very dangerous. Room after room -no girl. He just had to look at pray but then….

The Heatwave by Amy

The day is here. The hottest day of the year. I woke and felt very warm. I looked outside and it looked very hot. And then I remembered it is the hottest day of the year and a massive heat wave is today. I opened all the windows and put on a fan. I went downstairs and the kitchen tiles were extremely hot from the sun shining through the big window. The heat was unbearable so I covered the tiles with a blanket. I went outside but the second the sun hit my skin it felt like I was being poked with pins because it was so hot.

Mega Heat Wave by Aaron

It was our second day in Lanzarote and the heat was unbearable so we were told on the news that we had to stay in water from 12 to 3 o’clock otherwise you would burn to death. The temperature was over 40 degrees Celsius. I had to keep myself composed while I was in the water for hours. I had no food or water. No friends with me so I went over to a group of tourists and asked to stay with them. They said yes. Itwas a horrible day but after all it was to get people talking.

Giant Iron by Tadhg

It was a dark and humid night in the city of Tashkent the captain of Uzbekistan. There was a sharp blustery wind blowing around the streets. Anne and Albert were on a trip around Asia and Uzbekistan was their next stop. All was well until they arrived in the centre of the city. A massive iron was falling for the sky and was heading for their tour bus. Everyone on the bus started screaming at the top of their voices, Anne and Albert stayed calm the knew what to do. Get the driver of the bus out of his seat and get behind the wheel and floor it.

Bad Burn by Rose

”Ai, sweetie, go and iron some clothes for me please. I need to clean the kitchen.” My mom said as she was washing the dishes. I said yes and wet upstairs and passed my older sister, Nadia. She looked really worried and was walking back and forth really quickly. I decided to approach her.

”Hey Nada, everything alright?” I asked. She just looked at me and gave an awkward smile and said she’s fine.

I eventually started ironing the clothes when suddenly I heard a very loud scream. I got startled and burned my forearm, dropping the iron.

I hissed in pain and looked at my hand. It started bleeding a bit. I went outside to see what happened and was horrified to see the kitchen completely hurt and my sister really hurt on the floor.

100 w/c by Rorí

I was so happy at this point my life was revolving around this thing. It was pink concrete. It was layed down on my driveway today. But one thing I don’t like about it is that we have to jump over it so we don’t ruin it. As I was walking on my phone to my house I accidently stepped in the concrete and ruined it. So I panicked and told my mam and dad that I was going to the shop because I was hungry. Little did they know I was actually going to get more pink concrete.

His Diary by Nathan

The rain was pelting down outside the prison walls.

I was scared thinking what the day will bring.I knew what was coming.

My last day!! The police came to bring my to family who were visiting

I said my goodbyes my mam wanted to hit me. Sadly after that the shoved me into my cell where I got to pick my last meal. I went with my favitoe food as a child pizza with ice-cream. I didn’t finish it I was too busy thinking about what hell looks like. Now I off to the to the chair where the first thing I see is a iron.

The Fire by Mya

While Nick is ironing he gets a message from his friend George. George says that Nick has to wake up early in the morning so Nick goes to sleep forgetting about the iron still being on. While he is sleeping he smells smoke. He think nothing about it and goes back to sleep. After a couple of minutes his face starts to get really warm, he opens his eyes and see a fire. He’s worrying about what to do, he quickly grabs a towel and puts is over the fire and plugs out the iron. He goes back to sleep while his heart is still rapidly beating.

The Iron Figure by Matthew

I was in Italy and bored, I decided to visit the iron figure. It was a 45 minute drive. So I got the bus at closest bus stop. The bus came, I got on and listened to music. We got they’re quicker then expected. There were a lot of tourists and the iron figure was soo sparkly and cool. A man suddenly came and started to grab the iron figure. The security guards and I tried to catch but he couldn’t I looked the down the other corner way and the Police came and cornered the man and flipped him and took the iron figure back and the police saved the day.

Amazing Art by Luke

On the school tour at the crazy art exhibition everyone had fun. Harry liked the egg made of toys. Larry liked the cup made of tuna. Sarah liked the frozen apple. The coolest thing that everyone liked was the plastic object that looked like an iron. It was silver and standing straight up. When we left we saw someone running away from it and it started to fall over. The next day the museum tried to find them and arrest them. Eventually they got caught and had 3 months in jail. It was the best school tour I have ever been on.

The Dream by Kyle

I was so tired…

Suddenly I was on my feet, walking through an unfamiliar town. I stumbled and tripped over what seemed to be a fake iron on the ground. My curiosity got the better of me and I picked it up. Out of nowhere, I flew directly up through the clouds at the speed of light and started floating. I was flying! I saw a glow in the distance and followed it. Once I got closer, I could tell it was heaven! I placed my hand on a gigantic marble handle on an aged oak door…

I woke up with a start and rubbed my eyes. It had all been a dream.

