The Night They Went Camping by Emily

It was mid summer when Jack and Tom decided to go camping. They got their tents and camping gear ready and set off into the country side. The two boys were walking for a while when they saw the perfect spot to set up camp. Jack and Tom set up the camp site. They heated some beans and rices on the camp fire. The two boys were enjoying telling ghost stories. When suddenly there was a bright light in the sky it shone on Jack’s face and the light blinded him for a second. Then the light disappeared from the sky without a trace.

Fallout Zone by Darragh

BOOM! A nuke dropped. Max woke up, the light blinded him. He looked behind him and saw the cloud of dust and ran out of his old rusty shed. Then he heard something falling from the sky he looked up and saw a nuke. He ran as fast as he could trying not to trip over the rocks. He looked for shelter but all he could find was an old barnyard.He decided to stay the night there. As he was just about to fall asleep he heard a strange noise – he went to look and he found an old dog…

The Unlucky Day by Craig

Normally on Saturday morning Ethan got up at 9:00 or around that time. But today, Dad woke him up at 6:00am and opened the blind and the light blinded him.

“GOSH it is only 6:00am, I presume that it is my birthday present that you forgot?” said Ethan.

” Because your Granny is coming to mind you !“said Dad.

“Dad I am old enough to stay home alone, “said Ethan.

“No you’re not, “said Dad.

Ethan hated his Granny because all he got was cabbage, and 6 o’clock bedtimes.

“She will be here for a week! “said Dad.

Now Ethan was fraught with fear.

Alien Teacher by Cillian

It was a nice sunny day and Max was lying in bed until his mam shouted “Wake up or you’ll be late for school! She opened the curtains and the light blinded him. It was 8:30AM and school started at 9:00AM. Max got up quickly, rushed downstairs to have breakfast and sprinted to school. He just about got there in time. When he went into class, he saw a substitute teacher writing her name on the whiteboard. Her name was Mrs.Bite, pretty weird name. He presumed she was normal but when she turned around her face was like a shark’s and she had loads of sharp teeth. Max shouted OH MY GOSH! and ran.

New Year Party by Cian

It was New Year’s Eve and Stephen and his friend Darragh were at the celebrations in Dublin city, fireworks were merrily cracking away.


Everyone was singing and happily dancing, there was a man in the middle of the river Liffey playing the drums, when suddenly an extremely bright light shone from stage he was playing on. Stephen half looked away because the light blinded him, Darragh grabbed him and asked if he wanted to go get something to eat so they headed to the chipper. After a while they left the chipper and they headed for the train.

The Well by Charlie

BOOM! John fell into a deep dark well. He and his friends Tom and Seán had being playing football when the ball went flying through some bushes. John went looking for the ball and fell into what he thought was a creepy well. John called for help,Tom and Seán sprinted over, Tom looked at John and ran as quick as he could to his house whilst Seàn stayed over with John. Tom rang the fire brigade. When the fire brigade arrived 30 minutes later John could hear the siren and looked up, the light blinded him. John eventually got out and thanked his friends and the fire brigade.

100 w/c by Brian

One night me and my friend Nicky were at the park and the New Year’s countdown was about to happen. As soon as it happened the light blinded him. It was so bright! Nicky’s eyes were extremely hurt. He was running around screaming in pain. It was so embarrassing for me. One of the people there said gosh, they were so surprised. Then he tripped over my shoelace and fell into the water fountain. It was so funny (and embarrassing ) everyone there was laughing their heads off. One person even recorded it and posted it on YouTube. He was not happy.

Brother’s First Day at School by Ben

Last week was my younger brother’s first day of school. Mam woke him up, and I think the light blinded him for a few minutes. My brother got up and got changed for school. He wore a bright blue top with black bottoms. After that he had Coco Pops, then we set of to school. I think my brother was very nervous. When he got there he met his friend Jack from play school. After a while we went to collect him and he said it was the best day of his life. The next morning he was crying because he had no school.

The Happy (?) New Year’s Eve by Ashley

My cousin has very sensitive eyes, he can’t look at very bright things.

BAM!!! another firework went off for new years eve but this time much brighter. I looked at my cousin and realised the light blinded him! We had to bring him to the hospital.

The doctor said that he would be blind all his life, and that doctors would have to do surgery on him.

When he came out of surgery, my cousin said that he could only see out of a tiny part of his eye.

“Gosh” I said “What happened to your eye?” His eye was all full of blood.

He explained what the surgeons did and from that day on I hope that, that will never happen to me.

New Year’s Eve by Abby

It was New Years and every one was celebrating. Harry did the count down to 2019. We went outside to see the fireworks, the light blinded him. Harry’s sister said “gosh, I cant believe it is 2019”. We went back inside to play quiz games. I suddenly decided to go upstairs and play on my laptop that I got for Christmas. I messaged my friends to say “Happy New Year” and we all started to play a game. Before I knew it it was morning time. I was very tired but it was a great New Year’s Eve.

