My Thoughts by Amy

If they melt the water level will rise and animals like polar bears and penguins will loose land and it would be very hard for them to survive and they will have to find somewhere new to live. And cities and towns beside there will probably get flooded and the people there will also have to move. We need to help this planet soon. If we don’t it will just keep getting worse. And the climate change is pretty bad at the moment. We don’t know what will happen by 2030 but if we don’t help now it will be very bad.

One thought on “My Thoughts by Amy”

  1. Hello Amy, I really like your title…”My thoughts”. From the very start we know it is your opinion. I think this encourages the reader to reflect on the writer’s thoughts and form their own opinion. The examples you provided are also ones that the reader would care about and could see that there is a possibility of this happening. Well done.

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