My Terrible Birthday by Kayleigh

It was Lily’s birthday. They were going to the beach. There was news on the TV about a dangerous octopus in this beach but they went anyway. Lily’s mam told her that she could bring 1 friend so she brought Olivia. They went into the sea. They saw something in the distance. IT WAS THE OCTOPUS THAT WAS ON THE NEWS!. They got out of the water and went back to shore. They quickly went home to where Lily’s present was. It was a shiny white piano. When Olivia seen it she started springing up and down in excitement for Lily. Lily sat on the chair and started playing but she was being gentle. Best but also worst birthday ever…

One thought on “My Terrible Birthday by Kayleigh”

  1. I wrote a 100 word challenge about this prompt too. Interesting story… Have you ever had a really bad birthday?

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