Old Times by Oliver

“Hello Children today we are learning about history. Tell me something you know before cars were invented,” said Mrs Beth.

“They used horse or bikes to travel,” said Julia.

“That is right,” said Mrs Beth.

” I think they had handkerchief and if they did I bet it had a lot of germs, isn’t that right teacher” said  Tony.

“What’s a handkerchief?” said Julia.

“A handkerchief is a tissue but you can use more than once and no, that was after the cars were invented!” said Mrs Beth.

Ring Ring!

” It is time to go home,” said Mrs Beth.

3 thoughts on “Old Times by Oliver”

  1. Hi Oliver I like the way you use a lot of interesting words. I wonder how you thought of
    keep writing
    From Warren
    Mrs Boyces class

  2. Hi Oliver – well done writing your story. Do you know I smiled as I read your story because you are right – a lot of young people today don’t know what a handkerchief is! Well done again and keep up the great work.

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