Oh! No! by Mia

The ferocious, angry, yellow gorilla was running through the city. As he destroyed a skyscraper he picked up a pretty young girl.’AHHHH!’ she screamed,  trying to escape. He dropped her and ran away crushing cars in his wake . A plane flew by and then it got eaten by the the gorilla called Emanuel.Emanuel ran around the remains of the city.There was rubble absolutely EVERYWHERE.’Daniel , dinner time!’ called Mam . Suddenly Emanuel was flat on his back in a pile of Lego bricks. The room was a huge mess . Daniel was so not looking foward to cleaning up.

4 thoughts on “Oh! No! by Mia”

  1. I thought your story was very clever in how it shifted from Emmanuel’s adventure to Daniel’s imagination. Lots of great adjectives and the pace was engaging. Well done!

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