Nearly by Ashton

One day there were two boys named Jack and Bruno. They were playing football. Their families were very poor, they would only eat one time a day. Their families would always say why eat in the morning when you can go outside? Why eat at night when yuo go asleep? You should only eat in the middle of the day when you get hungry. Bruno liked it but Jack didn’t. At Christmas they got the best surprise. Tools!! They tried to make a drone but then  it did not fly. They were so upset when it just wouldn’t take off.

2 thoughts on “Nearly by Ashton”

  1. So by the way you said it…. it looks like Jack and Bruno are good friends. I think you should include more about Jack and Bruno’s parents.

  2. Hello Ashton, how annoying it would be when the drone would not take off. I think by describing the situation of the brothers you made me engage more with the story. I wanted so much for the drone to work for these boys. Hopefully, in the future, they can make it work. Well done.

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