My First Game by Aaron

I passed the test to join Man Utd. I was so happy but my first game was on Friday I was scared. We were going to play man city. After a while we started training. After training we went to get food it was lovely. When we finished our food we went to our hotel and we went to sleep. Then we got up and it was match day. I was excited we were on our way to the stadium. Me and the other new players said oh my gosh. Then we were walking on to the pitch. And my friend looked at the flood lights he said to me the light blinded him.

Present Seeker by Oliver

It was Chrismas eve there was a man called Mild Pol.

He went to his friend’s party.

The first thing they did was have some fun with the Fortnite game.

His friend and my parents were playing cards and my dad won the match.

The second thing he did was to eat the first meal and then he opened the cracker.

It was not the time to open the presents but Mild Pol opened his present and BOOM! random things started to shoot out like a bright blue eye, a blue decoration and holly with red berries!!

Since that day he never opened a present.

Christmas Party – Niamh

It was Saturday. I was going to a Christmas party with my family. The party started at 7:30pm and ended at 10:30pm. I got my face painted and it was so cool. I was going to get a grinch face and then I changed my mind. I got a blue face with an eye, a present, holly, lots of stars and a Christmas bauble painted over one of my eyes. My little sister got her face painted as well and she got the Grinch. My little brother got the same as my sister and they both looked brilliant. We all had great fun, it was such an amazing day!

The Art Gallery – Jessica M

One day Amelia went to an art gallery. While she was there they were decorating the gallery with Christmas pictures. Amelia was interested in a particular picture, it had a blue eye looking through a Christmas tree, at an ornament and, a present. She asked if she could buy the picture. They said she could buy it, so she did. When Amelia got home she put the picture on the wall. Then she went up the stairs got her mam and showed her the picture. Her mam loved the picture, and asked where she had got the Christmas picture.

The Pilgrimage by Mia

“Shall I enlighten you on Christianity?”asked Kylie as we walked on our pilgrimage to the Lourdes worshipping center.

“No thanks,” I replied, “I don’t know why we are coming here ‘cos I’m an aethiest.” I said .’s only

because mam has to pay homage to Jesus,” Kylie replied.

Then I tripped . “That was an embarrising faux pas!” she said ,straightening her magnificent gold dress, as she lived in splendour.

As we got there I saw a mural of an eye, a box and an ornament it was lovely.

The Early Christmas Present by Jessica H

Christmas was coming up. Amelia was really excited except her dog Coco passed away. It was a sad time since she had Coco since she could remember. But she tried not to let that ruin her Christmas holidays. Mum said she had a early Christmas present from her and Dad. I was so excited .Mum called me down stairs eventually,when I came down stairs there was a box.I opened it and it was the best thing ever it was a Golding Retriever puppy I was bursting with tears and excitement it was the best gift ever.

The Legend by Craig

In Ireland there is said that this legend is not a legend. The legend is called Blue Man. On Christmas Eve there was this boy age 13 but very responsible and respectful to all. He lives in an alley way in Dublin nobody cares about him, but the boy thinks they don’t care about him because of his skin colour. The boy didn’t write a letter to Santa. But Santa thought he was so good, that he deserves a gift, when the boy opened the gift, all around him where decorations and a tree with ornaments, on it now he celebrated Christmas.

Christmas Day – Charlie

s was Christmas Day. Joe and his brother Philip were out having a snowball fight, Philip was chucking snowballs at Joe. Joe was losing then he hit his brother right in the face with a huge snowball. They decided to stop and build a snowman, they had a huge garden so this was easy. After 15 minutes they had finished building the snowman, it was the best snowman ever! They decided to go inside and raced each other up to the window Philip won and looked in the window he saw his uncle put his present under the Christmas tree.

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire!

I was putting up my Christmas tree yesterday when the room was filled with the most amazing light. My parents left the house to go shopping, so it was just me.

I found a present decoration on the tree and it was glowing so bright, that was where the light was coming from. I carefully took the ornament down, I had to grab my sun – glasses it was so bright. I peeked in then put it down on the ground and stared at it.

I heard my parents coming in I ran and told them what had happened, I lead them in to the sitting room and showed them the ornament but it disappeared it was gone.

From that day on I have been called ‘little miss liar.’

100 w/c Zach

One sunny day my dad dragged us out to a hiking trip. My brother sister and I. I didn’t want to go hut he dragged us out anyway. “You need fresh air” he said this every sunny day. After a while we all arrived at the mountain range. We saw one family come down. But they were exhausted coming out of the car as if they already had done the hike. “Come on let’s go up the mountain “ dad said really enthusiastically. I groaned. I looked at the people come down the mountain they looked exhausted. We went up the mountain until up the mountain there was a eruption….

100 w/c Oliver

“Go Go Go!” said Jeff.

Ben was beathing heavily to the finish line but he would not give up.

His legs stared to give up but at the last centimeter he slowed down and someone zapped past him.

He came second place and said” Nnnooo!”

