A Grave Encounter – by Luke

Out on a walk with my friend, it was very misty and foggy.  As we walked we heard a weird noise, it sounded like a dog crying. I shouted out, but nothing answered. We came across a crimson gate that went into a grave yard. We went in to see where the noise was coming from. As I walked along , my friend was a little behind me, I jumped out from behind a grave and screamed! He frantically jumped and then ran out of the grave yard. I start laughing. When I was walking home I saw him and we laughed together.

100 w/c Noemi

On one misty day. I saw loads of fog but I also felt a little bit of rain and I felt wet on me. When I was walking down the road I tripped and I saw some crimson colour on my knee, it was blood. I went rushing home with my bloody knee. As I got to my house I shouted my ”KNEE IS BLEEDING!”

My mam was frantically looking when I shouted. My mam was grave and I got in trouble because my knee was dirty not bleeding. We had a laugh. I went to bed and the same thing happened to my knee.

100 w/c – Nicol

One misty day Max shouted in a grave way ” Where is my crimson car ?”  Max went to the Garda stasion and said “Someone stole my crimson car ” ,
The Garda said “What is the number of your the car ? ”
Max said “50875219G”. “What are we going to do ?”
They went to the court.

The next day they found someone guilty . The judge said frantcally “you are going to jail .”

Max got his car back and the Garda station and the guilty person went to jail and the judge went back to court .

Max never lost his car agan .

100 w/c Nico

One sunny day in Madrid Spain it was a really weird day and not even one person went out their houses.And then I got scared because when I went to knock on my friends door (2 mins later)he didn’t answer.Afterwards he shouted “GO BACK HOME RIGHT NOW THERE IS MURDER GOING ON IN THE POOL”.And that made me really scared and then I looked out the window I saw that the water was turning crimson and it was misty.And then I saw my friend getting buried into a coffin and then I saw a grave and that made me that got me frantically scared and when I ran straight home I never went outside.

The Sad Man – by Matthew

Yesterday, a man in my town got a story about him. He finally got a job as a cashier, since he didnt have a job. he was walking frantically as it was his first day. It was a great day with birds singing, and the sun was smiling down to earth. As he crossed a road “BOOM!” he got hit by a misty car, the man in the car came out and shouted “ITS NOT MY FAULT HE WALKED ON A RED LIGHT!”, as the blood started to drip out of his arm, it was a crimson colour. The grave is now decerated in flowers and things that he loved, and it is still up today.

The Robber by Jody

On a misty cold evening a robber was caught stealing things from peoples’ homes. He was running frantically from our neighbour’s house when he got caught by the police. They shouted at him “stop right there!” The robber turned around and there was crimson blood on his hands. The police hoped that he didn’t hurt anyone. They checked the house and nobody was there only a little cat. The robber said “the cat scraped me”. The police laughed and said “thanks little cat, you helped us catch the robber, he is going to the grave after this.”

Misty’s Close Encounter with Crimson by James

One day a girl called Misty was walking down the street, she knew somebody was following her and she tried to lose him multiple times, but the man was still there. Then she noticed his reflection in a car window. It was Crimson the town robber.

“Crimson!!!!!!!!” She shouted frantically.

She ran as fast as she could into the grave yard. Luckily Crimson tripped over a grave, while chasing Misty through the grave yard. He hurt his leg and could not catch up. Then Misty told the guards. The guards got Crimson in two minutes, but first he had to go to a doctor, to take a look at his leg.

The Scary Lady by Hollie

Last week me and my friends decided to go to a graveyard, foolishly as it was getting dark. There was a grave that looked really weird and we wanted to have a closer look. As we got closer there was a lady standing by it wearing a crimson cloak. As we started to creep over to her, a really scary mist started to settle on the grass . Perry stood on a stick and the lady turned to see us , she shouted and screamed at us scarring the life out of us. We ran away so fast our hearts were beating out of our chests!

The Zombie I Decapitated by Haylie

One day my spooky scientist sister was experimenting with a dead body that she dug up from a misty grave yard. Suddenly a bolt of lightning hit the power lines, a surge of power hit my sister’s lab and the dead body started to move. I was in my room doing my homework when I heard the explosion. I ran to the basement where my mad sister’s lab is. I kicked open the door to see a zombie taking a bite out of my mad sister’s neck. The crimson coloured blood squirted across the room. She frantically shouted for help. I quickly drew my sword and chopped off the zombies head. I also decapitated my sister just in case she became a zombie.

100 w/c The Forest – Hasher

One misty night Bob was in the forest collecting wood for his fire. Suddenly he heard a monster. He ran frantically. The monster was grave and was not nice. Suddenly his friend came. Bob shouted run! They both ran. The monster was a crimson colour ,it could teleport anywhere. The monster teleported infront of Bob and his friend. Bob screamed “ahhhhhh”. Bob hit the monster. That made the monster very angry. The monster ate Bob “mmm” the monster said. His friend ran and hid in the woods behind a tree. He was very scared. The monster looked and looked but could not find him, he went home forever.