The Weight by Katie

One mild afternoon Abby was walking down the street. She was going to the shops to get milk but before she went in she heard a big bang. She looked where it came from and there was a man floating above where the bang came from. Everyone was looking at him he announced ”I am the bad man”.

Abby was bit scared she ran back home to tell her family. Abby turned on the TV it was on the news about the bad man. The news said that the bad mans weapon was a big weight to through at people. They were hoping nothing bad would happen.

100 w/c by Jasmin

“Nobody really knows, this is the only explanation that is the most realistic” The tour guide lady, Maria, explained. We were visiting the Italian history museum, visiting the large metal structure which no one knows how it got there or how it formed or was made. “We believe the other worldly creatures may have built it as a worship around the year 240 BC, our proof is that there are tiny non human finger tip like fingerprints, but not from the dna of any human, tiny, almost triangular, although this is not much evidence there is no other explanation for such thing.” What do you think it is? Or how did it get there?

100 w/c by Emma

hi my name is gill I’m a giant I live up in the cloud on a cloud island earlier today I dropped my mettle iron off the island and so I decide to brain storm what will be down there maybe more giants or maybe pig cow men or monkey lions then. I decide to jump down there and … there was tiny people walking around and melbas as they call them cars every looked so scared then I saw a sigh that said new York what’s that then I found my mettle iron and jumped back up to the clouds

The Chase by Eden

Bob decided to look at an iron shield on display. Out of nowhere a museum tour guide appeared and began to tell him about it. Suddenly, mid conversation, it started glowing. Both of them backed up slowly. It began to levitate. The lights went out. Through the glass roof a man dressed in all black jumped down, grabbed the shield and made a sprint to the door. Bob ran out after him and got into his police jeep. He called for backup as soon as he could. He was going to make sure that the criminal was caught and arrested.

The Giant Iron by Donnchadh

‘I don’t understand modern art’ said Mum looking at the giant iron installation. ‘What is this even supposed to be’?

Tom shrugged his shoulders. He was happy to be off school. He didn’t mind that when he went into the city his Mum always had to visit somewhere grown ups love to give out about. He just liked to get to go on the train and watch everything go by really fast.

‘Shall we go and get a bun?’ asked Mum her eyes all crinkly.

‘Yes please’ said Tom Finally an end to all the walking around.

The Lamest Robbery Ever by Daniels

It was a dark day and me and Tom were going to rob the museum. We scouted out our plan of stealing the only iron in the world so I can iron my clothes. We went in and we were surrounded by security. We went as close as we can I could smell my clothds getting ironed. “When Tom is about to grab the iron the guards saw him take it and started to chase us. We ran as fast as we could we barely lost them and we hid behind a box and a emergency exit was in front of us and we got out “I cant wate to try this out”.

Assassination by Daniel

The police officer got out of his car and arrived at the scene, an iron on the path, the victim being asked questions. He asked another officer what happened. “The victim said the iron landed right in front of him.” He said. After that, the officer walked into the hotel room, where the iron supposedly fell from. He investigated the area and found pictures of people, and the person who lived in the room. Later the supposed suspect was arrested and interrogated. He said he was the one who committed the crime, and was then sent to jail for his assassination attempt.

That Was Close by Ben

I was walking to football training on a warm Wednesday evening and while I was I seen a very big metal object on the floor. At first I was just going to leave it alone and walk away but instead I decided to pick up. Suddenly, everything rose up in the air, cars were floating in the air, buildings and houses were going miles in the air. I knew as soon as I picked the object up I made the wrong decision. But then I thought I should smash the object on the floor and see if anything would change. It did. Everything was back to normal like nothing happened.

The Problem by Ashton

One day there were 2 siantist Mark and Steven they loved bored games like love. They made a robot base of an monopoly character they taught the world would love it.

But since it was there first robot they didn’t know the side effects.

It could harm so many people see the robot was 6’3 it would go fast as light. It could crucially hurt someone . They were young so didn’t realise. The first victim was guy called Jake he sued 1000€ Steven and Mark knew they had to close down.

But there was still one more????

The Dream by Amy

I woke up on a saturday afternoon at 2:23pm. I saw that I accidentally slept in. But it was ok because i didnt have anything important. I went downstairs and saw that it was really nice outside. So i decided to iron clothes outside. And then all of a sudden the iron got really big and I dropped it. I looked at it and i saw that it had no front. It looked like one of those monopoly pieces. And when I tried to pick it up it was very light. Lighter than a normal iron. And then I woke up. It was all just a dream. And I saw that it was 2:23pm.

The Child’s Wrath by Alfie

Eoin was visiting his nanny in Greenland. After an unbearably long flight he and his family had landed. They got a taxi to go drive to their nanny’s house where they would be staying for the next few days. They decided what to do in the house was they were going to play Monopoly. So they agreed. The game went on and on and on. Until Eoin’s little brother landed on Eoin’s spot “you have to pay me 200€!” said Eoin. then Eoin’s little bother flipped the table the pieces scattered along the floor. They could only find 1 piece.