Oh! No! by Ashton

There was once was a kid called James, he loved his grandpa so much. But one day the grandpa felt really ill. James was worried. It got worse. Grandpa had to go to a hospital. James was scared. His grampa has lost his sight.

One day James came into the hospital. ‘Grandpa hi.’

Grandpa said ‘who is that?’

James and his mam started to have tears down their  faces.

‘It’s me James!’

‘What James? I can’t see you!’

The nurse also said he forgot his memory. Later we went for ice cream gradpa has a wheelchair now. But he is ok.

One thought on “Oh! No! by Ashton”

  1. The Oh! No! story was really sad, it almost made me cry! But the end was very nice!
    Asher LaPierre Aka one of the kids from your buddy class at G.E.S at F.M.S.

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