New Information by Rose

“U-umm, I really don’t know anything, sorry..”

I was being interviewed for finding these.. Sunglasses? They looked enormous and I was only called to inspect them.

“Can you take the camera and inspect them once more!”

“U-uh, sure?”

So I took the camera. Why did I do this, I actually don’t know.

I went up the ladder, careful with holding the camera. I looked through the glass and it made everything go squiggly and dark pink. Very unsettling, well for me at least. I had to get down or I’ll get sick.

“T-there. Happy?” I asked, wobbling a bit, trying to find balance.

“Do you have any idea how this came to us?”

And just then, the leader of our town projected behind the glasses.

“We have new gained information about the new found glasses”