The Mystery Box by Carragh

I went to visit my nana to help her clean her attic. We found an old box with a bunch of keys beside it. I asked my nana what was inside and she didn’t know. We tried to open it with one of the keys but it didn’t work. We tried lots more and finally we used the small silver key. It fit in, then the lock clicked and opened. Nana and I were both so excited to see what was inside. Slowly we took the lock off and opened the lid. Inside was a smelly old sock.

2 thoughts on “The Mystery Box by Carragh”

  1. I was expecting there to be something wonderous or valuable Carragh – but not a smelly old sock! Eww!!! You built up the suspense very well, and the ending was both unexpected and funny. Great work, well done!

  2. Aren’t attics great places to find weird and wonderful things?? I wasn’t expecting a smelly old sock though. I expect this might explain where all the odd socks go!

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