My Trip by Ben

Yesterday was very exciting, I was going to go to the yellow waterfall in Tipperary. A taxi 

was picking us up at 11 o’clock.

When the taxi got to my house, we loaded the car and off we went.

When we were driving to the quiet countryside, a man with three sheep and a cow was walking on the road and tried to stop us but the taxi driver wasn’t having it and drove round him, and heavily pressed the accelerator and moved on. But then the unexpected happened, the taxi driver drove right over the waterfall  but I didn’t hear anyone scream. Turns out I was just in a dream.

2 thoughts on “My Trip by Ben”

  1. Hi Ben, my name is Desmond from mr.D’s class. I like the story a lot but the only thing I would change is the lines being split up in the beginning but I like everything else, bye!

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