My Sister’s Panic Attack by Aaron

One morning my mam got my sister her favourite toy and she loved it, but I had an idea to prank her and hide it. So I took it when she went to Tesco with my mam and I hid it behind my tv. When she got back she went to her room to play with it but it was not there. She said “MAM! MAM! my toy is gone,” and I went up to her and she said “Aaron did you put it somewhere?” I said ”no”, “but where did it go”?” she shouted. She said “please tell me where it is!”I said it was behind the tv and she found it then.

One thought on “My Sister’s Panic Attack by Aaron”

  1. Hello there Aaron

    Your story is very interesting , maybe next time when you put a full stop press enter so that it goes to a new line this is something you should tell your friends and teacher about .
    It seems like you were a little bit cheeky ,
    Did this actually happen or is it made up ?

    lovely writing – Caitlyn

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