The Old Story About Jack And Tim by zach

Once there was an old man called Tim. Two boys always knocked on his door so they could hear a story. The boys were called Jack and Tom. They knocked at 3:00. Tim let them in and he started to tell a story.

Once there were two boys called Jack and Tim who loved to explore the forest. They both went to explore the forest after asking their mum.

“Can we go to the forest?” they begged.

“Yes, only if you come home at 3.00.”

Off they went where they found 3 bears. Tom interrupted “but where were they going?”. Jack said “sorry Tim we have to go, bye bye.”

3 thoughts on “The Old Story About Jack And Tim by zach”

  1. Well done Zach – I enjoyed your story about Jack and Tim.
    I was glad Tim remembered about Mom’s instruction to be home at 3.00.
    When you’re having fun, it would be so easy to forget the time.
    Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Boyce

  2. Jack and Tim sound like two really good friends, Zach. It can be tough to keep track of time – it was a good job that Tim remembered to be home on time like his mom told him! Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Zach. Well these two characters sound like very well behaved young men. I’m glad they followed their mum’s instruction to get home at that time. Otherwise I think there’d be one very worried mum.

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