On Television by Abby

It all started when I was watching television with my best friend caoimhe. ‘Well,’ I said, ‘we seemed to be on television with our baton twirling team!!’

We bounced up and down with joy and laughter. We went into school and told everyone. They asked so many questions about baton twirling and we just said “yes, just go check us out on RTE2.”

That day we looked at the channel and it had over 50million views, we said ‘we’re famous.’ We just could not wait to go back into training to get sweets and celebrate with the famous baton twirling team

10 thoughts on “On Television by Abby”

  1. Wow that is a really cool story! I hope you keep up the good work!even cooler that you are famous

    -Madison, H.U.B. buddy, USA

  2. Dear Abby,
    I Really enjoyed your 100WC because I liked the part when you bounced up and down with enjoyment and laughter. I liked the part when you say you have 500 views in real life i think you will get 500 views

  3. Hi Abby! My name is Evie (one of your 100wc partner). I think this was a great piece of work!

    I like the way you used different sentence openers with each sentence. Do you have a baton team in real life? Maybe next time try and include what feelings/others feelings are.

    Maybe check out some of our work! Click here to look at ours: https://kidblog.org/class/mrsillume2018/posts

    From Evie C, Bidston Avenue Primary School.

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