The person who won was named Greg.

The person who won was happy but exhausted.

“From now on you are my mortal enemy” said Ben.

Ben was going home when he saw Greg getting attacked and Ben said “ho no he is my enemy!”

The next thing Greg knews was that Ben saved him.

100 w/c Niamh

It was the day of the late late toy show. I was going to watch it with my family. We got treats for watching it. My Mam and Dad had to put the Christmas tree up and we got to decorate it together. My little brother and sister were supposed to watch it but they were exhausted and fell asleep.It was just as well we were recording it! I stayed up until it was over at 12:30. It was an amazing show I really enjoyed it. The next day I got to watch it all again with my little brother and sister.

100 w/c Mia

One day Zoey went to Bronx Zoo. So she drove there, bought a ticket and went in. As she paid she fumbled with the ticket machine. She saw a circus tent. She sat and watched the show. There was a trapeze artist, she was amazing, Zoey had to stifle her gasps. There was a lion. During the interval Zoey watched as it took a large leap and then…It attacked!! Zoey watched as it pounced and bit the young girl sitting in front of her. Zoey grabbed the girl away and ran. Then there was a roar the lion was tranquelised. Zoey tried to leave but she was exhausted.

100 w/c Leon

“”Shepherd 1.0 here, we’ve got our first target,” Dominic whispered into his walkie-talkie.

“Any company with him?” replied a voice.

“Yes general Leon. Three. The ones we stumbled into five days ago,” Dominic replied.

“WHAT??!!! We finished them of!! They were exhausted! “shouted a different voice.

“Calm down Daniel. Daniel quickly go to Dominik and….”

“Why can’t he come to me?”

”He doesn’t have any legs.”

OK then let’s kick him out” shouted Daniel angrily

“Daniel, you need to get to Dominik so we can kidnap those sheep, got it?”said Leon. “Fine. At least I’ll get some more sheep for my stable!”

100 w/c – Jessica M

Bang!Clash! As Abbey and Zakia were walking through the forest, they saw snakes, spiders, and tigers. They were scared of them and started to run. Abbey and Zakia were running for quite a bit. When they stopped running Abbey didn’t know where they where but they were exhausted and she did know that. Zakia found her way back home while Abbey followed her. They walked into the house with excitement and told their mam what had happened. Their mam told them what her day was like and that she would have loved to do what they did.

100 w/c Jessica H

It was a Wednesday. My Mam was bringing my brother and I to the park. I would say we were there for an hour or two. I was so tired but we still had to go food shopping. I hate food shopping. Shortly after we finished shopping I fell asleep on the way home, that’s how tired I was. My Mam said to herself ‘how about we go to get ice-cream?’ But then she knew we were exhausted. After she had a brillant idea and asked ‘how about we get drive through?’ But my brother and I were fast asleep.

100 w/c Emmanuel

Balbriggan F.C. was battling against Real Madrid in the champions’ league final. The match started off very well for Balbriggan. The goalkeeper got so distracted that when the defender passed the ball to the keeper it rolled in. It was 1-0 to Real Madrid. The referee blew his whistle for half time. Balbriggan had an advantage because they seemed to be exhausted. The second half started. Cillian got taken down in the box. It was a penalty , Cillian shot and scored. With a minute left Cillian had the ball, he crossed it into the box. Emmanuel leaped up and headed it. Gooooooooaaaaaaal!

100 w/c Emily

Milly and Lilly climbed a steep rocky Mountain. It was two thousand feet tall. Lilly fell into a puddle on the mountain, she was all soggy and wet. Milly fell over her and hurt her arm. They both got up and went on up the mountain. They stopped to look at the amazing view. They were excited about what would it be like at the summit. Suddenly a bird flew by, Milly shouted with excitement at it. It was a golden eagle. They continued to the top. Finally Milly and Lilly got up to the cloud covered summit. They were exhausted. So they started their descent.

100 w/c Darragh

It was 1920 in New York. Dan was working in his office. Ding! dong! the clock struck four he packed up and walked out. He got to the door and suddenly BANG! A gunshot fired. A man fell to the floor a man ran in a black coat and he had a pistol in his hand. Dan ran home and tried to find out who that was. He called his friends and they went through New York. They searched everywhere but couldn’t find anything but they didn’t look at the Rockefeller under construction. They climbed on a girder and went up. They were careful where they stood but then suddenly they saw the man. He grabbed his pistol and fired. They ran away suddenly they where exhausted. The man fired his gun at one of the girders ropes and…

100 w/c Craig

One day Adam, John and Séan were invited to be on tv. The show was called Torture Maze, Anthony was the commentator.

”Three two one action! he said, good morning!”

Séan, Adam and John went through the maze. The game was simple – get to the middle without being killed by the henchmen. But they were exhausted from running to the show and were not able to run through the maze. The last one alive would win €1.00! The children really wanted the money badly. The child that won was Adam. He spent it on a bus ride to Dublin.