The Woman in the Crimson Dress by Hannah

One day me and my friend were out walking my dog. Suddenly my dog darted in to a graveyard. I shouted at him to come back. Me and my friend ran after him.  It was very misty. When I turned around my friend was no longer with me. I looked frantically for her and my dog. In the distance I saw a woman in a crimson dress standing beside a grave, she pointed with big bony finger, ” they are over there”. I ran over to them in delight and said thank God for that woman.
” What woman?” said my friend AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH RUN!!

Misty Holidays – by Frank

Last year me my Dad my granny and my granddad went on a holiday to a misty castle. Beside the castle there was a grave yard and the colour of the graves was crimson. Beside the graves there was a haunted house. The first thing what I wanted to see was the haunted house but my dad said that we had to see the castle first, to see our room and leave all the luggage. When we were at reception the girl told us that all of the rooms were haunted, but my dad did not believe that. We went to see one of the rooms and as soon as we open the door Dracula jumped on my dad and me and we got so afraid that we ran out from Misty Castle and never come back.

My Night At Training – Dylan S

It was almost six pm Tuesday evening. I had hurling training and I was rushing around frantically, looking for my hurl and helmet. Mam was giving out to me because I am never ready. When I got to the all weather pitch it was raining. It was very misty so it was hard to see. When our match was over our coaches shouted at us to tell us that not many people turned up so we had to work really hard. At the end I could not find my crimson coloured coat. When my Dad came and collected me we passed this really scary graveyard. It looked like some zombies were just about to pop out of the ground. My dad drove really fast the whole way home!

100 w/c – Dylan B

One dull gray day I was walking sadly on the road. It was my Nana’s funeral. Although her grave was cool it still didn’t cheer me up. Then we all heared someone shout out loud “I’ll miss you “.
I told him you don’t shout at funerals, and guess what he did as soon as I was finished he shouted again. Suddenly it started to rain. The rain was very misty and foggy . After all of the boring but sad stuff was over we had a dance competition. They danced frantically . The girls wore crimson dresses .Although Nana died we had great fun at the party.

100 w/c – Denyzy

One dark misty night, when the hollow moon was shining in the twinkling night sky, there were supernatural animals and hybrids. When there was a full moon, the animals would go out for the grave siren of the underwater goddess of the sea. They would have to travel far into the red sea to find her. The hardest part was that there were dungeons and traps.

“Guard, get them!” always shouted frantically the queen. But one day a hybrid decided to train harder than ever. Not even a hippo could train that hard. The hybrid passed the dungeons and traps and was rewarded. To this day she is now the one who changed the Crimson woods.

100 w/c – Dale

Last summer I went camping with my family in the countryside. One evning my Dad said “will we go for a walk through the forest”? I shouted back to him “yes”! As we reached the forest the crimson sun started to set,but we kept going. When we were about half way in all of a sudden it started to get very misty. My Dad and I got separated and we couldn’t find each other. I frantically calld out for my Dad as I thought that I was in grave danger. Then he came out of the mist and carried me safely back to the tent.

100 w/c – Bobby

It was a misty morning when myself and my best friend Callum went for a walk in the woods. We noticed a crimson stain on the ground. I shouted frantically at Callum to slow down as he ran ahead further into the woods. From the distance we could see a roof top. It is believed that this house is actually haunted. In the garden of the house was a grave where Mr. Cuddles was buried. We opened the front door of the house and we were both very surprised to see inside was a lovely fire burning. We sat beside it and fell asleep.

The Grave Teacher – by Benito

One misty day in school, everybody was very excited because they were getting a new teacher. Suddenly the new teacher came barging in.

“Be quiet!!!” shouted the new teacher.
As soon as she said that, everybody knew she was grave. Even worse, she said that if anybody talks that she is going to chop off their heads. Then somebody frantically talked, the new teacher stood up, got her metre stick and chopped his head off!

Crimson blood came bursting out. Everybody was screaming in shock and ran out of the classroom. The strange thing is that no one has ever gone back to the school since that day.

Detective Harrison – by Ben H

One misty morning Detective Harrison had left the police station to attend a crime scene. When he got there the floor was covered in a sea of crimson. Detective Harrison had a grave look on his face. He shouted to the other officer to cover up the scene, the officer frantically obeyed Detective Harrison’s orders. Detective Harrison knew it was a robbery that had gone very wrong. There was no sign of any evidence left behind. This would be a tough case to crack! There had been a lot of break-ins in this area lately and Detective Harrison wasn’t going to rest until he solved this case and got justice.

100 w/c – Dale

Last sumer I entered a competition to display a sculpture in a public park. Firstly I had to make a model of the sculpture to show the judges what my idea was. I decided to use match sticks to make the model. The judges loved my idea and I won the competition. Now the hard work began, I had to make the real thing. I bought the wood to make the sculpture and got cracking with my tools. My idea was to make two long wooden legs as if they belonged to a giant. What do you think of my sculpture?

100 w/c – David

One sunny morning a man had to chop up some trees to get wood. The man went to the forest. When he was chopping wood an evil wizard came. The wizard tured the man into a giant monster. The monster was so big. The man ran away but the evil wizard stopped him. The wizard said to the monster to catch him. The monster caught him in his hands. The man tried to get out from his hands. A birds feather fell down on him. He took his hands and caught the feather. The man tickled the monster and he let go of him. The man jumped on the the wizard. The man brought the wizard to jail.

100 w/c – Hasher

One sunny day Mr Bob was walking to the park. Suddenly he saw a portal and like anyone else would, he jumped in. When he was inside he became as tall as a giraffe. There were lots of trees he thought were broccolis. He ate some trees, which he thought were broccolis. He was stomping all over the trees. Next he drank some water, he loved it. After a while he fell asleep in the water. The next day he woke up he was soaking wet. The portal returned and he went through it. He shrunk and shrunk. He was sad but at least he was home.

100 w/c – Haylie

One stormy day there was a thunder and lightning storm, and the lightning struck one of the trees, it grew a head and legs. The tree person was a boy and his name was Bob. Bob hated getting his picture taken and being seen by humans, by day Bob looks like any normal tree, by night Bob turns into a tree boy and he loves to explore the forest. He finds everything very interesting. His favourite is the streams running through the forest, where he can see his shadow, he’s very curious of what he looks like as the Tree boy.

100 w/c – James

Today I’m going to tell you all a story about the “BIG FAIL!” It all began on the third of January . The scientists were testing a growth serum on a grape. When they were just about to test it….DROP!! They didn’t drop it on the floor, they dropped it on a tiny ant that was making his way to the bunch of grapes for dinner. There was a big explosion. When the white smoke cleared, all that the scientists could see were a big pair of dark brown insect legs. When they measured the ant, it was twenty metres tall.

100 w/c – Lena

One very sunny day , me and my friends went to a forest. While we were walking in the forest , my friend said ” Look at that”! ” At what “? I said. My friend pointed at a giant pair of legs . Me and my friends were amazed , we walked up to to the giant pair of legs. The legs were red and brown and I made out of wood. While we were walking, we saw more pairs of the legs . ” They look like they’re running”. “Don’t you think “. Said my friend. ” A bit .” I said. Then it was time to go home . While we were walking, out of
the gate we saw a sign. It said running forest. Then we realised ,why we thought that the legs, looked like they’re running. And then we went home.

100 w/c – Nicol


” I lost my body, ” he said . ‘Where could it be ?’ he cried for help .

Max is his name, and he is ten years old , and his best friend is Tom, Tom is nine years old . Max lost his body at 6:30 in the morning . Tom founld Max’s body and gave it to Max .

Then aliens came , “Sorry for taking your body! ” they said , ” We were looking for a dog. ”
” What? Why?” they said . But the aliens where not there .

Max and Tom lived forever until they were cut down .

100 w/c – Ula

A long time ago a girl called Lily went to a park called Grandmar park.She went with her Best Friend Forever, Ola. Walking along, Ola spotted two wooden legs stuck to a thin tree with bright green coloured leaves growing from the it. The girls mouths were wide open. The girls took a picture of the thin tree. That is one funny looking tree they giggled with laughter.

”It is getting late, ” said Lily ,”maybe we should go home now”.

”You are right,”said Ola.

The the girls went home. Going home they talked and talked,CHAT CHAT CHAT they said!

100 w/c – Caitlin

One ordinary day me and my mammy were going to explore the woods. The woods were called “The Wizard’s Woods”. I was as excited as a baby getting candy. The journey took us hours and it was starting to get dark as we got closer. “Are we there yet?” I moaned. “Do you really want to know?” she said. “Yes” I shouted with excitement. She clicked her fingers and with a BANG, two big and red slides that looked like legs started shooting out of the side of a tree as if someone was trying to climb out. “Where here” she said. I nearly fainted in disbelief. “Go have the time of your life” she shouted as I ran of towards the giant slide. I could hardly catch my breath with excitement.

100 w/c – Ben H

Their was once a music note that was different to the other music notes. The other music notes made fun of him because he was back to front.One day the music note was planning to run away in the middle of the night. In the middle of the night he woke up and ran into the woods. The next day he woke up and felt scared and lonely so he tried to get back home but he was lost in the middle of the woods.Suddenly he had heard the music notes and he ran towards the music then he saw the house and he got home safely.

100 w/c Benito

One day I went to the woods. I went with my mom to do some yoga, we brought our yoga mats with us. We also met up with my friend. It was a very hot day so, my mom let us get ice cream from the ice cream van. Suddenly I saw the weirdest thing ever, a stick man sticking through a tree. I was so scared, that I left my mum and my friend and I ran home very, very quickly. When I got home I told my dad,
“I honestly think this was the weirdest day ever”.